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Our Final 24 Hours!

  • Blind
  • 09/12/2019 07:50 PM
We've reached the final day of our campaign! Hurray!

It's been quite the wild ride, that much I can say. I started off extremely skeptical we'd even be funded, and now we've just surpassed our second stretch goal with the third (embellished portraits) now in sight!

It means the world to me - as everyone on RMN knows, this game is my baby; something I've developed on and off since high school/college. To finally be able to complete BR in its most polished form as an adult feels both overwhelming and cathartic.

Here's a teaser video for our second gameplay trailer.


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Well, congratulations! I was hoping you'd reach the extra dungeon and dynamic portraits stretch goals, and it seems like you just did. :)
notorious rpgmaker 2k3 shill
Gosh, this looks absolutely fantastic!!! I wish you guys the best of luck
I'm so happy for you! You deserve it! ^.^
Congats! And good luck getting the game out of doors! I see you managed to reach the third goal overnight.
YAHOOO! Congratulations! It was so amazing to see you guys get this game fully backed!
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