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Technical Troubles :(

  • Blind
  • 11/01/2016 11:23 PM
Hi everyone,

I regrettably wanted to report that progress has been halted yet again on BR. ;___; (It's almost comical at this this point, right?)

As I wrote in a status about a week ago - my primary usage laptop was severely damaged, and unfortunately nearly 5+ weeks of progress has been lost. The hard-drive seems to have failed. This was incredibly frustrating for me, as I was so very close to completing the final touches on the demo (and perfecting a newly-implemented dungeon). If not for this incident, Act 1 could have been released later this month. ~_~

I took the computer to a specialist, but the quoted price to "restore" the Hard-drive's files was nearly $900...a bit ridiculous considering the minuscule number of files. In the meantime, I may continue to shop around other options, but it wasn't too encouraging.

I won't be too dramatic, because I know I'm hardly the first person this has happened to...but it's still very disappointing. XD I've experienced a lot of personal/creative burnout over the past few months, to the point where I need a break from working on the project. I may also take some time away from RMN until I can find the motivation to start working again.

I don't want to see myself come to resent my own project (like I've seen with some other developers here..), so I think clearing my head a bit will be ultimately the right decision.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the past two years (and even far beyond that), through BR's almost nonsensically-long development history. (I thought I would get this out BEFORE Final Fantasy XV, and I was pretty damn close. XDD)

For anyone who's dealt with this before, have you found any innovative ways to access a Harddrive that simply won't mount properly?


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Not surprised about the price. Data recovery is very difficult to do and is very expensive for a few files, and even then, the data recovery may not be 100% successful.

I guess there's a lesson learned then. Always backup frequently. Sorry that thi happened, but I hope you regain the energy to start working on this again. In the meantime, do take a break for as long as you need, recharge and come back again.

Unfortunately, I don't have any innovative ways on my side since when a hard drive fails, that's pretty much it. But I'll try to find out any solutions for you if possible.
Oh man no, so you weren't able to recover any of the data? Hard drive failures are one of the worst things you can encounter when developing a pretty huge project. I suppose it could have been worse with maybe losing even more data.

I do hope when you come back and start developing again, that it is with fresh ideas and a better outlook on the whole thing. I have had no luck in recovering data when it comes to unresponsive hard drives, but I usually back up my project on my computer, my brother's computer and a usb just to be on the safe side.

You got this man, I know you're not one to give up so easily. The effort and work you have poured into this project is apparent to everyone! :)
I'm so sorry that this happened to you. It can be a real blow to your motivation when something like this happens; the feel of redoing work that you have already done is never exciting. Take what ever break you need don't feel you have to keep working for our sakes. We understand where you're at.
y u do dis blindmind y u no backup project

I had a similar thing happen to me a long time ago. I'd taken a break from RM, then come back to it with new ideas and new vigor. I put together some really good new tilesets, mapped out some really good new areas, added a bunch of content that was miles ahead of where I was before... then my hard drive failed and I lost all the new stuff I'd added. It was heartbreaking.

Take your break, but don't take too long a break. You'll be surprised at how quickly you're reinvigorated after losing something like a new dungeon. If you return while the idea is still fresh, you sort of get the best of both worlds. You remember how it looked before, but you also remember all the things you would have fixed if you had a doover. Now you have a doover. You are forced to, but still.

Good luck, whichever way.

p.s. data recovery is such a fuckin' scam. They literally take 8~ screws out, slide the data plates off (in a clean room/box), and slide them into a new harddrive spool. It should cost the cost of a harddrive and an hour's work, but instead they gouge the price because people are so desperate.
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Awwwww, that sucks... But at least the time you spent on it isn't too wasted, you at least know what you wanna do, and that's great! :D

I wish you luck Blindy, you can do it!
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You do you man.
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