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Nora's Tale Version 1.4 Changelog

  • TamFey
  • 08/05/2015 12:38 PM
-Fixed a bug where the player was unable to progress if he died at a certain point in the Clockwork Citadel.
-Fixed a bug where item drops would not disappear when a player left the area.
-Fixed a bug where the player character froze if he received damage while using the hookshot.
-Fixed a bug where a certain button in the Frigid Fortress could not be pressed by a statue.
-Fixed a bug where a certain enemy in the Corrupted Castle would not reset.
-Fixed a bug where certain blocks in the Clockwork Citadel could not be pushed if the player left the room through the northern door.
-Fixed the puzzle in the Frigid Fortress Cave. The player can no longer get stuck here.
-Fixed text cut-offs during the intro scene.
-Bombs no longer block movement.
-Updated the books in the library to be more descriptive about the locations of certain items in the game.


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