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Progress Report

Happy Birthday, Resonate! (And y'all IGMC games! :D )

Happy birthdayyy!!! Excuse my half assed excuse for a sketch, for some reason I couldn't get the composition right, but I wanted to celebrate!

So thank y'all for having played the game, enjoyed it and given feedback.

I'm still slowly working on the definite, steam version of Resonate.
So I'd like to talk a bit about what's going to change.

First thing, as you probably know: I've wiped out the entire database. I still haven't rebuilt it because I want to redo several maps and the game flow before I think about doing the database. But I didn't like the balance, nor how the battles were playing out, therefore I did away with the database in favour of an all new balancing!

I've also added Luna Engine to the project and redesigned all the menus. I am still having trouble with the Equip scene as it doesn't seem to want to behave properly, but other than that the menus are all pretty much done. Oh, I'm also not happy with the battle damage display, but I'll figure it out.

The next main thing that's happening is that not only each world is being expanded slightly (especially the latter two), I'll be able to do as planned and make the game NON-LINEAR! I'm still thinking whether I'll do away with levels, minimize the effect of level progression, add an enemy scaling system, or whatever I'll do to make the game work on that sense, but any of the three main dungeons will now be able to be beat in any order and will be longer. Monsters also will have different movement patterns, and I'm considering the possibility of allowing you to clear a dungeon of monsters after a certain number of battles (save for a couple' on specific screens if you want to grind). I've wanted to add puzzles in the original version of the game, but since doing anything with events is a bit hard due to Quasi's movement script I couldn't implement your typical block pushing puzzles nor anything that needed collisions. Now I'm considering a picture-based puzzle.

Another thing will now be the mini-worlds, new mini-stones close to the three main stones in Triple Gate which offer small diversions to the story, as well as interesting new sights. They consist of a handful of maps at most but they're meant to break down the game flow a little.

And to end the dungeon changes, there shall be two new dungeons: A true final dungeon once you beat the body of the quest, and a new game+ exclusive dungeon where you put your mastery of the game's mechanics to test. For I to be able to pull off a fun New Game+ dungeon and this game overall, i'll have to really work hard on making concise mechanics and a good databasing work.

Some areas are going to be redrawn as well, as well as new illustrated cutscenes (they were meant to be much more plentiful to begin with but TIME so I wound up making only two.) and that's about it.

Now what I was thinking is about the possibility of making this a commercial game. I know I've said I'd be releasing this on steam for free, and trust me, I will, but I still need to eat and shower and pay the bills which I have been able to do only barely and by not dedicating time to my artistic projects at all. I want to be able to dedicate time these projects, live just-barely-its-ok but more importantly be able to invest some money in studying art -- there's this super amazing art school in the capital of my state, Quanta, and I absolutely feel like I MUST study there when possible as I feel this will allow my art to really develop.

So for these reasons I've been considering making a paid version of Resonate (and hoping people like it) so I can further invest on my art and you know live. Perhaps I could make the extra content (mini-worlds with a monster arena type thing, the new game + dungeon, etc.) available only in the commercial version, while having the free version be short in gameplay time yet allowing you to fully experience the story. I don't know yet.

Oh, just as a reminder, if you wanna see more of my games happen (or wanna see me releasing more free resources) please consider supporting me on Patreon! It's a tremendous help!

So your opinions on this matter are welcome! Thank you for reading this blog post and accompanying Resonate and my art through this year! <3

Have a nice day y'all!


Shrine lol

i was feeling particularily nostalgic and in an effort to help me organize myself and treat Resonate more objectively, I stole RPGClassics' HTML* made a shrine modeled after the well known 90's RPG shrines such as AnimeFantasy and RPGClassics to the 0.9.2 version of Resonate.

Its incomplete, but you can check it out here.

I'm going to use it as a base to write another "shrine" for Resonate 1.0 WHILE I rebuild the game, in an effort to keep things more organized overall. (its my fancy, nostalgic and inneficient way of doing excel spreadsheets, basically)

welp I hope you like it! I'm still thinking about things to put there but since my HTML is utter shit and i have 0 idea how to do stuff, it kind of limits on what I can do, lol.

*i sent them an email asking for permission. They didn't reply... Not yet anyway. If they don't like it i'll get it offline immediately and make a enw layout for stuffs. But I actually want to link back to their site xD

Game Design

Spell Schools + elements

So for Resonate 1.0 as you may know i have DELETED THE DATABASE and i'm making the gameplay from ground up.
Last time I feel the Elements were really unsubstantial and tacked in, no enemies had elemental resistances/weaknesses and attacks basically and I felt it was overall kinda stupid.
While in the future I'd like to have spell schools like Astrology, Space magic, Time magic, Tarot etc. for Resonate, as a short game, it is unfeasible, so I decided to divide the spells into elemental categories.
(the Spell Cards system will persist, and each spell card is now tied to an element and it will balance your elemental resistances / weaknesses accordingly.)
Each elemental category (of the 5) has 8 spells divided by level.
The elements are:

White(Holy) <> Black(Darkness)
Red(Fire, heat, intensity) > Green(wind, thunder, nature) > Blue(Water, cleanliness, healing)

Each enemy can have up to two elements, which will (hopefully, lol) be shown next to their name when selecting them.

The (work in progress) spell list is:

Lv. 1 Cure Light - Heals a little HP.
Lv. 2 Starlight - Damages all foes. May Blind.
Lv. 3 Divine Beam - Deals holy damage. Ultra effective against Dark foes. May Blind.
Lv. 4 Barrier - Halves magical damage received.
Lv. 5 Magna Bless - Removes Curse and bestows Bless.
Lv. 6 Rejuvenate - Fully recovers one ally's HP.
Lv. 7 Prismatic Beam - Deals very high Holy damage to a single foe, inflicting many statuses.
Lv. 8 Liberate - Reduces one ally's HP to 1, hugely increasing their stats for 4 turns.

Lv. 1 Venom - Deals small damage to one enemy, with a small chance to Poison.
Lv. 2 Blood Link - Drains HP.
Lv. 3 Umbral Bolt - Deals dark damage to one enemy. May Curse.
Lv. 4 Chaos Sand - Deals dark damage to all enemies. Small chance of cursing / poisoning / paralyzing.
Lv. 5 Bubble - Increases Maximum HP by 50%.
Lv. 6 Abyss Spear - Deals high damage to all foes, attempting to instantly kill. May miss.
Lv. 7 Giga-Gravity - Reduces enemy HP by 1/2.
Lv. 8 Shadow Servant - Creates doubles to an ally, increasing Evasion and allowing them to act twice for 3 turns.

Lv. 1 Flame Spike - Deals small damage to one enemy, with a small chance of Berserk.
Lv. 2 Battle Song - Raises STR of all allies for 3 turns.
Lv. 3 ~EMPTY~
Lv. 4 Raise - Recovers an ally from Death.
Lv. 5 Berserk - Makes one ally attack nonstop with heightened Strength.
Lv. 6 Prism - Immunity to status ailments.
Lv. 7 Nuclear Flare - Deals extremely high damage to a single foe.
Lv. 8 Ifrit Caress - Deals extremely high damage to all foes.

Lv. 1 Silent Rain - deals very small damage to all foes, attempting to Silence.
Lv. 2 Cure Wind - Heals a little HP to all allies.
Lv. 3 Antidote - Removes Poison/Paralysis for the party.
Lv. 4 Deep Freeze - deals medium damage to one foe, Silencing and reducing agility.
Lv. 5 Hailstorm - deals medium damage to all foes, reducing agility.
Lv. 6 Fall Berg - Deals high damage to one foe, greatly diminishing Agility.
Lv. 7 Miracle Rain - Recovers all allies' HP fully, removing Poison/Paralysis.
Lv. 8 Absolute Zero - Deals high damage to all foes, reducing agility.

Lv. 1 Energize - Next action happens faster, stats boosted for one turn.
Lv. 2 Protect - Halves physical damage received.
Lv. 3 Tempest - Deals small damage to 4 random foes, with a chance of Paralyzing.
Lv. 4 Disable - Inflicts Silence / Forget / Blind, and reduces stats by 25% for 3 turns.
Lv. 5 Electrocute - Deals high damage to one foe, Paralyzing.
Lv. 6 Eagle Bless - Increases HIT% by 25%, increases CRT by 25% for 10 turns.
Lv. 7 Mjolnir - Deals very high damage to 4 random foes, with a small chance of Paralysis.
Lv. 8 Overdrive - Act 6 times in a row, then die.

Additionally I'm thinking on each element combination having a secondary spell list, the only spells in this category that exist right now are:

Lv. ? Regen - Makes one ally's HP recover every turn.
Lv. ? Purify - Damages one foe, removing positive status effects.

This might, however, not be wise. To be honest I'm not sure if I should even be making so many spells -- I want to have a lot of variation so the player can choose spells and break the system as they wish, and 1.0 will be considerably bigger than the current version since I'm changing and expanding dungeon layouts so they flow better + adding a new final dungeon + adding a post game dungeon + newgame+, and many of these spells actually can't easily be found (or at least not multiple copies of them) so you're likely to only see about half the existing spells through a gameplay (unless you grind)
I'll make sure most gimmicky and important spells are handed to the player very clearly, such as Prism (arguably THE most important spell on the original Resonate) and etc. being at very obvious treasute chests.

Another thing I'm thinking about; not only having Spell Cards like you do on Resonate, but also having Grimoires that offer all spells of a specific element up to a particular level as well. You'll never be able to get the high level spells through grimoires but you can potentially have 5 lv.4 grimoires for 20 spells brought to battle (that's actually not as useful as it sounds) or, more importantly, having a single grimoire with a set of useful spells + nice acessories on the other slots.
I'm still thinking on it, though.

BTW what I hope the length of the new Resonate will be:

1st 'chapter':

2nd 'chapter':

3rd 'chapter':

final 'chapter':

bonus dungeon:


monster arena:
a fuckload of time

+ new game+ modes = lots of replay value

so welp the game may benefit from this.

Game Design

Concept Art

Hey there! Today I'm gonna show you some pieces of concept art from the game's development. Most of them are really rough drafts that don't serve as illustrations and were merely done to mature the concepts of the characters.

Let's start with the



Agni is a Young, confident boy with a fiery temper.

At one point, I considered making him younger.

His hair was also going to be a bit rounder / softer, but I scrapped that out since it didn't feel confident enough.

...And he's the character with the least arts. Still, his chapter is the biggest! XD


Bell is a beautiful, sweet and introverted girl who can be rather bitter at times.

In her original design, she wore a rather bland outfit, was sweeter and her bitter part of personality wasn't written.

These were some potential hairstyles for her.

This is her on the initial draft of the opening scene... kinda... if you can make it out...


Monche is sweet, tender, caring and insecure! ...I didn't get to finish this splash art bc LOOMING DEADLINE

The original designs for Monche varied a lot in size!

The three at the Shadow Realm! Big, huh? One inspiration for Monche was Niccolo.

Another was Katt! But it's hard to see.

Monche's and Agni's finished designs came out way later than Bell's!

These were meant to be placeholders. Everybody knows placeholders totally become definite versions when you have a deadline. MONCHE'S EYES ARE OPENED NOOOOOO

The Fairy. She was the first thing I Drew for Resonate and I considered making her the protagonist. In the end she didn't even visually make it to the game.

The Shadow People.

An early, concept location for the Shadow Realm. This doesn't exist in game.

It was meant to have the places feel like floating islands archipelagoing around eachother, as well as have interesting, diverse and weird characters in there. Maybe on 1.0? Also, it was inspired by SaGa Frontier's Facinaturu. Actually Resonate was heavily inspired by SaGa Frontier.

...That's it for now! I have a few physical drawings to scan too. I might scan them and upload this blog post! I just didn't because my pc's been running horibly slow... But the hub área map was sketched on paper, as well as bosses and the denizens of the Rifts.



Yo! I put Resonate on Steam Greenlight! It's a freeware game as always, but hopefully it's quality enough to get there and get its scope / reach enhanced! :D
Check it out and give me a yes if you feel the game's worthy of it! :D

Also, have a screen of a possible, but not certain, Resonate spiritual sequel.


game over

I changed something really stupid on passabilities... and....
the official contest entry
can't be beaten
you can't go past the first screen of the second dungeon... a bug which wasn't present on 0.8...
I'm so stupid, I want to cry... I wanted the judges to play the complete game, not something incomplete and unplayable to the end... Well, there's not much to do about it other than acknowledging the fact I really screwed up big big big time with a really stupid little mistake as a single collision error which wasn't even present on the first build and just go with it...
I'll upload a 0.9.1 with this bug fixed, but it won't be able to go as the official contest entry. As such, I'm keeping the 1.9.0 as the main download and onhly taking it out once the igmc is over...

I worked so hard this whole month
to do this to myself... I can't do much but cry, really. Sorry guys. I'm a bit frustrated and sad, but that's how things go. I gotta roll with it.
I'm happy with my game, though. It's the first time I actually finished something this scale, and I can finally proudly say I have my first game finished so... yeah...

I don't know how to feel about it. xD


I hope you enjoy the game. It was made with love, and I'll continue to make games with love, even if I commit stupid mistakes that backfire terribly on me. It's not the first time I make a mistake, and it won't be the last, but I'll keep going... Anhd yeah, you can tell the IGMC meant a lot to me, especially because this game is the fruition of a vision I have been developing for years...

whoa i'm writing too much but nothing constructive.

whatever let me quit whining and crying and just upload a new version already.

Progress Report

Resonate 0.9 up! (definite contest version / bugfixes)

The following bugfixes were done, with special thanks to Firefly84' who reported most of them:

-teleportation issues
-a random crash on the map engine
-sequence breaking issues
-skills not functioning properly

Additionally, a number of skills and monsters have been rebalanced to offer a more overall enjoyable experience. A map has been detailed.

There are many maps whose illustrations are still visibly work in progress. These will be drawn in the eventual 1.0 non-contest build of the game.

I hope you have fun! If you have any questions or run into any problems, type down below!

I HOPE THERE ISN'T ANY MORE BUGS LEFT T__________________________________T


Resonate ~i goddamn uploaded downloads with the starting position on the wrong map~

i wanna die it's almost 9 am and ihavent slept omg my brain will explain
this is the most stupid blog post i've ever made but i just must kinda express myself and explain the fact my dl disappeared so um sorry anyway i'm reuploading and it'll take a while and screw it i'm not gonna wait until it returns i'm gonna s l e e p bbye good inight see you later olidshfadjfg


Testers still wanted / 0.2 download up! (for testers)

Gibe texters ploxx

If you're interested in testing comment here / send me a messeji

Bugs in 0.2

-> don't touch the first crystal in front of the shop; it's a sequence breaker
-> a few maps teleport you to off-edges and one doesn't have collisions on. Ctrl + move your way through the maps.
-> The final boss of the demo has a really stupid Regen move I shouldn't have given. Press f8/f9 (don't remember which one) on test mode to finish the battle quickly.
This sometimes bugs the system though.

I'll send the link to the download to my testplayers via PM!


testplayorz neededdd ploxxx *hugs* <3; /;A;)/

Hey guys! I've... Hit a sort of a roadblock these days, since I've been struck with constant nightmares and such, and my productivity took a hit those last 3 or so days. I do have a reasonable part of the game playable but it feels shallow and I can't get my idea across very well, mostly because I'm not in a creative mood (in fact all I feel like doing is sleeping and idk eating or cuddling with my little cat Morgana. </3

So I'd love to have some testplayers to help bounce off improvements and give me both a jolt of motivation and a fresh viewpoint on the game!
Please if you'd like to help me as a testplayer and a bouncer of ideas I'd be tremendously happy! Um, and that's it.


I'm not in the mood to really write anything decent so that's kind of my request um bye.

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