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"Not all rumors are blatant lies... Some may hold a piece of the deeper, and possibly darker, truth..."

The autumnal world of Ilisa has known nothing but the fires and bloodshed of bitter conflict for 200 years, fighting against the corrupting will of the tyrannical Iron Crown Sorcerer. It wasn't until the princes of Verdea, James and Tristan Montague, defeated the seemingly-immortal sorcerer that Ilisa ended the conflict.

However, efforts to rebuild and to promote peace began to falter when a cult composed of loyal followers of the Iron Crown Sorcerer, called the Blades of the Scarlet Night, began terrorizing innocents and killing those who went against the desires of the Sorcerer. Eventually, the Blades killed an ill-stricken King James Montague in an effort to seize Verdea, but were repelled by the King's son, Isaac, and the King's brother, Duke Tristan.

As the pages of a dark future turn, Isaac and several other individuals find themselves falling into a more sinister plot that leads to not only Verdea's decline, but starts the path towards Ilisa's possible demise.

  • Converse with common characters to gather pieces of information and clues
  • Simple, fast-paced turn-based battles
  • Custom graphics and music
  • A colorful cast of characters, each with stories of their own to tell

Why This Project?
"Back in May 2015, I started a project called Crimson Dawn, which was to be a small, and rather simple game. When RMVX Ace crashed and corrupted the game's data, I gave up on restarting the project. Then, after some downtime, I got the motivation to restart the project, but instead create it as a prequel game for a possible game that would use Crimson Dawn's title. This project would face development hell for two years, before being redesigned as the game currently in development: SCARLET TWILIGHT."

Latest Blog

Food for Thought: Porting to Unity?

Hey, guys! This is Zephyre here, and holy cow, it's been too long since I updated any game progress reports. Reason being that I've been dealing with preparing for college and dealing with other real-life hassles.

With that out of the way, I want to make this more of a talking point rather than a game progress report.

So, I was talking to someone the previous day, and they mentioned that, since my game is on RPG Maker, it won't be considered very seriously. And truth be told, while some good games can come from being made on RPG Maker, it makes sense that anyone can make a game for RPG Maker with little experience, so it's not exactly a serious accomplishment in the gaming industry. Though, I do not think of RPG Maker games being childish creations, since a number are very well made, but RPG Maker is more of a stepping stone in game development progress.

So, over the course of two days, I have been thinking about scrapping Scarlet Twilight's development on RPG Maker, and have it be made on Unity. It'll still be a 2D RPG, but on a more notable engine.

But before I make that move, I must ask you guys if porting Scarlet Twilight to Unity is a good move or too hasty of a decision. If I port it to Unity, then it'll take more time to develop, including the factors of college work and possible job hours.

Again, I want this game to be professional-looking (on an amateur scale, since I'm one man on a zero-budget development schedule), yet simple and short enough to be a first project. So, Scarlet Twilight, will it stay on RPG Maker and finish up, ported to Unity later, or port it to Unity now, at its earliest stage?

Anyways, I've been doing some more work on fine-tuning character sprites, but I may refine them more later. As for other things, I haven't managed to get enough motivation and time to put some effort or work into them.

Hopefully, I can get some more things completed soon. See you guys until then!


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Lookin' nice, Zephy! This game did sort of remind me of Crimson Dawn a bit.
Thanks, Luiishu! I try to do my best at making a game that's impressive in both gameplay and style.
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