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Patreon! + Chapter II nearly done

  • Blind
  • 03/06/2022 04:53 PM
Hi all,

Despite my silence, things have been steadily progressing toward us finishing BR!
After an impossibly long time, I believe I may finally be able to finish in 2022 (but I won't jinx myself. XD)

Together with Giznads, we've used the Maniacs Patch update to push the battle system even further! We added fully-animated enemies to every battle, and patch up the bugs from the original demo.

Here are a few progress shots from Chapter II:

Patreon Support

As some of you know, we launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2019 to help revitalize this old Rm2k3 project as a newfound commercial game. We worked hard to replace every single asset (largely rips from Chrono Trigger and other titles), including new battle animations, pixel-art backgrounds, tilesets, and a full 16-bit soundtrack.

I've learned a few lessons during the time that's elapsed since then. Namely, that we may have underestimated the budget it would actually require to produce a full commercial RPG... (who would've thought? Heh heh)

We've made enormous progress since then, which I'm very proud of! (The game is now over 6 hours!) But on the flip side, a majority of the budget has been used up now.

I talked with my team, and we decided to launch a small Patreon page in order to give some continued support for helping us cross the finish line! I don't expect this to give anywhere close to the level of assistance we derived from the actual Kickstarter, and I take full responsibility for underestimating the money we'd need in the first place. I'll chalk it up to a lesson learned - and if I ever work on future projects, I'll be able to apply that lesson.

I know the followers on RMN, in particular, have watched this project for many years (some of you even from the website's beginning days), and for that, I can't even find the words to express my gratitude. :')

If any of you feel compelled (and able) to support our amazing pixel artists with their work, I plan to do everything possible to create meaningful rewards for our Patrons. I plan to distribute early copies of the game, and even involve them directly with creative decisions in development!


Widescreen Support

As some of you may also know, the Maniacs patch for RPGMaker 2003 allows for customized resolutions, similar to the later engines.

We've began to experiment with the possibility of 16:9 widescreen.

It would require a tremendous amount of re-coding pictures and events, but the payoff might be worth it! How do people here feel about 4:3 vs 16:9 for retro-inspired/pixel games?