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Dev Update #1

  • MicKo
  • 07/12/2015 03:45 AM
I decided to share a bit more about what I'm actually doing with my game this year. Last year I only talked about Save Point once it was completed. It might not be that interesting to read/see, but anyway, I'm doing it as often as I can (and if I have new stuff to show).

So, since this is the first update and it has already been a few days since I started working on this, there's a few things...
First, there's the main menu that got done as quick as possible. I underestimated menus last year and it ended up taking a lot of time, so I wanted to get rid of this part as soon as possible this time around.
Then, basic gameplay. Walking, jumping, failing a jump, all that good stuff, and without any animation. Yay. There's also music I didn't pay for yet, pretty that's the one I want though.

Since then I've added a few things and toyed a bit with the tileset.
< Old colours
< New colours!

And here's a bus with some nasty stuff in it (and a red border to the image, because why not)!

Speaking of nasty stuff, I've started working on the AI. Now this guy can actually be dangerous:

I'll probably make a new update really soon showing how it looks in game, but I like it, especially when it goes inside a wall just to get you faster. Ah, I've gotten rid of the mouth, forgot to change that in the gifs.

Probably missed a few things, but that's pretty much it!