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Progress Report

The Plague Revival

The Plague has given me, at the very least, an illusion of having more free time.
Therefore, I'm pulling this back from it's grave and am reaching out to the community for assistance in beautifying the maps, solving gameplay issues, rejuvenating/adding all the necessary bosses.

New life is being poured into this game as the plague sweeps the earth.

To all my dearest viewers, stay tuned. Great things are afoot.

The world will keep turning yet.



This isn't crazy, but it is like as if Terry Davis (RIP) made this game. It's somewhat incoherent and nonsensical - it's absurd in a very real way. And in this case, 'very real way' means the kind of absurdity where laughter doesn't suit it. It's not as crazy as anything you'd find with Davis, but I was crazy.

This isn't an augmented reality game, but it is like an autobiographical game. The truth is in there - it's obfuscated. A life leaves a trail and there are stories that are organic. There's a lot of truth in this game. And I wanted to reveal that grim truth that's somewhere in there.

I think the game is evil. It might even be dangerous. I think some ideas are venomous and willing to kill. I had to abandon this game because it was taking my mind away. I found myself fractured and began work on this game. And as fractured into many, I worked on this game. And then I stopped. I'm not in such a bad place now. Well, I wonder, maybe this game is a secret ritual that would have destroyed me.

But I'd like you to play it. It is a gift to you. It's a gift because it comes from very near to the center of my heart. My own horrors are shielded from you and yet I present what was left over. What wasn't destroyed formed into this. If you look into this game, I hope you have fun... and thank you.

Progress Report

v.0.4.4 - Progress Report 7

New Content:
New Dungeon
Two New Playable Characters
Monster Rewards (Doubled gold drops, slight exp bonus, increased chance of drops.)
New Monsters
New Items
General bugfix:

(I forgot to remove the guards to allow access to some features from the last update, this has been fixed.)

These new features also allow the player to unlock another 'outside story' cutscenes by collecting the pieces of heart.

Progress Report

v.0.4.3 - Progress Report 6

New Content:
New City
New Quest
New Shops
Music Alteration
1/3 more exp and gold awarded per monster.

Expected for v.0.5
Last Way Station
Last City
New Quest
New Dungeons
Last Shops
Skill Books
Massive bug fix

Progress Report

v.0.4 - Progress Report 5

The second version of Esoteric is here!

New Content:
Massive Bug Fix - Class system should be far less volatile and will now properly spawn the proper characters.
Fighting/Dual minigame
Character Update.
New Quest
New Waystation, with more items
New Stores
Dozens of new pieces of Armour now available in shop.
New cutscenes available
Movie added to intro scene, scene now skippable
General expansions and fixes
New Battle Music
Hidden Boss

Progress Report

v.0.3 - Progress Report 4

Today the first version of Esoteric has arrived. Yay!
Well, it's nowhere near completion.
I am hoping to do small updates every month.
I'd much appreciate it if you could play it and tell me what you think should be improved or what you'd like to see next.
I hope you have fun with it, because that's what's important.

Current contents of game:
  • 7 Primary characters
    Many multi-tiered characters
    Fusion Class System
    210 Weapons (not all available yet)
    135 Armour pieces (not all available yet)
    150+ Skills (not all available yet)
    1 dungeon (incomplete)
    1 waypoint (incomplete)
    1 purchasable house
    Speed Dating System
    9 possible dates
    1 gambling game
    2 (of 8) endings

Known Bugs:
  • Fusion System may cause a gamebreaking error
    Not all fusions will work properly
    Text in opening needs to be fixed (Bah, I thought I did this already!)

Hoped for next update (3/31/16):
  • 1st boss added
    Combat balanced better
    Armour adjusted and added to shop
    Revel main quest completed and added to journal
    Syl subquest completed
    New shop
    New area
    Increased date dialogue
    General bug fixes
    New minigame
    New search engine entries

Thanks for playing!

Progress Report

Fenuary 29th Release - Progress Report 3

On Febuary 29th I will be releasing an unfinished version of the game. I hope to have the essentials complete so that it can be completed in it's unfinished form. The game will then go into a permanent hiatus with occasional updates - at least for the foreseeable future. This is partially due to my help getting married and going off on an adventure (kudos to them!) It is also partially do to some significant changes to the game and having to remake a significant portion of the game last week when a file got deleted. Finally, it is all partially do to me picking up more classes and continuing classes through two breaks.

1. Some maps have been polished, but many more need work.
2. Fishing has not been touched.
3. The class system has been completed through to tier 5 and is nearing completion.
4. All characters have been added, totaling at around 120 with around the same amount of classes. Some of these characters are completed. Others are half complete. Others simply place holders. Some special non-combat abilities have been implemented, but not many.
5. A few more intermediate cutscenes completed.
6. More NPCs and some more subquests to fill up empty space.
7. A lot of miscellaneous things.
8. A few things not yet added to the game will need to be added to the journal.
9. Add monsters to the cluster maps
10. Finish adding chests to the world.
11. Actually making the bosses worthwhile.

After I release this unfinished game on the 29th, I'll probably stay away for it a while. The version I'll release will have some unfinished content cut away to be added when they are done. A few of my games are about to reach 500 total downloads (across all sites I've placed them on) and I think I'll go and update them all with new features as the reach that.

As for the sequel to this game (it's a trilogy), it's still planned. I'm going to have to move my work to MV and I'll probably port it to a few systems. The second game is going to be quite different and a lot smaller.

I hope you'll tell me what you think of this little project of mine.
Thank you for reading!

Progress Report

Current Status - Planned Demo Release

I am hoping to release a testing demo of this game in a week or two, so here is an update as to the progress of the game.

1. Polishing maps

2. Finish fishing - Hasn't been touched yet.

3. Add monsters to the cluster maps - varies.

4. Add non-required chests/items to dungeons and clusters - 1/10 done

5. Finish all intermediate cutscenes - little

6. Final 8 ending cutscenes - done, but not all are achievable yet

7. Quests - main quests roughly completed, subquests aren't done.

8. third tier of class system - Significant work required

9. classes - most skills completed, requires polishing and lots of it

10. Second tier - 40%

11. Finish all books - 97% done.

12. Lots of polishing...

I've been sidetracked by two recent events and school, and haven't gotten as much done as I'd really like. I'll probably spend most of thanksgiving break working on it and then release the demo.

Thank you for reading.

Progress Report

Progress Report 1

This progress report is being released because 50% of the game can now be played.
Additionally, introductory cutscene is completed and overall 12% of cut-scenes are completed and thus the framestory for the game is established.

Currently, there are only 15 things left to add (or finish adding) to the game.

1. Finish mapping - There are about a dozen maps that need to made for houses in towns. The dungeons and the overworld need a lot of work and are currently functional but bare minimum as far as looks go. (12-20 hours of work, but not my work.)

2. Finish fishing. (5 hours, I haven't done hardly anything with it. I might drop this.)

3. Add monsters to the cluster maps. (??)

4. Add non-required chests/items to dungeons and clusters. (2-3 hours)

5. Finish the mate system. (-1 hour)

6. Finish all intermediate cutscenes (10+ hours)

7. Finish the final 8 ending cutscenes (-3 hours)

8. Finish all quests, including subs. (??)

9. Finish journal (15-30 minutes.)

10. Finish the third tier of class system (10 hours)

11. Create the substance behind those classes (45-50 hours)

12. Finish the upper tiers (10 hours)

13. Finish end score, set endings to score. (eh... 10 minutes?)

14. Finish all books. (3-4 hours)

15. Lots of polishing...

The times on the list are estimates that I could be entirely wrong about and really depend on how much I focus on them. It'll also depend on how much I can schedule long periods to work on, because I think I reach peak performance at sessions of 4 hours.

I am hoping to get a playable, but incomplete or beta, edition uploaded by Thanksgiving. I am hoping to get the half of the this list done by then. The class system will probably not be completed by the time I release this edition and I'll probably have to finish that during Christmas break. Polishing will be spent on that last two months before my intended completion date and probably for some time afterward. The proposed completion date, Feubuary 29th is actually exactly four years after this project started. It's a leap project.

Thank you for reading.


Notes Symbols of Esoteric

The purpose of this blog post is to discuss the symbols built into the structure of Esoteric. This will make the game less esoteric and easier to understand as a work of art for both myself and the player. This game has a life of it's own now. I have written it as much as it has written me. This is a few tidbits grabbed from development notes mixed in haphazardly with later commentary into an olio of pseudo-legible meanderings. This isn't an analysis, although it could be a useful tool for an analysis.

The title screen portrays Norse written in Elder Futhark runes (which predate Norse.) It further describes three paths. Similarly, the overworld provides the player with three paths that mirror those on title.
The runes in the center roughly mean "To awaken." The runes inside the four compass points stand for "The Way", "Dreams", "Life's Journey", and "will."
The runes along the top of the title spell the name "Fairnoth Syfon."
The runes that spell "Dreams" refer to the town of Revel. The runes that spell "will" refer to the town of Restri. And the runes that spell "Life's Journey" refer to the town of Reso.
Additionally, the runes can also be interpreted from a divination standpoint. For example, the top word on the title that looks like "PI" could be interpreted like this.
Wunjo-(Fellowship, harmony, prosperity)
Isa- (Psychological blocks to thought or activity)
This corresponds to the town Restri.

The three outer towns refer to the three great callings of life.
Restri - Governance, politics, and aspects of the will.
Reso - Science, empiricism, and aspects of the material.
Revel - Religion, surrealism, and aspects of the soul.
The inner/central town, Synovia, relates to the individual in balance between the three callings.

As Shift fuses with other characters as the game progresses, his base stats increase. In doing so, he moves up a tier. There are eight tiers he can reach. This is symbolic, along with leveling, of ascension. Each time he rises a tier, he ascends to a new state of being. I would say that this symbolism is common to RPG's, but my game takes it to a whole new level. Actually, strangely enough, this symbolism isn't universal to RPG's.
The tiers in Esoteric can be broken down into greater symbolism. The few tiers are achieved by fusing with characters of equal tiers which shows a reintegration of the self. At a certain tier, you must confront a manifestation of that which cause people to die. The next tier requires you fuse with the inverse of yourself, or more accurately, a forgotten self. The path to this tier is also a confrontation of what will be and what has been. The final tiers are achieved by completing various quests;
-The ability to draw from aspects of yourself
-The creation of the philosopher's stone
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