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"Fate can be both a humble blessing and a twisted curse. That is how fate has always been, and no one can truly change that melancholic truth..."

Ilisa, a world of autumnal landscapes, has been through an era of uneasy peace, which ends with the death of a benevolent ruler, a civil war breakout, imperialist agendas and a hidden conspiracy in the darkness. In its darkest hour, Ilisa sits on the brink of fiery wars and eventual ruin.

Scarlet Twilight follows three different stories, each detailing the early trials and tribulations of each story's characters, all of these stories serving as a prologue to a larger story that begins to unfold slowly, but surely.

  • Gather story clues from conversations and interrogations, learning more about the events surrounding Ilisa's darkest hour
  • Simple, fast-paced turn-based battles
  • Custom graphics and music
  • A colorful cast of characters, each with stories of their own to tell

FOR MORE UPDATES, check the game development Tumblr here: https://mustang-riders.tumblr.com/

Latest Blog

ON HIATUS + Reasons For Hiatus

After a long and unannounced disappearance, I reappear with some news:

"Until further notice, Scarlet Twilight is officially on hiatus."

While it's not so surprising, considering the lack of any actual updates, there's a few reasons why I'm putting this on hold:

  • After discussing my game with one of my friends, he stated that I've been approaching the game in the wrong manner ever since I started this project. I realized that he was right; I had not actually been making any actual progress, just going around in circles without noticing it.
  • With how college classes and other projects have been distracting me, I've had a lot on my plate for quite a while. I've been keeping myself disorganized priority-wise and time-wise, so I need to reorganize my priorities and time management.
  • Like before, my friend also pointed out that I was making a game without an actual goal in mind of why my game should be played and what I'm trying to create. Without a clear direction, again, I was just hitting brick walls and not actually moving forward.

So, I need to take a break from this project, and maybe take it apart so I can re-examine it and put it back together in a different way, one with a clear picture of what I'm trying to make and why I'm making it. Otherwise, it's just going to be another game that's just filling up more space in a game library.

I don't know how long the hiatus will last, but I can say for certain that I will continue this project; just at a later time with a clear direction and rejuvenated game-making motivation.


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Lookin' nice, Zephy! This game did sort of remind me of Crimson Dawn a bit.
Thanks, Luiishu! I try to do my best at making a game that's impressive in both gameplay and style.
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