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"Fate can be both a humble blessing and a twisted curse. That is how it always works, and no one can truly change that melancholic truth."

Ilisa, a world of autumnal landscapes, is a world that is beginning to spiral into chaos. Nations face suffering and cruelty, the mightiest and wisest falling into despair and ruin, and the fragile peace that had been built begins to crumble beneath the feet of Ilisa's people.

Scarlet Twilight takes you through three different stories of the souls who suffer and despair, yet fight towards a brighter future, with each character having their own story to tell. In each story, there are usually contradictions and similarities, which can behold a bigger, and even sinister story unfolding in the wake of a world's bleak decline.

  • Converse with common characters to gather pieces of information and clues
  • Simple, fast-paced turn-based battles
  • Custom graphics and music
  • A colorful cast of characters, each with stories of their own to tell

FOR MORE UPDATES, check the game development Tumblr here: https://mustang-riders.tumblr.com/

Latest Blog

It's Been Awhile - Why I've Been Quiet and Some Small Talk

It's March of 2018... WAY past the two-week hiatus period. That's been a bit concerning for a lot of people, eh?

It's been too long since I made any updates on Scarlet Twilight, and truth be told, I don't have much to report on. I've been so focused on family matters and college classes, I've had little time to focus on my game. This is my priority list at the moment:

1. Family
2. College
3. Game Development on Scarlet Twilight
4. Other Things

This list will change when I get a job and summer rolls around, but for now, the list is pretty much my schedule. It sucks, but it's life.

I've been trying to get back into the game-making swing, but it's hard with all of the college work I have to do and the job-searching. And I've been struggling for a while.

I'm actually looking for some help, if possible. I need someone to help with writing the stories for Act 2 and 3, at least one programmer with basic-to-intermediate understanding of RGSS3, an extra sprite artist to help make tilesets and some other sprites, and someone to compose music tracks for the game. If any are interested in taking the positions, feel free to PM me or leave a comment on this blog page. Keep in mind, these are not paid positions, as this is an amateur project (non-commercial).

Hopefully, the game's development can get back up to speed, so that the game can see a possible late 2018 to 2019 release. Again, I'm willing to have people assist me on this project if they are willing to help.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, everyone.


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Lookin' nice, Zephy! This game did sort of remind me of Crimson Dawn a bit.
Thanks, Luiishu! I try to do my best at making a game that's impressive in both gameplay and style.
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