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Most dangerous job search ever

The Falling Leaves is an RPG/Adventure game by Wishiyo. The story is about an unemployed monk who moves into a new town, and searches for a new job. Luckily he soon finds people being attacked by dragons, skeletons, and other monsters to assist, and later helps the King to maintain order. Sadly, a general lack of balance and lack of direction make the game difficult to enjoy.


My main problem with this story is that there's no real direction. It's just wandering around doing quests for random people. There's only one story that extends across the whole game, and it gets lost in the miniquests.

The actions of the characters have no consistency to them. For example, in one house you catch a murderer and defeat him in battle, and then the main character tells him to go away. What was the point of fighting him in the first place? Also at one point, a woman asks you to gather Tomatoes of Explosion for her - but then when you bring them to her, she doesn't actually take them. They're still in your inventory, no explanation given.

The terrain - especially in the towns and in the castle - felt much too empty. There are only one or two people standing about, large spaces between the houses, and areas with nothing of interest. The King's castle is nothing more than a blank room with a few people standing around.

Also more minor problems: the grammar is somewhat awkward in the dialog and in the introduction, and has some errors, and the characters sometimes change faces between text boxes (as in, completely new faces for old characters, and then back to the old one.)


The battle system is a generic RPGMaker system. You have attacks and special abilities, and gain points as you attack. In my playthrough, I found the battles to be poorly balanced. The enemies at first have basically no HP/attack etc.., and can be killed in one or two hits. Strangely, your one special attack actually does less than your regular attack, so it actually takes three with those.

After the first real town,the enemies take 3-4 hits to kill, are very fast, and come in groups of three and start dealing serious damage. The enemies jump from extremes: they are either one-shot battles or battles that you need to heal after. There's no strategy involved here in either, since the most damage-effective way of playing is simply auto-attack.

You do get another character to help, but his abilities are also useless. His stun generally expires on the same turn you cast it, and his other ability seems to do nothing.

There are also blatant errors. For example, the healing items recover 1/10 of what they say they recover. The items you can use to attack the enemies deal around 1/3 of what an ordinary attack would do, so there's no reason to ever use them. There seems to be no way of dispelling poison besides sleeping (so if you're far from an inn, you're SOL). Leveling up doesn't do much, as the abilities are useless, and stats barely increase.


There's nothing unique about this game - it's collection quest after collection quest. The characters and enemies are poorly balanced, and the special abilities are useless. I give it a 1/5.


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In truth, I have realized these errors, but I can't seem to find the cause, so I can't fix them... especially the healing items and Masgard's healing issue. As for the grammar... I have no idea what happened, really. Sorry about that.
With higher levels Nociel learns Cure and Heal II, then items get useless.
In the beginning poison seems a problem, but in the town you can buy antidotes.
Don't forget to hire Jonnie of your home village after you spoke with the king.
And there's the second ending...
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