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Luke Frazier Redesign

  • Red_Nova
  • 03/30/2016 04:58 PM

Out of all the character redesigns (so far), Luke has probably undergone the most radical changes. A child genius and natural researcher, he has adopted a more scholarly attire to better match his personality. Also, his eyes do a better job at glowing, marking him as an Infused.

Original Version:

And that'll do it for all the main cast that makes an appearance in the prologue. The remaining party members will be posted after proper introductions are made.


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You're magical to me.
Looking good! That shows off a lot more personality than his old one did, and looks very nice ^_^
Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Thanks! Yeah, the original design was trying to play off his lack of, well, fashion sense and overly elaborate designs, but it went waaaay too far in the opposite direction. I'm glad this new design conveys his personality better!
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