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Experience a dark childhood that molds our protagonist into a capable adult. Go from helpless to hero, and be the difference for those in need. Explore a vast world with multiple cultures, and monsters always on the roam.
Evil monsters murder travelers and destroy towns. The people of the world are afraid of all monsters, leaving the rare good monsters in an awkward position. They're often misunderstood or victims of hate crimes by the other inhabitants of the world, too quick to jump to judgement.
Gain control of a Monster Ranch, and recruit monsters to fight at your side and provide services and assistance within the ranch. Save innocent monsters and otherwise good people from making horrible mistakes. Stop vile monsters from devouring the innards of children and sucking the marrow from the bones of the elderly. It's a tough line to walk, but you're a hero and the only rule you have to follow is doing what's right.

Gender Choice For Hero.

Battle system includes in battle party swapping and reserve members entering the fray if your front four are wiped.

Over 40 recruit-able monsters, some optional, some mandatory for story.

All recruit-able monsters have back story and personality.

Party chat menu command where dialogue is affected based on many factors such as location, point of the games story, who's in the party, what you have, ect.

Old School Graphics, with many borrowed from Dragon Quest. The occasional FF sprite appears along with sprites from other SNES era RPGS.

Custom Sprites in the mix along with sprites converted from NES to SNES Quality.

A story that shocks and surprises throughout the tale, calling back to prior events throughout the game as it builds.

A working Casino to earn coins spendable only there. This includes an arena where people bet on monster fights. Are you too honorable to play?

Day/Night with it affecting NPCS and events.

An Alchemy Pot to combine ingredients into new and better things.

Effectus is licensed and in use in this project to keep lower end PCs from lagging.

and more...

Demo coming this weekend 9/6/2015.

Latest Blog

The hiatus ends. Back to working on this.

WQM was on hiatus to make and complete the much less time consuming DotDL. (Which is available for download and play here on RPGMaker.net) With that project done, it's back to WQM. I'm pretty sure this is going to eat up a lot of hours, but i'm ready. Here's some things I'll be tackling early.

Adding monster hearts. These are extremely rare drops that are accessories granting skills of the monster that drops it. Usable by allied monsters. Have stat % changes like a DQ7 psx job. The goal is to have the player able to somewhat expand the functionality of the monsters they choose to travel with. Also obtainable via one of the three medal types, occasional chests or searches and as a consolation prize for blundering certain situations.

Looking at reducing total enemy counts per battle during day light hours for certain random encounters in the first few areas to not overwhelm the player before better gear, party members and allied monsters become available. The larger battles would still be full threat at night.

I have implemented the day/night encounter differences. Example. Outdoors in Burninghams lands, you will find Blue Slimes don't come out at night, but; Mad Ravens and Fire Spirits do! (This change is not in the old demo.)

I found DWM2 sprite sheets I'm going to comb over later and convert some of the non DWM1 walking sprite monsters to 16 bit. I just worry since I haven't done that since October that I may be rusty from doing the GBC quality edits for DotDL for so long. Hoping my instincts of where to drop what pixel or edit it how are on point.

WQMs has a lot of behind the scenes work that I have not finished but will be making it a priority to do so. Example. Finishing events that process each individual recruitable monsters functions in the ranch. Party chat was done enough to carry through the demo and then some, but I'll be tackling it as I go since it is HUGEEEEEEEEEE. The big thing is doing it for the available monsters and party in each area as I go, and then going back as I go every so often to add the newer monsters and new dialogue options that may trigger as story progresses. It's a time consuming nightmare, but will be finished for sure.

I've been thinking and the idea of getting a team together to finish this project is tempting. A person to lay out town maps and a person to lay out dungeon maps. A person to contribute sprites and/or music. Note, I'm not willing to recruit eventers, database or script people or people who have creative control beyond volunteered tasks.
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I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Oh noes, don't start another drama please!!
There is no troll crew, sounds silly, just have to say that!

Now what I was going to say was I like the retro art-style, the mapping is okay, but maybe a few details here and there to spruce it up, and also I'd reccomend a pixel-ish font, it seems like a small change, but trust me, it makes a huge difference and will make it look a lot more themed and cool looking(for lack of a better word)! The characters are cool, but no-one really stands out, I like them though! It's a decent demo so far!
Threatening someone over a 30 day ban.
Kloe, I wish that were true. I've silently watched incident after incident after incident after mine and looked up too many past ones. There's a pattern with Corf and his buddies and I just want nothing to do with them.

I want to be a part of this community beyond dealing with 4 total people that come here. I feel there's enough other people to interact with.

I'm going to switch the font at some point but haven't decided what I'm going to use. The mapping needs work, no doubt. The game itself is about filling a Ranch with monsters as well as stopping the antagonist that's briefly seen towards the end of the demo. The child hood is just the brief set up for the actual game.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
My lesson? What I learned is that three others and you appear once to twice a month on a random game to back an argument one of you start and all four of you are jack asses every time. You just cosign infinitely. That is what I learned from Leo and Cat.

I want nothing to do with the Troll Guard of RMN. You didn't come here to give legitimate critique. You came here because you're a douche who wanted to rile me up. It's what you and your little clique do. Get lost.

I'll accept any legitimate critique humbly, but that doesn't include anything from you or your crew. I have nothing but hostility for the lot of you after that whole Leo and Cat incident I did not start, and was not started by legitimate critique, but rather an easily triggered, prone to arguing SJW. Peace.

Pray tell who these illustrious Elite Four are*. And if you knew anything about my history and the history of RMN, you'd know I'm more less on the receiving end of the "troll guard" (we used to call them #shmup) for my rtp dragongame.

*And don't include Liberty, because it's actually her job to shut the trolls down. This place has rules like that. Also she's very good at giving valid critique and I don't recall ever really getting into a tussle with her outside of maybe the America vs. Australia nationalism debates in the Spam Thread (What are you thinking about right now?). It's typically agreed upon that people who continue to have problems with Liberty, more often than not, brought it upon themselves.
Threatening someone over a 30 day ban.
I'm not feeding you further Corf. I have nothing else for you or your demands.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Sorry, but if you think Corf is trolling you right now you wouldn't survive shump. They are the villains of RMN
It's like toothpicks against a tank
One thing Liberty has been correct on - putting Corf on your ignore list is a good idea. I have done so. Probably makes life better during my once-a-year visits to RMN.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
One thing Liberty has been correct on - putting Corf on your ignore list is a good idea. I have done so. Probably makes life better during my once-a-year visits to RMN.

Oh c'mon, man, I bought Skyborn.

Haven't played it yet, but I bought it.
What I want to know is why people don't report comments they think are beyond the line. Please do that in future instead of inciting stuff so that mods can do their jobs. It's easier to see things on the forums, unfortunately, but on game pages especially, we do ask that people report stuff that we might not have noticed.

Threatening someone over a 30 day ban.
Destiny of the Dragonlord is a completed Rpg Maker VX Ace game I released this year. Check it out. https://rpgmaker.net/games/8867/
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