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New Year New Looks

You like pointing your eyeballs at pictures, right? Good thing I have these pictures around!

This gif shows a lot! We have Enhanced the Aesthetic with screen tints, there’s some extra snazz to the whole “show people items” mechanic (thank TDS for continuing to be Amazing Ruby Codeman), and you can see the new look for dialogue display.

Most importantly, there’s been some A+ improvements to portraits, along with expressions.

Now Jason can become even more beautiful and femme. You probably wouldn’t know it from the contest version alone, but he is nonbinary!

A little-known fact about Kozmin is her relation to Claude Frollo.

Besides portraits and dialogue, I’ve also been working on sprites. Now Lana and Kozmin have a walk cycle instead of shuffling around like they’ve got socks on wood flooring.

Can you guess whose room this is?

Last but not least, there’s a few new maps! Besides the map itself, another addition is the ability to show a white outline that tells you which objects in a room you can interact with. If the colors are a little hard to distinguish, or you just want to know right away what you can examine, press S to show the overlay!

That’s the most exciting stuff for some new visuals. Happy New Year, everyone! Time for me to go back to Photoshop foreverially now


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You're magical to me.
WOW! This all looks AMAZING! :DDDDD SO EXCITED! ^_^
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Screamin now

Also I really love Kozmin's sulky face :3
You're magical to me.
the garbage can version of this post

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