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The Siblings
Svetlana "Lana" Kozmin
Age: 22

A young woman with a light heart and carefree outlook on life. Her friends at The Cat’s Meow have seen her through hard times, and she repays them by providing laughs, pastries, and even the occasional listening ear. Everyone calls her Lana, except for her sibling who insists on referring to her by the more traditional nickname of “Sveta”. This doesn’t bother Lana, as Kozmin was the first to accept her decision to live as a woman.

Lana is the gentler of the two siblings, and is better suited to calming spirits down. Her Comfort skill is a great way to get a spirit in a positive mood.

Nadezhda Alexeievich Kozmin
Age: 30

Kozmin is an intensely focused and vigilant person. Though dedicated to her role as a spirit medium, she lacks the tact most would expect from someone in such a position. There aren’t many people that would call Kozmin their friend, as her insensitive attitude pushes people away, including her little sister. She goes by her surname, preferring the androgyny it provides, but is affectionately known as “Nadia” to those closest to her.

Kozmin takes no nonsense from anyone -- especially spirits. If a spirit needs to be set straight or requires a little intimidating, she’s the one for the job.

The Cat’s Meow
Jason Delaney, the owner
This entrepreneur could be described as somewhat eccentric, and insists on being on a first name basis with all who enter his establishment.

Louis Callaghan, the not-a-janitor
Known simply as “Callaghan” to the Kozmins, though only the elder refers to him as such with any affection. He helps with each case by investigating the spirit and sending information via his carrier pigeon, Muriel.

Mortimer Lamont, the bartender
Her friends call her Mortimer, but to everyone else she is known as simply Lamont. She is always happy to pour a drink and spare a moment to chat with Lana, but this courtesy doesn’t extend to Kozmin.

James Crowe, the volunteer intern
Mortimer’s roommate and closest companion. He spends his evenings at the Cat’s Meow helping out and keeping folks company, despite not being employed there. His cheery disposition and friendly nature endears him to everyone he meets.

Grady Sinclair, the bouncer
His real name is Hamasaki Kaito, but everyone who wants to stay on his good side calls him Grady. This tough guy has a legendary sweet tooth with an attitude to match, but beneath his sarcastic exterior hides a warm and loyal heart.