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Velisoft presents

Twell: Sword of Light

From the guy that brought you Shindra Duel Adventures and Eling: First Dimension!

Change your character
The look of the character depends on which equipment you have. All combinations are possible.

This is how everyone will start their adventure:

Some examples of how you can become:

All combinations are possible. In some situations you need to equip older equipment.

Quest items
The Q-Item will be used in a lot of situations throughout the game. These are items that don't beat enemies but they will help you throughout your adventure. You can use a Q-Item by pressing the Q key on your keyboard. You can use the Q+Shift keys on your keyboard to quickly change your Q-Item.

Makes some light in dark places.

Break weak floors or stones.

More Q-Items are coming.

At the beginning of the game, you will receive a book full of goals to complete. These goals won't have almost anything to do with the main story so they are just side-quests to get more out of the game. When you manage to complete a goal, you will receive a message at the bottom of the screen.

Completing these goals isn't just fun, you can also unlock new things like new items or new modes for the Main Menu.

Velisoft Mode
Every Velisoft game has this game mode. Velisoft Mode allows the player to fill in a password and receive new content. However, in this case, it's a little bit different. This time, it's a shop but you can't use the normal gold from the game. You need to collect bronze, silver and golden coins. You can find these in your adventure but you can also receive them by playing some game modes in the Main Menu.

You can always trade these coins for 4 different items. However, you can update Velisoft Mode by using passwords from the website to change these 4 items.

Main Menu
The Main Menu is a place where everything comes together. You can access the Main Menu from the start menu.

- Adventure Mode
This will let you return to your adventure. You can return to your last location but you can also choose a few locations so you don't need to walk all the way back.

- Battle Mode
Choose one of the 9 challenges to receive some coins for Velisoft Mode. You can unlock new challenges by completing goals in Adventure Mode. You can also choose in which stage you want to battle.

- Party Mode
You can replay all the mini games and accept some challenges from your favorite mini game.

- Velisoft Mode
Trade your coins for new items.

- Extra's
Play some new challenges like Boss Rush in this mode.

Exclusive Velisoft sprites
Thanks to Avee, this game is going to get some amazing enemies and boss battles. Expect some big and scary bosses. These sprites are just a hand full of what's to come.

More features
- Dungeons full of puzzles and enemies.
- Lots of mini games in dungeons and towns.
- Change the power of your Sword of Light, which will change your skills.
- Every single character looks different, even in the biggest city.
- There are a lot of skills and items to use. Use them quickly with one of the 6 hotkeys.
- A perfected programmed battle system.
- Travel through time and discover a second world.

More information will be revealed later.

More Velisoft games that are completed?
- Eling: First Dimension
- Shindra Duel Adventures

Latest Blog

Still in development

It has been a while since I've posted anything about Twell: Sword of Light. Believe it or not, but this game is still in development. There is a lot to show about it but I want to put more time in developing the game.

The full game map is done, the systems are done, it's all about dungeons now and love making these. I'm really happy with the result so far.

I'm now working on the third dungeon. I want to make every dungeon unique, especially the later ones. That counts for the bosses as well. After the dungeons, I want to focus on the side quests.

So please know that this game is in development and it's going to be done one day. I'm planning to post some new screenshots in the future.
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Those graphics are amazing! ^_^)/
This looks really good! Hopefully I will have internet in my PC again by the time this comes out... XD
*Deeply Thinking*
Oh wow! This looks very nice. Love the character portraits and the fact you can have different combinations with your gear!
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
It's great to see this here now, but you may want to create a separate tabs for the 'features' and you don't need to include the locations as you've got them in the images tab. It's just with such a long description it makes commenting on the game a bit of a journey, and the comments are where all the action happens on a game page :).
Thank you so much for these comments. I will change the game page as soon as possible. There is much more to show so separate pages would fit more on this game page. Thanks for all the subscriptions, I hope to satisfy everyone in the future.
By the way, do you have an estimated release date for this game?
By the way, do you have an estimated release date for this game?
Good question! No, there isn't a release date yet. I'm very busy with my study so I only work on this when I have time for it. However, most of the scripts, a lot of the sprites and the overworld maps are done. However, I'm planning to do a lot more than that and I want to take my time for the dungeons and bosses.

One thing is for sure, I will complete this one day, like I always do! ;)
I'm sure you will. Until then, I wish you good luck with your project! :)
An RPG Maker game where your character's look changes?! I'm sold! Just subbed and can't wait to play. Mapping looks great. :-)
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