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Pixel Portraits

  • Blind
  • 11/18/2018 04:35 AM
Hi everyone!

Small update this time. I wanted to announce an exciting addition to our team - a new, secondary pixel artist - as well as a few stylistic changes I've made for BR's cutscenes.

One of the criticisms you often hear about RPGMaker games (especially those with a low resolution) is that the character's don't truly feel "alive" during the dialogue, even with the most eloquent or fine-tuned script. There are a couple reasons for this...but one remedy I've considered quite a lot was adding faces or full portraits to accompany the text. You see that often done with VX/VXA and beyond, but not necessarily 2k3.

Nonetheless, I've decided to commission full pixel-style portraits for every playable character. For the commercial version, I didn't want to pull any punches. ;)

At the risk of feeling distracting, I believe ultimately that this addition will work to the game's benefit. Not only will it allow the player to visualize the characters in greater detail, but accentuate the emotion in each scene as well. The cutscenes themselves are mostly finished, so I'll just have to swap in the portraits as they become available.

Anyone who played the demo might remember that the cutscenes are split into the "cinematic" sequences (those will use the portraits), and the more mundane moments, which utilize the standard RPGMaker text box. This will help them from feeling like overkill (..and save me from me having to pay for every NPC XD)

I was able to test it out earlier today - how's it looking in-game?