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-----------------------------------GAME RATING---------------------------------

Most of the game is teen rated, but there are a few parts that will make it for mature audiences only. I have no pictures of nudity, violence, or gore, I do have descriptions of such things. There are a few scenes that have the following, that would make it M rated.

*Strong Language, Strong Violence.
*Sex, Rape, Murder

If you can't handle those things being vividly depicted through words, then you should not play my game.


This game details the journey of two young conscripts in the Royal Army, Karnac and Larz. Larz being the prince of the Capitol, and Karnac being a close friend.
Kildran is a brilliant and beautiful orator whose words can move any audience, and he uses his gift to create the spark that leads to war between peasant and noble. Kildran wasn't a threat, until recently, when a mysterious mage known only as "The Robed Man" began to lead his Peasant Army. The Robed Man is his most powerful agent, and where ever he goes, death and destruction follow. Karnac and Larz are sent on missions by their king to aid the royals in different ways, and eventually, they are captured by a powerful assassin who works for Kildran, called Shadow. Shadow takes them to the magical lands of the Slatos where they meet the powerful Arch-mage, who tells them of a way to overcome The Robed Man. They are to defeat and imprison the three elemental gods, Ifrit, Shiva, and Rammuh inside of their respective orbs. The plan is to combine the three into the powerful Orb of Divinity, and use it's power to confront and defeat The Robed Man.


Karnac: A brash, hot-headed womanizer, who never misses a chance to flirt with a pretty woman.

Larz: The son of the king of the Capitol. He has sworn to always protect the weak, and he generally has a no nonsense attitude.

Jack: A once mighty and feared pirate. He turns out to be a lot like Karnac, except that he is not afraid to kill, and he's a heavy drinker.

Cecelia: A pretty, young white mage. Is pretty naive at times, and doesn't seem to understand crude humor very well, but quickly adapts to new situations.

Celeste: The princess of the Capitol, and sister of Larz. Her beauty is unsurpassed, and she still has the sweet innocence of youth.

Kildran: Leader of the Peasant Army. A talented orator, and very intelligent. Has long flowing white hair, and his very presence demands respect.

The Robed Man: A mysterious mage that brings death and destruction where ever he goes. Leads the Peasant Army under Kildran.

Shadow: A powerful assassin that works as the left hand of Kildran. Used to be the right hand, until the appearance of The Robed Man.

The Arch-Mage: The leader of the mage brigade, the most powerful unit of spell casters in the Slatos. Worked his way up to Arch-Mage from lowly beginnings.

-----------------------------------GAME PLAY--------------------------------

Over-all, this game was made for a more mature audience, high school age and above. I'd say ages 17-26.

*Game play is filled with some crude humor, especially sexual innuendos.
*Game play can be very silly at times, or very serious.
*I rely much more heavily on character-character dialogue than character-NPC.
*I've created each character to be unique and enjoyable to learn more about/hear more from.
*I've tried to avoid cliches as much as I can, and I know some quests will feel generic, but please keep in mind that I'm working only with the VX ACE default tools and music.
*I have around 10 hours of game play, and I want this game to be the first part of three games. But I will not do any further work unless this game is well received as it would be pointless since I'm doing this purely for player's enjoyment.

Latest Blog

Author Update 7/23/2018

Game didn't do as well as I would have liked. I'm glad that some people played it and got enjoyment out of it, that's more or less all I wanted anyway. I know there were people who didn't seem to enjoy the dialogue or characters, they tell me the dialogue is long and boring and that they skip it all. I did spend a lot of time on it and it has been and always will be a personal project that I work on in my spare time. I'm not an artist, so I have very little creative freedom. I pretty much have to use the characters and artwork I've been given, and yet people still complain about that which is disheartening. Not only that but there is no built in word checker so when you have massive amounts of dialogue you will miss some typos, you can bring up spelling mistakes and I will fix them, but don't act condescending about it. All in all the game didn't do as well as I hoped, but that's ok, I'm still proud of what I made and I'd like to finish the story out eventually but I don't know when.

I have other projects I'd rather work on such as a pen and paper RPG that I can play with friends.
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  • devourer51
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 07/05/2015 11:06 PM
  • 08/24/2020 10:52 PM
  • 05/20/2015
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Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you :) hahahahahahahahahahaha

So, I ended up in the swamp and forgot that this is one of three planned games :(
How could you do this to me? :(

It takes at least 5 months to umpteen years for a person to finish a game.....
I ain't gonna live long enough to play Part II :(

Enjoyed Hero's Preface very, very much.
Yes, it is geared toward an older game player, and I am that :)
The after-rape scene descriptions might be toned down a bit and a little bit of the cussin' also might be ......but overall it was fine as it is described as a game for 18yr old to ancient people.

I'm not a game maker so I can't say any of the mapping or anything else was not done well since I really did enjoy the whole game.....wait, it did get a bit "wordy" at times with some of the banter between characters. And since I'm not great when it comes to strategy, I did have to "grind" a lot so I did not die to often :) but I do enjoy being more powerful then the monsters I'm killin' :)
Had to work hard to get the best equipment :)

So devourer51, I did enjoy your game very much and for anyone who like playing RPG, Fantasy games with adult humor, I would very much recommend your game.

Now, I just have to hope you continue with Part II and III :)
Nice, I'm glad you enjoyed it Linkis. Yea, for the other two games, I'm gonna keep dialogue shorter. So far, this is what I've gotten in feedback, tell me if it sounds about right or if you would add anything to my list.

-Shorter dungeons and add puzzles to them. (I will definitely do this)
-Shorter dialogue (agreed) and less cussing/violence (we'll see about that one)
-Cabinets... (just... cabinets.)
-More exploration loot like I did in Valan.
-Better level scaling
-More gold from exploring and killing monsters (I assumed when you upgraded gear that you would be selling all your old equipment when I play tested, so I calculated gold costs accordingly.)

I have a cast of cool characters in mind for the next part and I think the second part will be much more interesting in terms of story and characters.

PS, you should write me a review, haha
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Hopefully llan14 will do the review :)
I really need to learn and start doing reviews to help games like this get more plays and feedback. I'm a bad gamer :(

Your feedbck does seem about right.
Dungeons could be a bit shorter...I kept thinking it was over, not knowing if I would have enough in my inventory. Good thing I stocked up :)
Really do need more loot in pots and cabinets. If for no other reason than we all enjoy finding things and thinking we are richer for the time we took to look :)
I did sell my old and battered equipment :) sometimes I had to sell the piece I was wearing just so I could buy the next newer and shiny piece :) It's always GOOD to have gold in the bank.

OK, looking forward to playing the next chapter....hope I'm still able to hit the arrow and enters when it comes out :)
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Ver ?
random thoughts
it feels good to have royalty destroyed at the start. i cringe every time i see a queen or king in a game.
being there bitch and doing sidequests for them isn't fun....
the mob must be comprised of people in gaming tired of that crap XD

i appreciate the changing of gear names and giving them descriptions.
when you realize the dev left the names of the skills and gear the same you know they don't care at all.

the wood cuters carpet lol! i never seen that in reality. its a path! :D

this has the shiny script yay!

:O the weapons they give recruits are worse then rusty gear!? :O

need to work on the encounter rate getting not a battle after 5-10 steps is annoying

rpgs should probably have more modern settings. so it doesn't feel weird when people get information before you arrive.
they don't exactly have phones.

a resident in sea side has a painting in his home and the comment says something about who would
have a picture of a guy. well in Korea its run by a dictator is law they have his picture in their homes.
and the music and tv are not any better

and remember NEVER start a fire in a forest!

the merchant road is lovely! i love no random encounters!

a shame jacks sprite does not have a damaged eye.

the castle second floor has a south exit but theres no point to it or the guards that are guarding it! no one can get in thru there!

odd you can leave town with the princess o.o she has no skills or gear tho XD
still she is by far the most interesting character!

worst part about the fall of the desert town is that they treated the queen worse then others just because she is a queen :/

that ninja :O 1 million damage :D now thats how you make a fight your supposed to lose instant and 100% hopeless!

theres too many land areas on the world map.
yeah...i was hoping to be close to the end of the game so i am dropping at dalith

>>i regretfully continue this painful game<<

the conversation with the nun in dalith was inspiring!

as much as i love a female party member the powerful old man is tempting!
its funny tho that he has party all spells when he is in one battle against a single enemy :D

what are final fantasy summons doing here?

its bad that you can sell unique one of a kind gear.
not to mention the order of organization could be better some of it is past the accessory's for some reason

HOLY SHIT the flashback of karnacs mom having sex some other guy way so dam annoying...the kid kept taking one step at a time ad the scene was
way longer then it should of been due to that

the summons are worthless! ifrits did like 140 dmg to shiva and she has like 10,000> life!

battles...battles...so many fucking battles...

the robed man appears before you and decides not to kill you because?...

how the hell did the robbed man do all that in the castle between the time you left in and the time you quickly came back after leaving the inn!?

WOW the prince is a piece of shit! the countless butchered corpses all around and he says "if you hurt my parents ill..."
just wow dude...shows how much he cares...

XD fuck yeah! dead! all dead muahahahahah! what did you expect? this isnt XD that made my day!

i wonder what happened with the assassin

i hope the next parts are seprate games kind of. with less battles :3 less wasted open world space and such

General 10H 13M
honestly i wish this was shorter.i was not interested in most of the characters and the plot is war so...its pretty self explanatory.

the start of the game did have me hyped! i was expecting a epic adventure of overthrowing corrupt nobles.
but instead we play as characters supporting it. which made me sad :(
if there were a accessory which negated random battles that would of also made this a lot more enjoyable.
i don't care about battles. and they are tedious. when i think battle to great rpgs i don't think hey that skill set or enemy was amazing,
i think about the characters,plot and ending. game play mechanics as well but only on the level of how comfortable it was.

With all that said this is not a bad game. but as i have seen this setup way to many times i can only honestly say it was okay
the biggest actual issue i would say is the grammar which has a considerable amount of improvements which could be done. other then that...

recommended to...people new to rpgs but would like a classic style of it.
lots of turn based battles and predictable plot pretty much.

as a amusing note most games have alcohol use,violence and murder in them XD
a warning for those is pretty pointless :D

personal favorite things

-The princess's and cecelia's personality were great
-i loved the fall of olan
-taking control of the ship
-the final return to the castle after leaving the inn to meet the parents
-and i almost forgot the conversation with the pub nun! that was great (exactly how i feel about religion cough):D

Wow, you did an excellent job with your feedback. Shayoko Very helpful to take screen shots instead of just saying, "your game was dumb because it had spelling errors" but never actually showing me where they were. Kudos to you for sticking it out and giving me some good stuff to work on when I get free time. I'll even add you at the end of the game as "Shayoko: OP Grammar Checker". As for Olan, I think I stated that it took like three days to get there by ship and a few weeks to get there by foot. Unfortunately, it doesn't feel that long, I know. Actually, a few months pass from the first mission to the end of the game. For a guy as powerful as The Robed Man, that's ample time. Also, I am really glad you showed me those spots where I didn't add the bottom of a bookshelf. It was mentioned before, but I had no clue where it was. Nice idea to have compact maps, I'll use it. Worthless orbs should be powered up, I agree. I actually agree with a lot of your points, but not a whole lot I can do to stop the random battles... that's a JRPG in a nut shell.

On a side note, was it really that painful? lol.
Have to say I have just finished the first part, and enjoyed it very much,

Hope it is not too long before we see the next part !

Just finished playing your game, and I loved it!

I loved everything, the story, the dialogue (laughed a lot), the long dungeons (gave me opportunity to bring characters levels up without grinding in one spot).
Yeah, so don't change anything.

Most game developers nowadays try outdo each other. They spend time and resources on creating custom graphics and custom everything. The outcome - most games are never finished. They put down RTP and cliché save the .... plots.

They should ask people who play their games what they want.
I for one, adore RTP graphics (usually avoid games with custom graphics), and I adore cliché plots.

So, please finish making part 2 & 3 as soon as you can, because I and a lot of other players are waiting.

And don't listen to Shayoko, she dishes shit to everybody.
Thanks, I'm glad you both enjoyed it. I am curious to know when you downloaded the game. Which version did you have? The older version had 15 board dungeons and I reduced them to 9 board dungeons. I also reduced enemy max number from 4 to 3 and a bunch of other things in the latest version.

Lately I haven't felt like working on it. There's just so much I want to do, but I know that it really isn't possible with the generic graphics. From the ending, you know that Karnac is... not well, but I don't have the graphics or battlers to depict an afterlife or monsters in it. Basically, the story is restricted by what I have, and I don't like that.

Anyway, I think I'll skim over some of the assets available on steam and see if I can use them. Might motivate me. A review might motivate me too!
I can't get the people in Seaside to tell me the location of the bandit camps, what triggers this event?
Sorry I haven't been on for a while, but if you still need help, here goes.

First, Talk to the mayor of seaside, then talk to his wife to spawn the first bandit camp.

After you destroy the first camp, go back to seaside and find the house with a male merchant and a female merchant, talk to the male to spawn the 2nd camp.

After you destroy the second camp, go back to seaside and find the house with a woman and a guy wearing a red bandana. Speak to the guy to spawn the 3rd camp.

After you destroy the third camp, go back to seaside and speak to the weapon merchant to spawn the 4th camp.

After you destroy the fourth camp, go back to seaside and find the house with an orphan and an old man. Speak with the old man to spawn the 5th camp.

After you destroy the fifth camp, go back to seaside and speak with the mayor to spawn camp six.

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