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"It's a sobering thought, isn't it? To be able to look out your window and see the end of the world."

The world is on the verge of being consumed by the Fog, an ever-growing mist that corrupts and destroys all life within it. Unable to reach the source, humanity has no way to stop the Fog's growth. The destruction of the world is inevitable; humanity is at the end of its time.

In Asala, one of the few remaining settlements outside the Fog, two friends are on the verge of completing their training to become knights sworn to help weather the coming disaster: the cynical Aeyr Wilder and the kindhearted Mia Alacruz. However, catastrophic events soon destroy the very foundations of their lives, and they are forced to make the choice between their precious friendship and following the path they each believe is right. Their faith in their beliefs, and in each other, will be pushed to the limit as they decide what to save and what to sacrifice as the world collapses around them.

"There is no stopping the coming apocalypse. The only question remaining is: can humanity endure it?"

Prayer of the Faithless integrates elements of classic survival-horror games into its turn-based battle system. There are no readily accessible healing abilities, so your survival depends on managing a limited supply of restorative items you find or purchase. In addition, your equipped weapons and armor will drastically affect your performance by raising some stats, penalizing others, and changing your available abilities.

To reward a playstyle of controlled aggression rather than raw power and high levels, the battle system in Prayer of the Faithless turns a number of RPG conventions on their heads: You have three actions per turn, and you can spend them however you wish during battle. Plus, allies and enemies cannot guard, but must maintain their Stamina pools to block incoming damage. You must damage the enemy's Stamina to be able to hurt them, but be careful: overusing powerful abilities will leave allies wide open to attack!

Each ally's personality traits affect their combat prowess and abilities. As the story goes on and the stakes are raised, these traits will develop (and degrade!) along with the character's mental state. You will get to truly understand how each character thinks and feels through conversations and battle performance, and see how the state of the world affects their morale and beliefs.

Latest Blog

Realigning the Sights

Sometimes you don't know how badly you needed something until you got it. That one week break I took at the beginning of last month has been one of the most relaxing weeks in my life since starting PotF. So relaxing, in fact, that it ended up expanding into a whole month!

Well, kinda. While I didn't do major work on the game itself, I DID take a long and hard look at the project as a whole, where I am in my life, and started figuring out what I could do to prevent being overwhelmed again. Eventually, I came to a difficult conclusion: I no longer have the time to work on this game as it was originally scoped. If I continue at the pace I'm going with the project as it is currently scoped and designed, the anxiety attacks are going to keep happening.

It was time to make some hard choices. Today, I'm going to talk about the results of those choices.

1. Slash and Burn

As I mentioned before, I don't have the time or energy to work on PotF like I did when I was a student in college. I've since graduated and have been in the workforce for over a year, and each day takes a lot of energy out of me. This game was originally supposed to be completed before I graduated but, well, you all know how that turned out. Therefore, if I wanted to get this game done within this millennium, I had to reduce the complexity of the systems already in place:

If you've been following the game for a while, you'll notice a few changes to this screen. The most prominent one being that the armor slots have been gutted. That's right: armor is the first victim of the overhaul. Light, medium, heavy armor? All gone. You won't be able to build damage tanks that can deflect all physical attacks anymore.

The Gear slots that you see here now are what was formerly known as Relics. While I still haven't finalize how they work, how many Gear slots a character will have, etc., the general idea is that the effects they have on stats have been reduced in favor of adjusting special parameters like evasion, target rate, and SP cost.

The equipment that primarily affects your stats during battle will be your Weapon and Personal gear. Since Personal gear is unique to each character, that will allow me to get more creative with what stats each piece can change.

Speaking of stats, you may have noticed that there are two new stats shown on the right column. Strength and Technique have been merged into a single stat called Power. Power is the measurement of the overall damage a character can do, regardless of whether it's physical, technical, magical, or attack item damage. You'll still have to keep a healthy arsenal of all attack types, since enemies have varying Armor and Psyche stats that can negate one or more damage types.

Skill, however, is a brand new stat that affect the external forces surrounding each attack. When attacking, the attacker's Skill stat is measured against the target's Skill stat. The the attacker's Skill is higher, then the attacker is more likely to inflict a critical hit or apply a state to the target. If the target's Skill is higher, then state application takes a penalty, and the attack is more likely to Graze the target instead of making a clean hit. Grazed attacks can be thought of as an reverse critical, meaning that your damage is significantly reduced, and you will not apply any state to the target. The greater the difference in Skill stats, the higher the likelihood of the bonuses/penalties applying to the attack.

All of this was done, again, in the name of streamlining the character customization process. At the time of this writing, I've also cut roughly 25 battle states that make use of the cut mechanics, 20 abilities that relied on Technique stat for damage, and I know more cuts are likely to come. Effects from these cut states, abilities, and equipment will be absorbed as much as possible into existing ones, so it's not like they're going to go away for good. In the long run, I think this is an overall improvement not just for my own sanity, but because each state, ability, and equipment piece now has far more impact on a potential strategy.

I think it'll be easier to gauge an enemy's behavior by looking at its Power and Skill rather than Strength and Technique.

2. Refocus

This blog is called "Realigning the Sights" though, so what else is going to happen than just the cutting of mechanics? I won't detail ALL changes here, but let me tell you the intention:

Use all possible components of the gameplay to help tell the story of determination in the face of hopelessness.

Are you all ready for some super awesome hardcore gamedev glamour shots? Get ready to have your mind blown by such radiance:


I spent time reorganizing stats for both characters and enemies based on some new internal rules I came up with for myself. Now, all battlers in the game (allies, enemies, and even bosses) have the same exact starting stats, but they are differentiated based on their Bulk levels. The difference in power between allies and enemies now comes in the form of their level differences.

I have a second spreadsheet that adds battle stat buffs/debuffs and automatically calculates possible damage of all stats that scales up with levels

So, to design enemy stats, all I need to do now is enter their archetype's stat base in this spreadsheet, enter their level, and bam. Enemy stats have been designed. Not only does this cut back on number crunching, but it allows me to work with a few established rules within the game's lore when designing stats. For example, one of the internal rules is that all Miasma Monsters are so strong that they can overpower anyone who isn't fully prepared to face them. To reinforce that, all enemies have a MUCH higher bulk total than allies.

Which means that, even at the same level, all enemies will be objectively stronger than you. Doesn't that just make you all warm and fuzzy inside?

This is but one of many changes I've made with this goal. I'm still hammering down the details of the rest of the changes, and I feel like I'm going to be doing that until the final phase of testing is finished and the game is about to be released.

However, please understand this: Prayer of the Faithless was originally conceived to be a tense survival RPG, not a fun, relaxing experience. Characters will grow weaker as the story progresses and their mental state deteriorates, enemies will be objectively stronger than they are, and the only "ultimate bad guy" is the inevitable decay of a world that they can't save. But this is a story about determination in the face of hopelessness, so they will continue on no matter how many times they get knocked down.

And any component of Prayer of the Faithless, regardless of whether or not it's objectively "fun" for the player, that doesn't adhere to this goal will get the axe.


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The all around prick
"Kiyoma" is derived from "kiyomemasu" which is Japanese for "purify"
Question: Why are Kiyoma called Kiyoma?

IRL I mean. Like, "What does Kiyoma mean in Japanese".
I managed to get my stream up! Anyone who wants to join me mashing buttons is welcome!
Of course, I'll be streaming PotF! Details are there! (also excuse that annoying 15 seconds delay)


Have fun! (please tell me if the video buffers or if there is something wrong with audio)
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
The all around prick
I'm not entirely sure what your question is. Yes, you have the literal definition of the word apocalypse right, but I used it primarily to refer to the catastrophic-level destruction of the world.

As for the title, well, there are a few reasons why it was chosen. What each player believes when they read the word faith and how it relates to them praying will be different, but not necessarily wrong. Note the word faith used in the description. That's just one meaning. It could be religious faith, faith in humanity, a brighter future, or even in one's self. Maybe it's all of these, maybe none.

Whatever definition you believe, though, this is a story about people who do not have that faith but want to find it.

Apologies for the evasive response, but I'd rather let the game show you than lay it out myself.
Hmmmm, I have a question, Red! Is this the literal meaning of Apocalypse?

'An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning "an uncovering") is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities".'

.....And this game is called prayer of the faithless...


I think I'm on to something.... Maybe there's a revelation about monsters and what they really are coming up?
And the last bit's up! And, shortly, will be under the Grub's Playthrough media tab. In the meantime:

Third part's out! When I figure out how to edit a media submission, I'll put 2/3 on mine.

The all around prick
Anyway, a question to Red_Nova. The description for Aeyr on the characters page states "Aside from that, his natural aggression enables him to manipulate the emotions of both enemies and allies to turn the tide of battle." However, I've noticed you've now given Amalie three emotion manipulating skills while Aeyr has none. Have you changed your mind regarding who gets what?

That was in the original plan, yeah, but that's certainly not the case anymore. I've removed the statement, so now it won't confuse anyone. Thanks for pointing it out.
I think Aeyr's ability comes later.

Also, Amalie and Aeyr have about even defense base. I simply don't think it's worth 2 actions to deal with Amalie provoking. *shrug*

Though, I don't know if she attains ALL aggression or just some. All might be useful IF abilities weren't practically 100% percent based and thus you can't just use her to let Aeyr unleash Sonic Fist/Pommel Strike and just never bother Focusing.

I think it might be better to make skills differ based on equipment you wear, with, for instance higher level gauntlets that improve the damage% of sonic fist but also cost more, improving the level scaling and giving you the choice of preserving SP or dealing heavier damage(along with the normal tradeoff of heavier gear costing more max sp)
Eh, i guess it would have been handy when I had Mai, but i just didn't think of it. Action economy is key; if you can kill 1 enemy with 1 action rather than redirect 2 enemy's aggression with that action, i consider it better spent.

I haven't played the last version yet, but in all other versions I've played, Provoke was handy for almost every battle Amalie was in. It may be less useful to you though since you use completely different tactics than I do. Still, try using it and then have Amalie focus so she has her highest defense.

Anyway, a question to Red_Nova. The description for Aeyr on the characters page states "Aside from that, his natural aggression enables him to manipulate the emotions of both enemies and allies to turn the tide of battle." However, I've noticed you've now given Amalie three emotion manipulating skills while Aeyr has none. Have you changed your mind regarding who gets what?
Ah. I was worried there was some sort of secret or something i should worry about haha.
The all around prick
The main game has three endings. There are no alternate endings in the prologue.
Wait. The wiki page says the game has three endings. Does that....refer to the prologue, or the actual game proper? And if the former....how does one get different ones?
Eh, i guess it would have been handy when I had Mai, but i just didn't think of it. Action economy is key; if you can kill 1 enemy with 1 action rather than redirect 2 enemy's aggression with that action, i consider it better spent.

I'll go ahead and tell you that when I met ol' Bat-Wings for the second time, I flipped my shit. Then I flipped it again when the actual kill took place.
Yes, I would have loved to hear the story behind your hatred towards the provoke skill. Joke aside, that skill is one of the most useful, if not the most useful, in this game. You're making the game much harder by not using it.
The all around prick
Thanks for the LP! I'm kinda sad that I couldn't hear your running thoughts, but there was a lot I learned from watching you play.
That's right, I didn't keep in mind that you're doing a blind let's play.
Can't you edit in your commentary afterwards? Post commentary is fairly common in Let's Plays after all.

I just....don't do that. :/ it doesn't seem quite right to me. You can't be surprised in post or anything like that.....

Anyhow! Part 2 is up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y07RbDLKQp0&ab_channel=Grub
Can't you edit in your commentary afterwards? Post commentary is fairly common in Let's Plays after all.
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