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"Not all rumors are blatant lies... Some may hold a deeper, and possibly harsher, truth..."

For many years, Ilisa has known nothing but bitter conflicts and massive bloodshed, with peace being nearly non-existent. This age of conflict comes to close with a massive war that is ended by James de Braose, later crowned king of Verdea. After the war's end, King James devoted himself to bring peace to the once-warring nations and put an end to a legacy of conflict.

The peace begins to show cracks, however, when the king, falling greatly ill, summons his brother, Duke Tristan of Frosturne, to rule the kingdom, only for the king to wind up murdered in cold blood. 5 years later, after the king's death, rumors began to go around about a possible conspiracy against the Verdean monarchy and their goals of peace. These rumors begin to escalate when Verdea is attacked by mysterious soldiers and the heir to the throne, Prince Isaac, is falsely accused of being in on the plot, creating massive tensions in not just Verdea, but Ilisa as well.

Our story falls on two "fugitives", Isaac and Lysander, who are fleeing for their freedom and lives, hoping to find the reason behind all of this madness, and clear their good names.

  • Converse with common characters to gather pieces of info and lore that can help understand the story

  • Simple, fast-paced battles

  • Custom graphics and music

  • A cast of characters each with stories of their own

Why This Project?
This project is meant to serve as a prequel to my game, Crimson Dawn, which is currently being reworked after a crash erased any saved files. The game takes the perspective of Isaac, a prince who is wrongly accused, doesn't know what's going on, and is on the run. He must escape from advancing Verdean forces, while also finding information about what happened and how to stop it on the way.
The project will not be a long game, just a short game, of about two to three dungeons, two towns, and maybe a secret location! The game will also not be script-heavy, thus expect a lot of vanilla RPG Maker gameplay in the game. The game is going to be a part of the Crimson Dawn chronology that will eventually come around, so that's why I'll make some references to the older version, since some elements will be reused from that version.

Latest Blog

Scarlet Twilight - Saturday Update #02 [June 24th]


Okay, so not all of the goals I set last week got accomplished, but that was honestly because I had things take my time away from me again. But, I did get some of those goals accomplished.

  • Did more database work for items, weapons, and armors

  • Got all main character walking sprites done, but the animations are still being made

  • Did some more polish on the game's main story

  • Did some skills and enemy database entries

  • Finishing all character concept artwork

  • Spriting tilesets and icons

  • Doing some map planning

  • Writing and fleshing out some character dialogue

  • Work on some enemy battles and balancing

Just a heads up for anyone who wants to know: I will be busy for the remainder of next week, so the next Saturday Update (Update 03) will be posted on July 8th, 2017, the Saturday after next.

In the meantime, enjoy some animated sprites:


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Lookin' nice, Zephy! This game did sort of remind me of Crimson Dawn a bit.
Thanks, Luiishu! I try to do my best at making a game that's impressive in both gameplay and style.
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