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Grist of Flies has made it into IGMC's Top 10!

  • Razelle
  • 10/10/2015 06:33 PM
Link here: http://blog.gamedevfort.com/igmc-top-ten/

It's hard to find the words, honestly. I've been working off and on since the contest has ended, refining things, adding more to the game to give the story more chances to shine, and then this announcement hits.

I've personally played only a couple of the other games on the list, and out of those I played my favorite was Free Spirits.

Anyway, there is more in Grist of Flies' future. Some things to look forward to after the contest:

- Making the dungeons more interactive.
- Randomized events that give recruited characters more chances to shine that'll add replay value to the game.
- A continuation from where the game left off. Will you hold yourself up inside the safezone with your team + new survivors, or will you try to uncover the mysteries of the world's dangerous new circumstances? It'll be up to you to chose which fork you'll take Nina down.

I'm excited to see where the game making journey leads, and hope to add some screenshots sometime during the contest results.

Stay tuned, fellow makers of the game, and those who play them.


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Congratulations, and I hope you do well in this finishing stage, too! Moreover, I'm really glad to hear of the coming updates, especially the branching continuation of the narrative. I've always been a big fan of non-linearity in games, and it's good that you've decided to use it.
I figure it'll add replayability. There will be a New Game+ mode now that will carry over the events you've already seen, so the next batch will be different. All of it is still in infancy however, but is being worked on little by little every day.
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