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Act 1 Completed

  • Blind
  • 03/13/2018 07:56 PM
After quite a long silence, I wanted to post a thorough update for everyone here. I'm very excited to announce that (if all goes as planned) the first download in more than five years will be released on RMN, before the end of March! But don't quote me on that.

"Act 1" of BR is pretty much completed, and it feels extremely gratifying. I'm still negotiating exactly how long to make the entire episodic story, but the upcoming download will be at least 5-8 hours and cover a lot of ground. The game will enter a beta testing phase over the next several weeks. (Thanks to Little Wing Guy, Dyhalto, Kaempfer, Craze, LordBlueRouge and many others for their help!)

There have been a lot of instances (up to 3 months at once, sometimes) where my personal life/day job swallowed every drop of my free time. Thus, BR was placed on a permanent back-burner - and no work was getting done. It's been a very tumultuous road to even find the mental willpower to continue with this ancient project - which now probably has one of the longest development times in the entire community. There were many days when it seemed as though continuing work on the game was completely fruitless.

Toward the earlier half of 2017, my schedule finally opened up, and I was filled with a deeply renewed interest. After that point, progress picked up dramatically - and the momentum returned even greater than before.

Future Development

Over the past 9 months, there have been many exciting milestones behind-the-scenes; including the hiring of two pixel artists, a project composer, and a new illustrator. I will announce more details (and media) related to my overall plans at a later time, but here are a few example of the (WIP) content being produced.

New Illusration (WIP) by artist Yioshka

A "proof of concept" rough example of original tiles for BR

Official logo by Tardis/Finbeard

Finalized title screen by Zedotagger and Caladium

Thanks again to everyone in the community who have been extremely supportive and patient with me. The game still is far from perfect, but we've reached a pretty exciting milestone in finishing Act 1. (That isn't to say it won't be updated, revamped, or fixed up in the future). It feels like a nice opportunity to take a breather, release the download for RMN, and continue gathering feedback.

I believe there are many great games yet to come from Rm2k3 (Dethmetal and DHM, I'm looking at you tbh) and frankly, I'm both shocked and elated that an interest in the engine still endures after over a decade.

I'll keep everyone updated when exactly the game will be uploaded. A lot of it will come down to the testers' schedules.


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Awesome! And wow, that custom tileset looks amazing. There's a lot of exciting things in store for Beloved Rapture, it seems.

I'm still testing and writing down as many notes as I can that aren't "wow! this looks beautiful!". I should get back to you by the weekend!
I don't see a Act 1 download.

Oh. Test phase.
Awesome. Can't wait to play it! :)
Congrats on this milestone! It is really exciting, and inspiring, to see some of the old guard finally release their games. I played the old Gaming World demo, and plan to check this one out as well.

One (ignorant) question:
I seem to remember you working on a prologue for a time (back in the Gaming World days). Is this a re-branding of that prologue, or the originally intended "Act 1" of the story arc?
One (ignorant) question:
I seem to remember you working on a prologue for a time (back in the Gaming World days). Is this a re-branding of that prologue, or the originally intended "Act 1" of the story arc?

Good question! I honestly don't even remember saying that, but it's completely possible, lol.

BR started as a "backstory" of the larger plot, but yeah, it turned into its own game. If I was releasing the full story I had in mind, it would likely take several more years. So that's why I made the decision to go episodic.

But yeah, up to two hours of Act 1 will be a lengthy (and hopefully entertaining) prologue!
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