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Nora's Tale is an oldschool action/adventure game developed on RPG Maker VX Ace. It features four dungeons with various puzzles to solve and bosses to beat. Combat is action based rather than the turn based combat that rpg maker games usually feature.
Nora's Tale also features 100% custom graphics. Tilesets, sprites and effects are all handmade by the developer.

The kingdom of Alyon is celebrating its harvest festival. But just when the festival was about to reach its peak, the evil Mirror Queen steals the king's scepter, the most powerful magical artifact in the world.
To retrieve it, Nora has to set out to get the Spirit Blade, the only weapon that can kill the Mirror Queen.

-Retro GBC-style graphics
-Unique action combat
-Four challenging dungeons
-Full controller support

Latest Blog

Nora's Tale Version 1.4 Changelog

-Fixed a bug where the player was unable to progress if he died at a certain point in the Clockwork Citadel.
-Fixed a bug where item drops would not disappear when a player left the area.
-Fixed a bug where the player character froze if he received damage while using the hookshot.
-Fixed a bug where a certain button in the Frigid Fortress could not be pressed by a statue.
-Fixed a bug where a certain enemy in the Corrupted Castle would not reset.
-Fixed a bug where certain blocks in the Clockwork Citadel could not be pushed if the player left the room through the northern door.
-Fixed the puzzle in the Frigid Fortress Cave. The player can no longer get stuck here.
-Fixed text cut-offs during the intro scene.
-Bombs no longer block movement.
-Updated the books in the library to be more descriptive about the locations of certain items in the game.
  • Completed
  • TamFey
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Action
  • 07/24/2015 12:03 PM
  • 05/08/2016 06:22 AM
  • 07/23/2015
  • 91299
  • 37
  • 1836


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The most beautiful user on RMN!

This looks interesting. Going to give it a whirl.
The most beautiful user on RMN!
Can walk on the roof of one of the houses if you enter in from the left way.

Script Crash for missing file when entering forest to north

Audio / BGM / Town 6 missing.
(I temp fixed it so I could continue by placing a file in the folder.)

There's a place on the 2/3 map north transfer point where you can transfer right below the statues. If you do that your character can't move.

If you re-enter the church you can see the dead king in the bottom left corner in the dark space beyond the wall.

In the citadel dungeon walking from one room to another you are transferred right into moving traps.

Needs saving from within menu.

Audio / BGM / Dungeon 5 missing.
Thanks for the bug reports, I'll fix them as soon as possible.

But about the saving: I don't want people to abuse saving from the menu (for example during bossfights) so I made saving only available at the father in the village.
The most beautiful user on RMN!
You can disable saving during certain parts. Or have save point in the dungeon or check points that don't save, but at least keep the stuff you have gotten.

Edit, still playing:

"Go talk to the other guy" text cut off (In lava dungeon)

No transfer point in snow dungeon from the empty room with 1 block in each corner.
This happens if you don't trigger the boss fight and go into the room.

BGM Battle4 missing.

I think that's where I'll stop.
Without being able to save and the unexpected crashes it's hard to get very far in this game.

You need to make sure all the files are in the folder. You should have someone play test this with an un-encrypted version + being able to save any time. You can later remove that, but I would recommend play testing.

You do keep the stuff you collected when you die. But maybe I have to make that more obvious. (If you press space on the Game Over screen, you get revived at the entrance of the dungeon and you keep all your stuff).

Thanks for being so patient with my game :)
The most beautiful user on RMN!
The game play is actually pretty good. If it wasn't decent I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did. This was an interesting system. I haven't seen it used in RPG Maker.


Downloaded the new version.

First dungeon can still hit the moving trap when transferring.

In ice dungeon after blowing up the wall to go down to get the boss key if you get hit by the wizard you will be blown backwards and end up stuck in the wall, can't move.

"Don't disturb me I'm doing something very important." cut off in village house.

Furnace room fight where you grapple hook monster. Character can freeze after grappling monster.

Also not obvious you can grapple fence. I completed ice dungeon before going back here.

Edit: So I let the guy kill me and here's what happened.

The character is frozen. You can even see a piece of the hook shot to the lower left of the screen.

If you press F12 the game doesn't reset, but the rgss player crashes.
Not quite 100% custom resources. Nice edits though. Looks very cool. I'll give it a try after some of the bugs get ironed out.
All the bugs that are mentioned here have been fixed. I'd say you have to try very hard to find a bug in the newest version. So it's safe to try the game ;)
The most beautiful user on RMN!

I think for the most part it's all ironed out now.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Zelda is the game that started me playing games....I was 30yrs old :(

This better be a good game :)
I've been enjoying this so far, but I wanted to report a game ending bug. When in the second room of the ice dungeon, I got stuck in the sliding puzzle, only being able to move left and right, and was unable to exit the room, losing all of my progress up to that point.

Also, a smaller bug, but if you're on the far right edge of a map facing right and try to place a bomb, it'll show up on the far left edge of the screen instead. Something I noticed when playing the second dungeon. Overall, this is a pretty cool project, I'll try to replay when I get some free time.
Wow, this game is pretty good. Just beat it. I've been craving some old school Zelda action. Great work.
i can't finish this game, it's bug infested :( there's always something that freezes the game, like when moving blocks and "skip if can't move" is unchecked :(
I encountered a bug in the second dungeon. In the room with the moving spikes and the two posts at the bottom, if you hookshot the pole in the middle from the top and not the side, the character gets stuck.
Dear Tamfey, You Should make a Sequal to Nora's Tale, But make the game even Harder, More Harder Puzzles, More Backstory, More Items, And did you use MS Paint to make the sprites Or Used the Link Sprite from LoZ: Oracle of Seasons/Ages then Edited??? Thank you for Replying.
Tamfey, this is one of the best games I have played on this site. I really like the custom graphics, and I like the Zelda inspiration. I agree Zackary200, you really should make a sequel to this game.
This game looks really good. I have always been a fan of games in the vein of classic zelda I'll have to give it a look see when I get the chance.
Wow, this got a lot more attention than I thought it would. Thank you all for the feedback. I'm glad that people enjoy my little game.

Hey Zackary200, I'm currently not working on a sequel. That doesn't mean that I'll never make one, but my current project will likely take another ~6-9 months. So yeah, if you want another Nora's Tale game, you'll have to be patient.

About the graphics: I used Gimp to make the sprites and tiles. I started out by editing LoZ graphics (you probably already recognized a few sprites), but quickly started making my own from scratch. (e.g. I made all the tilesets from scratch.)
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