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Hello. This is the first rpg maker game i created. Enjoy. :)

Latest version : FULL v5.32

Spin Off >> The Three Visions
Sequel >> Avelions 2


Mankind finds itself being slaughtered by an immortal being called GRIMOIRA. Where did they come from, or why are they doing this, are not known.

Some powerful guilds were formed and allied themselves with the district military to fight these shadowy creatures. The best soldiers in all districts were trained professionally in order to deal with the threat.

A few years later...

All but one guild are lost as a result of the War of Jenesio. The remnants of mankind focus their defenses in their own districts, hiding in fear. As for the only surviving guild, Grimoire Hunter, it still embraces volunteers to continue the fight to find Grimoira's weakness and save the humanity from absolute extinction.


Crad Helvar
Crad obtained his A-Class Hunter license at 13 years old. He is very laid back yet optimistic about everything. Crad is able to get along with almost everyone, whether it is people or robots. It brings others easily trust him. He's skillful in both close & ranged attack.
Lyne Teirra
She was a Maid of Jenesio, a Fairy who protects human. She had a calm personality and very kindhearted. That personality made her easily trusts her life to total strangers as well. Lyne is often using ranged attack and healing ability in the battle.
Sido Helvar
Sido is the elder brother of Crad and the Guildmaster of Grimoire Hunter, he's the best trained swordsmen that hunt Grimoires relentlessly. He is quiet and very determined to accomplish his goals. Sido has a good leadership that made his Guild survived the War of Jenesio.


+ ACTION BATTLE SYSTEM, slash your enemies on map!
+ FREE ROAM, no world map in this game
+ 4 SELECTABLE COMPANIONS, It's a Robo-pet to assist you
+ 15 CATALYST to collect, it gives you specific Catalyst Arts
+ VIRTUAL TRAINER, to build your stats, you can't level up in this game btw :P
+ CRAFTING, your own weapons and armors

and mores.



Click Download Now/Go to Downloads :)

or visit website for new updates, details, tools
and Latest version of the game :

Hossi Games

Latest Blog

Avelions - The Ancestors Extened v5.32

*First of all, please read this important notes*

If you have finished the game with these characters -> Crad and Lyne,
there will be a lot of plot holes, you'll find the story becomes a little bit
confusing on the second half of the game. But that was intended.

So, if you want to know the whole story and uncover all mysteries,
you'll need to play the game as Sido. You can obtain his HUNTER CODE in Sector 6,
and enter the code in the beginning of the game.

Avelions - The Ancestors Extened v5.32

+ Grammar fixes!^^ (Also, add some dialogues)
+ Arrange some enemies position
(so that they won't block a narrow path)
+ Decreased Gold Garon's power. (He's too way OP, Ouch)
+ add more hints when play the game as Sido
+ Fix some maps
+ and more
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  • 07/26/2015 03:12 AM
  • 08/03/2021 02:38 AM
  • 10/17/2015
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any tips for fast money?

After your character has become stronger,
just go back to the previous area for farming.

Or, *I don't know if this still work on the
latest version, if you think you had enough stats,
you can sell the grimoire core from high class mobs.
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