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Scarlet Twilight - Saturday Update #01 [June 17th]


Good lord, such an update is so overdue right now, I'm practically hitting my head on a wall at the moment. That aside, here's the long-awaited first Saturday Update blog on this game.

  • Rewrote the main (gameplay) story, but I'm still proofing and editing some things that are still making it more complex than it should be.

  • Redrew the concept art of Isaac and Lysander, and currently working on Hugo's concept art.

  • Started doing bare-bones work in the database in the terms of items, weapons, and characters.

  • Nearly finished the sprites for Isaac, Lysander, and Brutus. Working on the sprites for Hugo, Valeri, and some NPCs.

  • Resting from a vacation which has given me motivation to work on the game.

  • Polishing out the items, weapons, and armors sections of the database.

  • Finishing the main character sprites.

  • Finishing character concept artwork.

  • Spriting some tiles for the custom tilesets.

  • Spriting some icons for the items and skills.

  • Laying foundations for the skills and enemies to a minimum extent.

  • Finishing story editing and do some early character text script work.

That's a bit of a list. Sorry if the accomplished list isn't too long, but I've had to squeeze some development time around a busy schedule, so the week of the third update (July 1st) will have possibly a shorter list.

I wish I could show some of the progress, but I'm kind of tired and I need to rest up. Hopefully, I'll post them in the appropriate sections soon.

-Zephire98, now spelling as Zephyre98.


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Nice to see you making progress and tackling on custom assets, mate! I'm looking forward to see how the game turns out!
Thanks, Luiishu! It's that type of positive reinforcement that helps my motivation to work on the game. :D
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