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Beloved Rapture is an Adventure-RPG Hybrid Project.
It combines the best elements of a SNES-era RPG (an immersive game world, tough puzzles, dungeons); with a highly "cinematic" narrative, akin to an Adventure Game. In its earliest form, the project originated all the way back in 2008 - but it was not until 2014 that I pulled it out of hiatus, and truly redefined my overall vision for the game.

Rather than following a traditional narrative, it moves through "chapters" that explore each character's vivid backstory--spanning across years, and even decades of time. Ultimately, the diverse cast is united in a single, rapturous conclusion.

Beloved Rapture's main protagonists are John, Crystal and Aiden -- three idealistic youths, united by chance, who ultimately dissent from the troubled past of their families.

- Evocative storytelling that spans many hours and dynamic character scenarios.
- Final Fantasy-esque, turn-based battle system - face off against many challenging enemies & bosses to gain new skills.
- Endless replay value: dozens of chests, items, and small secrets hidden on every map!
- Extensive soundtrack that boasts many beautifully composed, original tracks & sound effects.
- Simple and intuitive controls allowing high accessibility for players of all skill levels.

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    "There truly is no denying that this is one of the most beautiful RM games that's ever been released."
    - Neophyte

Latest Blog

Happy Holidays! (& Year-End Updates)

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone here a great Holiday season~

(We need joy and peace more than ever after this questionable year, right? XD)

I hadn't left the "vibe" for BR's development in a good place after my last update, but I'm happy to say that design work has finally restarted! Thanks to several of my testers, especially LordBlueRouge, I was able to piece-together several different copies of the game, and production started up again. Thankfully, I've been able to budget at least 5-10 hours a week to keep the momentum going.

What will 2017 see for Beloved Rapture?

Hopefully, a completed game! This wouldn't be a huge achievement, considering I'm over 12 months late on my release date goal. XD But, we all know how things roll around here. I'll be really buckling down to finish this thing, and I probably won't post many major updates on RMN until I've finished.

When I say "completed", I mean to say Act 1 will be released, which is the initial 5-8 hours, the "Fellowship of the Ring" of the larger story, I guess you could say. Act 1 will be largely self-contained, and contain 3 full dungeons. But will it have a proper ending?

...Well, I won't spoil that. XD

Beyond Act 1?

That's a good question. What I will say is that my plans for developing RPGs won't end with BR. Although the title is still tentative, I have been entertaining the idea of a much shorter prequel project (in the legalized/commercial Rm2k3) - which will be a much briefer, "tighter" project in both gameplay and story. It'll be a departure for me; being much more dungeon-focused and with a smaller cast of characters.

Hopefully, this will allow me to focus my energy more concretely on character-building and tightening up the gameplay itself, with the game's "universe" having been generally established.

Will it be freeware or commercial?

Act 1 will be a free game for the Tsukuru version of RPGMaker.

Future projects are up in the air. Although obtaining original art assets that match the original BR's visual quality will be challenging, we don't think it's impossible. I've already hired a composer to produce some preliminary tracks as well, which I'll share at a later time!

If the pieces fall into place, I'd certainly like to take a cue from Ara Fell (etc) and explore the potential of a fully-realized product; something I could confidently see on Steam some day.

(Again, just to clarify, Act 1 will be free - I'm referring to future prospects).


Again, I can't thank everyone enough for the support over these many years.



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crap the download doesnt work. make a download on this site!
not found!! What happened? I guess the link broke.
Can't wait to play it but I can't! Waiting patiently for a good link download.
Looks good, I haven't downloaded it, but sweet screens
RMN sex symbol
Hey Blind your link is down, unless you took it down on purpose then all good.
Your mapping is awesome, but to be honest, this game bores me. You need more interaction with the player.
I love Beloved Rapture's maps and grass/falls locations. Screw the plot, check out that awesome maps.
Wow, this is certainly a larger download than most of the games on here. I hope it's good!
I loved the maps too! it can still improve though! maybe you should throw in some plot-changin decision or something. Also, change the highlight pattern of choices in the menus, i once chose " quit" instead of "save " and i had to go over a big chunk of the game =_=. i long for the final realease!
This game is fantastic. Who cares what you all think, this guy is a genius. A lot of people may not like this game because they do not understand it from beginning. Well that exactly why it's a super game. I mean wouldn't you wanna know what happens next after being puzzled from start towards near the end. The action and drama is brilliant. So is the dialogue and the music can be boring at times but is also very exciting most of the game as it mainly focuses on the plot. I only wish the game was longer.
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obsorber, I think you are really far from the truth.
Hey Blindmind. You may've sent me a PM, but I didn't get it. Email me at tylertothemiles@Gmail.com
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
Next time you post a screen I wanna see a demo again.>:]

obsorber tell me about yourself. what are your favorite pokemans
So I go to download this...and I see a 26min wait. wee...
Also, the pokemans comment is hilareous.
Sorry about that, Relyt. I'm updating with a new version this summer that I promise will be smaller. =[
I hope you're still working on this!
This is a nice game! Good job :D only thing is, I wouldn't really say that it's an original soundtrack considering that there are other artists in this game that are not listed in the above credits. :/
The infamous Rei-
I'm actually really looking forward to the next demo. Despite what all the people said, I was personally still able to enjoy this game. Though I'm still not very far in the game, but anyway.
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