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Finally! The game you've all been waiting for is here!

The game follows a young man named Duke. Duke lives alone, living a simple life until one day there's a knock at his door (Spoiler! If you choose not to answer the door you will die). Two government enforcement agents known as "coppers" come to claim all of Duke's belongings, claiming his dog was responsible for robbing the "Wiener WOrld." Duke, who claims to not own a dog, refuses to give in to their commands. However, unknown to Duke, a far greater, darker plot is awakening.

After some confrontations with the local "coppers", Duke finds himself injured and relying on the help of an old man named Harold. This mysterious old man seems to hold great power and the key to finding out what is becoming of this world that Duke lives in.

Follow Duke as he punches slimy creatures with his bare fists and shoots 9mm handguns at people/things trying to hurt him (or not hurt him if you choose).

"This is probably the best game ever made" -Unknown

- Action Battle System
- Custom graphics
- Comedy that will keep you laughing all day

- Original graphics with original gameplay!

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I played that RPG before... Well is the gamme complete?
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