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RPGMaker Cola

  • Blind
  • 01/05/2021 05:47 PM
Happy 2021, everyone!

Some great news! I've been chosen to appear as a guest on the RPGMaker Cola podcast! It's quite an honor!

RPGMaker Cola is a wonderful interview series (now recently resurfaced for Season 2), hosted by RMN's Cashmere Cat.

My co-guests are:
- Giznads ("Nihilo")
- KoopaKush ("Lakria Legends" & "Shadow Seeker")

What makes me especially proud is that all 3 of us are RPGMaker 2003 users - carrying the torch into the next decade, apparently. XD

If you have any questions you've been meaning to ask me (or my team generally), now is the time! Just leave them in the comments, and I'm sure Cashmere will be compiling a list.

Several users have privately messaged me about their desires to go commercial with their RPGMaker games. I'm excited to unpack my decision-making a bit more thoroughly, but for any more specific questions, I'm happy to tackle 'em.



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notorious rpgmaker 2k3 shill
What in particular made you folks want to go with RPGmaker 2k3 for your projects? I'm a long time user of it myself, so I'm always curious to hear why other devs choose to use a program made 17-18 years ago for their games!
I shall have to give this a listen post-haste!
Your mom is a hero
I shall have to give this a listen post-haste!

forthwith, mayhaps!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I shall have to give this a listen post-haste!

Hi Kaempfer! So far, all that is available is Season 1 of the podcast, and Season 2 is starting this Tuesday. Blind, Giznads, Koopa and I will be recording tomorrow and so I'll be releasing a new episode each week, and this will be Episode 13 in that season (we're bankin' em! :sweat_smile:). So basically, this episode will be available around the 20th April! Sorry for the wait, but there will be an exciting new episode being released each week as I edit it, since I edit each by hand. The full season will be around 19 episodes and 3 minisodes long. Hope you enjoy!
Well I guess I won't be listening to post-haste then! Post... slow? Slow2?
The podcast is debuting this week, I believe! For all those who were still intereted. :)
RMN sex symbol
Cool cool cool
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