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"Fate can be both a humble blessing and a twisted curse. That is how it always works, and no one can truly change that melancholic truth."

Ilisa, a world of autumnal landscapes, is a world that is beginning to spiral into chaos. Nations face suffering and cruelty, the mightiest and wisest falling into despair and ruin, and the fragile peace that had been built begins to crumble beneath the feet of Ilisa's people.

Scarlet Twilight takes you through three different stories of the souls who suffer and despair, yet fight towards a brighter future, with each character having their own story to tell. In each story, there are usually contradictions and similarities, which can behold a bigger, and even sinister story unfolding in the wake of a world's bleak decline.

  • Converse with common characters to gather pieces of information and clues
  • Simple, fast-paced turn-based battles
  • Custom graphics and music
  • A colorful cast of characters, each with stories of their own to tell

FOR MORE UPDATES, check the game development Tumblr here: https://mustang-riders.tumblr.com/

Latest Blog

Small Two-Week Hiatus + New Plans for Scarlet Twilight

Getting this off my chest, I have college finals in the upcoming weeks, so development time will really be slow to the point of almost no progress being done. So if you see the project status as "hiatus", keep in mind that it's only for two weeks. Starting December 1st, updates will cease temporarily until college is through. By December 15th, I should be golden to resume updates. If I do get some progress in, I will post it in just one update post on the 16th of December.

Once more, I've been looking back at Scarlet Twilight, and I'm noticing that it's gone through about fifteen different iterations at this point. This is mainly due to lack of planning and organization on my part, though technical issues also play into the situation. So, over a period of a week, I've been doing light re-planning of the game.

Here's the list of what I have currently planned:
  • Splitting the game into three chapters/segments, each being worked on separately and focusing on more characters. Each chapter will be fairly short, and consist of, at the most, 1.5-2 hours of game-play.
  • All assets that have been created this far will be carried over into the (hopefully) final iteration of the game.
  • Looking for at least one programmer and at least one music designer from this site to help with programming and music of the game. Details for that will be listed in a later post either here or on my game-development Tumblr.
  • Getting more stuff posted for community feedback, for the well of actual content is completely dry at this point.
  • Redoing the update system more. Blog posts that have updates will be done on every first and third Saturdays of each month, starting on December 16th. That way, I won't keep you guys waiting for post that might never get posted.

With that out of the way, hopefully we can get things back on track for development once I've reorganized my schedule, have at least fully planned out Act I stuff, and gotten enough free time to spend on the development of this project.

That's all for now folks. See you on December 16th!

-Zephyre Eastwind


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Lookin' nice, Zephy! This game did sort of remind me of Crimson Dawn a bit.
Thanks, Luiishu! I try to do my best at making a game that's impressive in both gameplay and style.
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