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Adventure, puzzles and fun!

It's spanish, yes, because KiyoKi is a spanish RPG Maker VX made by Dandorf, anyway do not worry since there won't be a lot to read since this is a puzzle game, and even the intro has no dialogues: it shows the arrival of some evil monsters (dressed with pirate hats and viking helmets, so they're obviously raiders and rogues!) to town to steal some "S crystal" tiles, and our hero, a white "V" shaped creature, follows them to recover the stolen items.

The game and its controls are pretty much easy to figure out: you move with the arrows, press Z key or Enter to select level or push blocks and the Q key to exit the game or... suicide! Yes, this is helpful if you are stuck inside a paricular level. The game consists in three different zones of six levels plus one boss battle each.

The game starts pretty simple but things become gradually more and more complex, as it should be!

Now the gameplay: this game is a classic block pushing puzzle game, like many others we played even if they were boulder or crates pushing games, but it's the same. Well, more or less! In any case, as you can expect, there isn't anything to read, nor dialogues, just levels to solve but this isn't the usual boulder/crate pushing game since there are many different blocks! Some can only be pushed a particular number of times, others can only be pushed in one particular direction, there are blocks that effect the movement of other blocks and blocks that slide across the screen...and much more! Very easy to understand, not easy to master (remember the suicide buttn if you are stuck)!
Really, the presence of so many different blocks keeps the game fresh, also you are introduced to the different types and sets of blocks gradually, so first you learn and later have use all your skill to use your when the game combines different types of blocks.

But I forgot the most important thing! The aim is to collect the stolen "S crystal" tiles, that were taken by the bad guys. Some of them are special(each le velhas a secret gem somewhere, and some of them hard to find) in the sense that they're not necessary but they're effectively extra/bonus ones.
The game also includes enemies and battles against bosses, something really unexpected in a puzzle game!

Visually the game uses very simple custom made graphics, that do their job since everything is immediately identificable. Music is also custom and pretty catchy, and sounds seems to be custom too. Being a puzzle game, there is no sense of judging mapping since the only maps we'll explore are functional to the puzzles and/or battles.

The game includes boss battles! Here we have to push and trample the enemy with huge blocks and avoid the yellow... things it spits!

Final Verdict
KiyoKi, despite the weird name, it's a pretty classic collection of puzzles, but with enough variety and additions to keep it interesting for the whole time! Ok, his time it's not an rpg or a horror game so the story is totally uninportant and not really interesting, surely no one ever played old classic games like Bubble Bobble, Arkanoid or Pacman for the story (even if there WAS one for all of them!) so who cares? Graphics may be simple but are custom and well made, and the game is enjoyable because the gameplay is good. And good is 4/5!