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You spawn at your base with a random amount of food and a gun with no ammunition. At the start of each day you have the option to either stay at your base and manage it or go out on a scavenge run.

When you're out on a scavenge run a random event will appear and you will have a couple options to choose from. Some options are risky but will reward you, some are safe but won't reward you. And some are just risky with no rewards at all.

Every event will have multiple outcomes. Every single option you have will have more than one outcome. It's all chance based. There are currently 2 skill levels in the game. Reaction and strength. These are both randomized at the start of the game the lowest level is 1 and 10 is the highest. Later I want the player to be able to train their skills. So they can spend one day training with a low chance of upgrading the skill.

Main Planned Feature:
- The Army
The army will be fighting the zombies while trying to accomplish their mission.

At the start of the game the army will pick a random strategy. The planned strategies are:
Nukes - They drop a nuke every X day until the everything is gone and you have to get to their base. The base is located in a random state. If you find a radio you can find out where. But if the zombies take over that state and eliminate the army. No more nukes will be dropped and you won't be able to get rescued.
Research - The army will start the game with multiple states that they will defend from the zombies while they research a cure. They will not conquer any more states until the cure has been researched. When the cure is researched and the researchers come to the state you are currently in you win.
Conquest - The army will attack the zombie states and try to conquer them. The zombies will do the same. If the army comes to your state. You will be saved. If the army is removed you won't be able to win the game.

Planned Features:
Training Skills
Other States
More Graphics
Adding people to your group
Barricading and building walls
Water and thirst
Ambient Music
Sound Effects
Special items (Flashlights, radios, grenades)
Traps (For Zombies and animals)
Base Invasions
Other Groups
Character Creation

Current Features:
2 Areas (Forest, Road)
1 Building
Some Random Events
2 Skills
1 Base type
1 Scripted survivor (Rare)
3 Endings (Starvation, Bleeding out, bits)

Next update:
+Added 1 Forest event
+Added Tracking Skill

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