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Dev Update #3

  • MicKo
  • 07/18/2015 01:03 AM
My latest video is on the front page! Yay. \o/
This one won't get there, but here's the first scene of the game with progress on movements. The character is an amazing sprite done by me ; a rectangle. I should have sprites ready pretty soon so I'll do an update then. Until then, enjoy watching a rectangle jumping, climbing, falling and being black!
Colours are a bit off in this video, but I think it shows pretty well what the backgrounds look like.

There are a few things off here and there, like the camera going crazy when the character rectangle grabs a ledge. Hopefully this'll be fixed soon enough. For those asking, the rectangle is female.

As for boring stuff that was made ;
- Camera control, to make sure half of the screen isn't just ground.
- Checkpoint, because starting from the beginning when you die isn't really fun.
- Getting music and sound effects I didn't put in this video because that would make too much sense.
- Working on the ending scene which I'll show next time (that's a lie, I'm sorry).

And that's it for now. I'll have prettier things than black pixels to show next time, I promise*.

* If I need to show something other than properly animated sprites, I'll just change the rectangle into a red one. Or maybe blue!