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Lost Memories

This game is my first serious try at a RPG Maker VX Ace game. I really want to do my best, but since this game takes much effort, I want to share the developement, which I've done, with you.


One day Blaise is waken up by people he does not now, into a place he has no memory of. They tell him that they found him on the lake shore. In this world the so called Imperials are controlling everything. They have super technology (like laser pistols), but they are monopolizating their technology and thus the average person is left with very low-end tech (swords, bows, etc...). Blaise also seems to have some sort of connection with the Imperials. He has to figure out what happened and why.



He has no memory of his past, he says, that not being able to remember anything is scary. Also he seems to have stange visions which he can't figure out in the beginning.


She lives in the town in which Blaise woke up. She is mostly cheerful, but seems to hide something, and whenever someone gets close to her, she tends to shy away. Other than that she has a strong personality.


Suzu's sister. She is said to be dead.

Other characters will be introduced later on...

Latest Blog

Gamplay video

I just uploaded a little video, which shows some in-game gamplay and some battles.

As of now the language is Hungarian, but it will be translated.
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  • 07/08/2015 12:44 PM
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Looks interesting. I really like characters design as well as avatars. Subscribed and waiting for more info on this one ^^
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