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Like Legionwood? Check out the sequel! http://rpgmaker.net/games/3811/

In production since 2007, Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords is an epic length traditional role playing game created in RPG Maker VX which was completed in late 2010.

Featuring accessible, familiar gameplay reminscent of the early Final Fantasy titles, Legionwood offers you a 20+ hour long quest set in a massive fantasy world filled with challenging enemies, involving quests and tons of character customisation options with the in depth AP Character System.

The world has been at peace since the Great War ended 1000 years ago. Now, an ancient antagonist is ready to set in motion a plan that has been in the making for centuries. Take control of Lann Northshire, an ordinary peasant who is unwillingly thrown into a conflict that will soon engulf the entire world. The fate of Legionwood hangs in the balance. Will you be able to restore peace to the land? With a thrilling story of love, revenge, war and peace, Legionwood is an adventure that you won't want to pass up!

Latest Blog

Legionwood: Mysteries of Dynastland DLC now available!

Wow, talk about not meeting deadlines, right? Some of you might remember that I annouced a Legionwood expansion pack, way back in late 2010. Although it ultimately ended up being cancelled due to hard drive failure, I managed to recover some of its assets a few months ago and, rather than doing the logical lazy thing and recycling them for Legionwood 2, I decided to piece them together and release the resulting mess.

So then, this is the Legionwood expansion I promised all those years ago but never actually delivered? Well, not really. But it's still a pretty cool addition to the Legionwood world.

Legionwood: Mysteries of Dynastland is an expansion pack/DLC for Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords. Featuring a huge new story dungeon set in the midst of the game's chaotic fourth act, as well as a considerable number of all new optional endgame quests, a revised final dungeon and over a dozen new Techs to learn, it expands the original game's playtime by at least three hours and adds several long awaited features to game, including a graphical world map and quest journal.

The main addition in Mysteries of Dynastland is the titular Dynastland dungeon, which takes place between the Sealed Library and Lost City Crebt areas in Chapter 4. This sprawling dungeon crawl is filled with new enemies, puzzles and challenges to test your skills against, and also reveals the never-before-seen backstory of Zanthus and his long lost homeland as your party searches for the mythical Purity Crystal, an ancient Precursor artifact rumoured to be able to manipulate time itself.

Other notable additions to the game include 12 brand new Techs, including unique Techs exclusive to certain characters, a new set of powerful Dynastland equipment, a late-game "scavenger hunt" quest that will take you to the furthest corners of the world, a complete overhaul and rebalancing of all late game content and an expanded final dungeon with a new, harder version of Castoth to fight -- in both the normal and "true" varieties. Overall, it pretty much turns the final act of Legionwood into a completely new game, which was one of my main goals as I was always rather unhappy with how rushed that part of the game turned out.

Anyway, if you're itching for some new adventures, you can grab the DLC here. Simply point the installer to your Legionwood directory and extract, overwriting files when prompted. In order to experience the new content at the appropriate difficulty level, I recommend either starting a new game or loading a game that was saved before the Sealed Library, though most of the new content except for the Quest Journal can still be accessed otherwise.

Check out these screenshots to see some of the new locations in the game:

And with that, I'm off to work on Legionwood 2 again. Happy adventuring! :)
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  • 11/02/2008 11:38 PM
  • 11/30/2020 01:38 PM
  • 07/03/2011
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who am i and how did i get in here

Also: Science IS DEFINITLY an essential ptoblem. Wait. What?

1. A skeleton just before the fight with Saradomis/Arcadoria holds it.

2. There was originally going to be a dungeon there, but I forgot to remove the whirlpool.

3. No, you never get to enter Trevelle - it doesn't make sense in the context of the story.

4. There are around four Luck Charms in the game, so it makes sense to have three.

5. Those particular monsters are quite rare (for example the Yilane and the Grand Zolom)
I'm about 14 hours into the game, and I just wanted to say your game is really good. Nice job!
how continuation as 5 pin of creation has been collected?
I just finished the main story (not the side quests) and I just wanted to say, "Thank you for making something that managed to entertain me for over twenty hours." :D
I've been playing for a couple of days and I think it's great. Moderately challenging. I love the AP system. I like controlling how my characters are built.

I'm stuck though. I don't know if I'm just stupid, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do in the dungeon where you search for the dead soldiers. I'm in the second area through the door where you need the gems, but I don't see what I'm supposed to do here.

Edit: I feel like a total moron. I must be blind. Literally 10-15 times through this area, I never noticed this door.

Don't feel too bad - it actually happens to more people that you'd think. Glad you're enjoying it.
Great game, fun battles, good difficulty, great story and great characters. 5/5.
I am just curious if this is a complete stand alone game? I don't like playing games that are incomplete and this game sound interesting so I would like to know before I can play it as I read once that the ending seem unclear. Thanks.
first of all gaia you made an awesome game and thank you for that ;) but i have a question at hawkshire when they put you to jail when you escape and the timer starts i accidently saved with 2 mins left and the time is not enough to beat the minotaure can i do something or i need to restart the game
File size doesn't mix with dial-up connection well... Maybe I'll try to download it overnight or something... Looks cool though.
@Leoc4: If the timer runs out while you're fighting the minotaur, it shouldn't really matter. But you can beat him in two minutes anyway, I think. If anything, you should always keep multiple save files for this reason.
Have only just discovered Legionwood, and I've really enjoyed playing it. Thanks for your work. Just a couple of points

I couldn't get the blue ribbon (item to regenerate SP) to work on Thyrssa; I didn't try it on anyone else.

I did wonder a bit about one piece of balancing. The Rift Entity is pretty straightforward but oh so long (at least with my stratgy) so that it ended up leaving the final battle with Castoth a slight anti-climax, even though I think it's the right level for a final. I can see that you would want to make it difficult to get those final pieces of equipment, but over half a million HP is a bit of an ask. But perhaps I need to improve my patience???
I actually don't think the Blue Ribbon works at all. I remember meaning to get around to fixing it, but I can't remember doing that.

The point of the Rift Entity is that he's supposed to be harder than the final boss. Essentially, he's just a challenge for advanced players. If you can beat him, you really don't need the ultimate equipment anyway. It's a riff on the Final Fantasy games where there's always an optional boss that's tons harder than the final boss. That includes having too many HP.
Ah, that explains it - I've never played Final Fantasy, so don't recognise these references to it. With that explanation I cheerfully withdraw my niggle.
Hello! I've been playing Legionwood for weeks now (squeezing playing time in-between studies and other things) and I've gotta say, I didn't expect it to entertain me greatly. I was expecting a short game. Now I've been playing for about...I think 15 hours and I'm still in Chapter 3 XD. The AP system is very, veeery good - and thank you for making it possible to redistribute points XD I like the challenging battles since it makes strategizing all the more fun. And oh, I like the character portraits as well. :D

So far what I've seen with the plot -- it's very intriguing, which is actually one of my top motivations to finish the game. My only peeve is the dialogue with its misspellings. Admittedly it's very nitpicky of me, but things like can get distracting sometimes. :P Overall, you have a winner here. Keep it up! :)
Great game! I'm not quite finished, But I like what I see...
Thanks, guys. It's certainly, out of all my games, benefitted from more of my effort and attention. The One Night series is made up of short (2 or 3 hours at the most) games and the gameplay is rather simple. So I can safely say I worked hard on Legionwood.
I just started playing this game. I know, what took so long right lol. I love it so far. I have a question. In the first skill shop, there is a fire spell that neither one of my main characters can learn. (It is called the same thing as the other fire spell, but cost 100.) Is this a glitch or will I be able to learn the spell later?
Hmm, no that's a debug ability that I must have forgotten to remove.