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Thanks to everyone who gave Ill Horizon a try!

For those who really enjoyed it, there's a sequel out now. You don't need to play the first game before playing this; you'll get confused either way! :)

Ill Horizon Shade


Ill Horizon OST

The soundtrack to my first release, Ill Horizon!
These tracks were made by me using LMMS.
If you were wondering what the game sounds like, look no further!


Trailer/itch.io page

I decided to make my very first trailer. It was pretty fun to make.

I've also made an itch.io page for Ill Horizon. The game's still free, of course. Check it out, if you want:
Ill Horizon


Ill Horizon

It's finally done. My first attempt at this game wasn't so great, since I took it in a bad direction, but now I remade and renamed it.


New Game

Production on Warped Horizon is on hold (perhaps forever) for several reasons:
1) The scope was set way too high, in terms of story and areas to explore,
2) Environments, assets, story, and gameplay didn't turn out as well as I thought, and
3) I've simply lost interest.

The biggest reason, however, is that I've started working on a new game that I'm having much more fun with: Disgusting Kingdom. This new game already has a game profile, and I'm very confident that this game will see completion for these reasons:
1) I've learned from my past mistakes from my older games,
2) I won't try to make this new game too long, and
3) The story won't have to be taken too seriously, which puts me at ease.

In short, I'm leaving this game for another. Sorry to anyone who wanted to see this one to the end.

Progress Report

Progress Report #2 (Second Demo Out Now)

Another demo is now out. The differences between this and the first demo include:
-Many more locations to explore (some paths are still restricted)
-More enemies
-More playable characters, which will have to be found
-Added a healing spot where the first Save Stick is
-More custom graphics/music
-Other adjustments

I've also added a character page, which will be updated over time.

Progress Report

Progress Report #1

The first demo is already out for everyone to try. Since then, I've been creating new areas, and more screenshots of them will be continually added. As for the next demo... it may take a long time until I make another presentable one. The reason for this is that after the events of the first demo, the player will get to explore the open world, which consists of many, many different areas that I still have to make. I may wind up making a demo that only has a couple of completed areas, while the rest are restricted. It's going to be a long journey, I can tell...

There will be more of these progress reports as time goes on. They will also be more in-depth than this first one. I'd say that I've made significant progress, and I'm eager to showcase it all.

I'm still open to feedback for the first demo. It would be great to know what has worked and what hasn't. I fully intend on making whatever changes are necessary.


Warped Horizon Demo

For this game, the demo will consist of only the first area, which means it won't be an open world quite yet. As of now, I'm practically done with the demo, and all I need is to finish up the assets and test the game out. I'll welcome any sort of feedback when I post the download link, which shouldn't be too long from now.

What I plan for the full game will be: An open world, many playable characters with different classes, updated visuals/music, and basically much more content that will take a significantly long time to make. As for exactly how long it would take, we will just have to see what happens.
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