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Screenshot Shameless (Act 1 Nearly Done!)

  • Blind
  • 07/09/2016 12:55 AM
SO VERY CLOSE to getting the summer demo for Act 1 up on RMN. xD #Hype

This release has been delayed for over 6 months now. It's been a long and grueling ride, but the project is finally something I'm quite proud of—especially the evolution of the game’s writing. The testers thus far have had really great feedback, which has been truly flattering.

More than half the battle getting this damn thing done; has been days and days of tiresome revisions...which I'm learning is a pretty sizable chunk of the creative process.

To summarize it, very briefly, the dialogue’s improved, the cutscenes have improved, the mapping has improved, everything is a more coherent whole – the only thing I haven’t touched upon yet is the battle system which I’ll get to later on – But, I know parts of the demo aren’t quite finished yet, but overall, as I said numerous times over skype, you have something here. If you can get a reliable, team together, so you can start delegating tasks, in order to work on Beloved Rapture more diligently, I can very easily - and I would really to see - Beloved Rapture eventually come to steam.

A really good RPG, something I could see myself paying for. The world you have built is amazing.
* Writing is again, amazing and the mapping is absolutely gorgeous to look at (and something not many RPG's can boast about). I especially like the fact that the maps are "alive".
* Characters are relatable and their responses feel natural.
* Overall a great great with a lot of potential. It can be the next "Forever's End"
Overall, you have made an amazing game and something you should be proud of. :)

As I said before, "Act 1" (the demo soon to be released) will comprise the first 5-8 hours of the game. Each 'Chapter' will have a distinct tone, cast of Heroes, and even visual tonality (as you can see below, it varies widely)

I want to preemptively thank everyone who has supported me over the years...it feels surreal that so many months of work is finally culminating to something whole.

Included a boatload of screens below- both new and old. XD (Everything seen below is included in the demo..!). Compared to the old versions of the game, I've toned down BR's infamous clutter quite a lot.

Just one more round of testing to go - and then Act 1 will be uploaded to RMN, GameJolt, Facebook, and elsewhere.

(I have a few users already in mind, but PM me if you're interested!)


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Hype indeed for the prettiest game on RMN. You planned a release back in Jan, after all. :D
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