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Once upon a time there were two brothers. Their grandfather was ill and his birthday wasn't far away. So the boys decided to make him happy and find him a nice present.
They gain a key, which has the power to open a path into every book, where the brothers' adventure starts.

The game is an Adventure with turn based battles. You will find items, which are usable on certain spots to find treasures or to proceed further.

  • cute enemies
  • heal yourself with sweets
  • read the children's books

About the game
Ink Travellers originally was made for the Indie Game Making Contest 2015.
This version has completely remade graphics, many stuff is finally fixed, the battles are completely rebalanced, there are two completely new levels to explore and a new gameplay mechanic to use. There are also some new easter eggs and more small details.

Latest Blog

Summer Sale! (\°O°/)

Summer Sale! >w<

Grab the game for just 0.79$ till July 6th!

Grab it from Itch.io or GameJolt

Have fun, give feedback, spread the news! (\°O°/)

See ya! ^o^/)
  • Completed
  • Commercial
  • Lucy_Fox
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure
  • 07/17/2015 10:17 PM
  • 07/27/2017 07:05 PM
  • 08/06/2015
  • 68308
  • 42
  • 1061


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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Lucy, it might be an idea to put that comment about it being for the 2015 IGMC in normal size font. Liberty is a judge for the contest and I know she's specifically avoiding games that are being judged to preserve impartiality. Or the impression of impartiality, no-one actually thinks she has a bias.

On a game related note, this looks good, but then given you did the beautiful Erayu, I wouldn't expect anything else, and I'm a sucker for the 'step into the other world' type gimmicks.
Ah, thanks! Haven't thought about that! O:
I changed it.

Thanks for the kind words. I really hope I can make it as good as I want in this short time :3 (But I'm actually pretty good in time ^.^ )
I even have a good translator by my side for this project xD
this looks cool. I shall play it. once there's a download that is o3o.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Those pictures are beautiful. tho im reminded of one of the most annoying rpg maker games i ever played o.o which started amazing and then fell off a cliff
Thanks :3
I hope I can manage to make the game better than the one you played :D
Maybe it will be simply too short to become bad x,D

Which game was it? :D
Gorgeous graphics and well used. Did you make them yourself? They give me a feeling of Zelda: Minish Cap and Children of Mana.

The goal is also pretty neat n' cute. I've saved the world a couple of times, and this looks like a good place to start the vacation.
No, I didn't make them myself. They are from Amaranth. :)
But I love these tiles and they match the setting pretty well :3
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Random thoughts may include spoilers

interesting title screen!

beautiful maps!

the kid said holding a stick feels weird LOL!

the old man gave a BOMB to children!?
and he left his daughter to die >.> pretty terrible dad!

after you come back and you find your grandma crying. during this discussion
she randomly says "its good to see you again" this was so out of place.

how long were the kids inside of the book!? she had time to move and fully bury him by herself!?

are the main characters parents dead? why do they live with there grand parents

that's one of the toughest blobs i have ever seen in a rpg

aww the rabbit doesn't change his dialog after you win :(
he could give you something epic that you no longer have any use for :D
oh! a key to the bunny house! easter egg rooms for the win! pun? maybe! :D

General 1H 15+M no spoilers hid to make smaller
This was a rather enjoyable title. having battles but not needing a lot of grinding
the graphics are probably the best part of this! astoundingly beautiful especially if you have never seen anything outside of rtp.
the plots hit and miss for me and i would of liked a different ending personally.

I recommend playing this! its enjoyable
Thanks for your feedback. :3

I really wish I had more time for the game. :(
Then there would be so much more detail in it D:

Maybe I'll redo it after the contest. :D
Wow I had such a good time playing this game I didn't want it to end. My only real gripe is that it's so short! I don't know if the contest had limitations but, hell I would have bought a full version if this was a demo. It's really that good. Beautiful, wonderful story, so warm hearted. Thank you so much for bringing this game to life! It has to be my favorite so far.
Thank you very much for your kind words :3

There was only the limitation that we only had one month for a whole game.
Also the judges will only play the first hour of every game and I wanted to show the whole thing. :D

But maybe... just maybe... there will be a sequel one day... who knows ;D
Soo sweet and I love it.
But I wish it would be longer.
I had a lot of fun playing it!
Hope you make more of such games :3
I'm glad you like it :3
Myabe I'll make another game like this next year for the next igmc xD
But not for the moment :3
Thought it was going to be a short simple game, I FEEL SO HURT
Oh my god, that was so adorable and cute! Made my day happier :)
Will write a review soon.
Thank you. :3
That's great to know (´∀`)
Hello! I really enjoyed your game.
It was very cute and tugged lightly at my heart strings.

I have to ask though, where exactly you got your tile set from? I tried looking up Amaranth but I've run into some issues finding it.
I'd really like to use parts of the tile set for something I might make in the future.
Oh, I have them for a long time now. I think I know where you could still get them.
... Here are the terms of use. But the download is broken...

Ah... here is a link.
Someone in a German community saved the tiles :D

And thanks for your kind words <3
i have only just started this game, but i have to write this comment, because it is so cute and adorable, both how the game looks and the music, it is just so precious *-*
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