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His Honorable Highness, King Reginald IV, has sensed an evil from beyond that needs to be quelled! However, the teleport crystals that the kingdom is so well-known for have gone out of commission! It's up to a world-weary warrior (Alex), an enthusiastic paladin (Maria) and his court magician (Cassandra) to deal with the situation, then deal with the actual threat.

Personal Asides:
Made during the Golden Age of Gammak event, with the limitations of being made in about a week, with the theme of using (or subverting) cliches, and using the TsuK (RPG Tsukuru 2K) engine.

As a disclaimer, this is not, in any way, shape, or form, a Might and Magic fan-game! I just enjoy making bad puns.

Latest Blog

Post-event release

A new download is available with a few fixes from the contest version! First and foremost is the issue raised with transparent windows. To the best of my knowledge/ability, it shouldn't happen. The event-command that has the option to cause the window to be transparent only exists in one place, and even then, the option chosen was to have the message-box to the top of the screen during Cassandra's recruitment event.

That aside, I noticed a wondering monster waltzing right into a boss area. My guess/hope is that it's because the events that trigger the boss fights are "below hero", putting them on the same level as the hero would cause those events to be considered obstructions by the wandering critters.

Minor point, but, I also noticed that players can get behind the guard at the front gate, as I keep thinking in VX/VX Ace mapping-terms. He's been moved down a tile.
  • Completed
  • Marrend
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
  • RPG
  • 07/19/2015 05:27 PM
  • 02/04/2019 01:05 PM
  • 07/25/2015
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You're magical to me.
My first thoughts when seeing this game: "Oh, a game with Might and Magic in the title. I bet Marrend would like thi- Oh, Marrend made this!" XD
Guardian of the Description Thread
Speaking of, I might switch my avatar to...

Corak, the Mysterious

...or to the face I use for my Elf Sorcerer in World of Xeen in a feeble attempt to promote this gam.

*Edit: You're not wrong, though. I totally would sign up to any game that had Might and Magic in the title!
Nice game.

Three minor bugs/spelling misstakes:
At the beginning the text-boxes were vanishing, came back when event with Cassandra.
The first boss fight is way too hard.
Cassandra's poison spell is miss-spelled (poision), as is its description.

The enemies in the 2nd and 3rd dungeon could be stronger.

But all in one: A short and amusing game.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Best of luck my friend! Love the Might & Magic series. Though I'm quite partial to Heroes of Might & Magic :)

Guardian of the Description Thread
@Firefly: Damn, I thought I got rid of the textboxes that were transparent when a character was "thinking"! Also, can you be more specific about what made the first boss fight too hard?

I sorta have to agree with you about the critters in the second and third dungeons being too easy to kill. I'll have to re-re-check that, as well as fix that spelling error in regards to Cassandra. Also, I'll want to fix Smash Hit.

Anyway, thanks for playing!

@InfectionFiles: I swear, this has nothing to do with either series. You're still more than welcome to play it, though!
I was hitting the first boss with all the special attacks I had, but each hit cost around 20 - 40 HP. Emily hits with 100% and the same damage and stun nearly works everytime. I don't know how much HP she has, but the fight seems to go forever.

+ Each time you enter a dungeon room, the chests are refilled - a good way to earn money in the beginning.;)
Perhaps the heavy armor should costs you speed when equipped.
Guardian of the Description Thread
She might still be a bit tough for under-leveled characters, but, I did revise her, and a few other things!
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