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Game Cancelled due to not having the time to finish, I've added a download just so you can see what I was doing feel free to use characters and tilesets as you please (a mention would be nice if you do.) Music isn't mine I don't own it.

If you have any feedback I would still like to hear it, even if I have cancelled my game.


Hocus Pokey is an classic JRPG made in the style of classic Gameboy games.


As Asuri moves to a new town with his mother, he finds there is a lot more going on then meets the eye, animals going crazy, people going missing and ghostly happens in and around town. Asuri and his new friends set out to get to the bottom of this mystery.

About this game:

This is my first game I've started making in Rpg Maker VXA,I use to use RM2k over ten years ago now but never finished a full game and lost all my unfinished projects when my computer broke so I gave up. I chose the Gameboy art style because I spend a good chunk of my childhood playing Pokémon Blue on my classic Gameboy so I hope this will bring back memories of them days.

Way off, I've got most of the story written and made a few base tilesets and characters. But still a long way to go.
Here's a number if it helps

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I love these graphics. I hope you're gonna finish this project. 0.5% is a long way to go. Make sure you don't give yourself to much work.
Ahhh! I love the green graphics. It's all nostalgic and nice.
Acid! The title screen is pretty radical.
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