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Time for a Playtest

I'm probably not nearly ready for a public playtest, but with three days left, I've definitely got to get cracking. If anyone could find it in their hearts to have charity towards this crappy little game, I could certainly use at least one playtester to help me complete the current jam update so that I can ram something out that isn't completely unplayable--erm--sorry--that's not what I meant. I mean, I could use a playtester to help me polish this, obviously Misao-winning gem.

Anyway, thank you for any and all future playtesters for your consideration!

Progress Report

Progress Report, the First: Revive the Dead 2.

Since I've started, I haven't had any significant difficulties. The game was never intended to break any kind of ground in design and engineering. It simply used the base assets to the best of its ability.

The only significant challenge is going to be finishing this by the deadline, but it didn't take much to make what I already had, so I don't expect this to be a significant issue.

I have added a new playable character, have fully mapped the Temple of Light, and have completed the Ice Cavern dungeon. I haven't removed anything old, nor do I plan to. After I am done with the Ice Cavern, I plan only to implement one more town and one final dungeon. Currently, I am completing the final room of the Ice Dungeon.

That said, I'm confident I'll finish this thing by the end of the event!

Progress Report

Coming along!

I've been doing work on and off, and I am pleased to say that Kagan finally has his own unique skill set. I also found a few unexpected glitches that I'll be correcting. Of course, in spite of the fact that the event is over, I'm going to keep the cliche's coming. Ice town is coming along, though it doesn't have a name yet. Enemies have been included on the ice lake that are simple shadows under the ice but jump up out of the lake when you get near them. That animation turned out very nice. Finally, I'll also be sprucing up things here and there throughout the game, such as finishing adding epitaphs to the headstones in the cemetery. Things may not go as fast as I like since I'm working on McBacon Jam #2 and I'm still helping Xenomic with Touhou Fantasy, but things are moving along! I played through the initial version from beginning to end for the first time, and I did, in fact, enjoy it. It's the second game I've made that I felt was actually worth perfecting. The other one being Dragon Tooth (no, I haven't forgotten that one, either.).
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