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Legionwood: Mysteries of Dynastland DLC now available!

Wow, talk about not meeting deadlines, right? Some of you might remember that I annouced a Legionwood expansion pack, way back in late 2010. Although it ultimately ended up being cancelled due to hard drive failure, I managed to recover some of its assets a few months ago and, rather than doing the logical lazy thing and recycling them for Legionwood 2, I decided to piece them together and release the resulting mess.

So then, this is the Legionwood expansion I promised all those years ago but never actually delivered? Well, not really. But it's still a pretty cool addition to the Legionwood world.

Legionwood: Mysteries of Dynastland is an expansion pack/DLC for Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords. Featuring a huge new story dungeon set in the midst of the game's chaotic fourth act, as well as a considerable number of all new optional endgame quests, a revised final dungeon and over a dozen new Techs to learn, it expands the original game's playtime by at least three hours and adds several long awaited features to game, including a graphical world map and quest journal.

The main addition in Mysteries of Dynastland is the titular Dynastland dungeon, which takes place between the Sealed Library and Lost City Crebt areas in Chapter 4. This sprawling dungeon crawl is filled with new enemies, puzzles and challenges to test your skills against, and also reveals the never-before-seen backstory of Zanthus and his long lost homeland as your party searches for the mythical Purity Crystal, an ancient Precursor artifact rumoured to be able to manipulate time itself.

Other notable additions to the game include 12 brand new Techs, including unique Techs exclusive to certain characters, a new set of powerful Dynastland equipment, a late-game "scavenger hunt" quest that will take you to the furthest corners of the world, a complete overhaul and rebalancing of all late game content and an expanded final dungeon with a new, harder version of Castoth to fight -- in both the normal and "true" varieties. Overall, it pretty much turns the final act of Legionwood into a completely new game, which was one of my main goals as I was always rather unhappy with how rushed that part of the game turned out.

Anyway, if you're itching for some new adventures, you can grab the DLC here. Simply point the installer to your Legionwood directory and extract, overwriting files when prompted. In order to experience the new content at the appropriate difficulty level, I recommend either starting a new game or loading a game that was saved before the Sealed Library, though most of the new content except for the Quest Journal can still be accessed otherwise.

Check out these screenshots to see some of the new locations in the game:

And with that, I'm off to work on Legionwood 2 again. Happy adventuring! :)


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You the practice of self-promotion
This new DLC makes it worth my time to replay Legionwood for, I don't know, a third time ... It'll probably one of those things I play little by little between play other games. And perhaps this time I'll finally write a review for it.
Better late than never as the old saying goes. Just finished up reading the blog post.

Will I miss any new quests if I use a save file from before the sealed library?
Let me know if you run into any game-breaking bugs, guys! I did get to beta test it, but I have a feeling I uploaded the wrong version!

@edchuy: Everything up until the Sealed Library is pretty much the same except for some new unique Techs, but you'll notice quite a lot of new content afterwards.

@Aurora_Paradox: Nope! All of the new quests take place in the latter half of Chapter 4, so you won't miss out on anything except getting the Quest Journal.
After I installed this DLC, game started to crash in most places. For exaple: when I entering Hawkshire first time, or when I trying to speak with foreman of village in the woods (Forgot village's name ._.)
In the hawkshire, error says: Script 'Scene_QuestJournal' Line 183: NoMethodError occured. Undefined method 'include?' for nil:NilClass.
It happens every time when I'm entering it.

Could I get a solution? >_>
Hmm, looks like the error stems from the Quest Journal. Are you playing a game that was saved before installing the DLC?

Some people have reported that doing this will trigger the above error because that save doesn't have the Quest Journal, and so throws an error when the game still tries to update it.

What I'd suggest is just downloading the base game and continue your save in that, or start a new game with the DLC, at least until I get a patch made (which will take a while as I'm not quite sure how to resolve the problem).
I've Installed DLC after the chapter two. I guess you're right. But I don't wish to restart the game >_>
Well, anyway. Thanks for your time. This game is awesome : D
If you do wish to revert back to the base game, it's no longer available on RMN as of yesterday, so you can grab it from here: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/free-game-bundles/free-game-bundle-1
Sorry to be an idiot, but where can I download this DLC? rpgmaker.net/games/792/downloads/5066/ is a big 404 for me.
DLC already merged with original game, so you have to download Deluxe Edition

Sorry for off-topic, but is there any donations?
Sure, if you want to donate, there's a button at my website: http://drobertgrixti.com.
Well, PayPal does not support my country. Maybe you have webmoney? >_>
I've been enjoying the game up until I hit this bug in the dynastland castle. At the point where you have to take 3 teleporters to the 3 different elemental areas and press the orbs after hitting 2 orbs and teleporting back to the main area the cutscene activates yet the door doesnt open because only 2 of the 3 orbs are lit. And I can no longer go to the third orb area as the teleporters have deactivated. I dont know if its because I've attempted them in the wrong order, I have gone to the fire area first then the frost area, then I tried the frost area first before the fire area. In both cases after I press the first orb Lann comes up with a text box saying that there are 2 orbs to go, but no text box appears after the 2nd orb. I'm about to try going to the rightmost teleporter first and see how that works, I'll let you know.

Oh also I have been playing from a fresh install of the deluxe version from the beginning as I only found this game 2 days ago.
Ok, I tried it again, doing the teleporters from right to left. After coming back to the core from the middle teleporter, the cutscene ran, but this time the leftmost teleporter stayed active so I was able to activate all the orbs and unlock the door.
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