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Game Design

New Characters!

With the second wave of character artwork now going forward, I felt it would be fun to share a quick glimpse into some of the more obscure or "side" characters in Beloved Rapture, who you may have yet to see if you haven't played an older version of the game before. Some of these characters have also been modified or are have been added in this past year.

I added a Secondary Characters page on the main navigation, but you can also take a look below! Lily did a great job generating poses for both young and new characters, as well as their depicting several characters at different ages.

Progress Report

2015 Demo & New Artwork!

Happy New Year all!

Just wanted to share some updates with some of you who have been asking about the game's progress!

Unfortunately, due to my obligations with finishing my last semester of college, time spent with family, etc etc., the "Winter" demo has been offset just a tad! The likely release date has been pushed back to probably mid-January/February! I hope you all can understand. ^-^

In fact, I'm currently weighing the pros and cons of even releasing a demo at all, or simply holding off for the finished product. Mind you, this is an entirely new experience from what you may have played in the past. While the story and characters have remained, every facet of the project has been extensively recreated from the ground up... every map, cut-scene, and line of dialogue. This is mostly what's caused the lengthy development time. However, we've finally pushed through to the point where new dungeons and content is being generated in tandem with the old, which is exciting!

And perhaps just as exciting, I've managed to convince Lily Kat to return to the project! Her input to the game has perhaps been nearly as important as my own, as she's beautifully fleshed out my characters with her incredible talent! Lily has now agreed to return and draw the rest of the character portraits/backgrounds, as well as miscellaneous promotional art. (This of course takes a long time as well, so it'll be released gradually!)

Here's a peek at some of the work she's just done:

A scene with John & Zach practicing early in the game.

And just to reiterate, I'm still looking for 2 or 3 more 'testers' to give input on the demo if anyone is interested. (I'm looking for extensive feedback.) The bugs have mainly been worked out, but general/structural critique is always welcome!

If I can look back at 2014 as the year I returned to the community, hopefully 2015 will spell the completion of my game! Lol after many many years.

Have a great New Year!


Facebook Page Launched!

Hey all,

For anyone interested in some shameless promotion, you're in luck. ;p In celebration for the game's anniversary, and long-delayed completion - we've put up an official fanpage. :D Most major updates will still be posted on RMN and Gamejolt, but we wanted to give users a chance to follow along who may not have registered on either website.

For those of you who use Facebook, feel free to show your support and follow along with our daily musings. ;p

I took a short break for a few weeks to transition back to college, but the game's (mostly) still on schedule to release later this year. :) I should have another update with more content in the next few weeks.

(Also, still looking for some testers if anyone is interested!)

Progress Report

Development Progress!

Hey all!

I hardly ever post a game update here anymore, but I thought I'd fill you all in on what's been going on with the project! (I haven't really clarified anything about development other than posting the occasional vague screenshot.. lol). I can't thank you all enough for the continued support and interest over the years! ^_~

For those of you who haven't already heard, Beloved Rapture officially kicked back into production several months ago! Although I had abandoned the game in 2011 due to an extreme hard-drive crash (..I lost everything I'd worked on since the 2008 demo... yikes), a friend of mine helped me to salvage the files off the old laptop. I was thrilled so see the game still intact so many years later!

Considering that I'm MUCH older now than when this project began, my sentiments on game design and development had evolved considerably. Rather than reworking the project on a newer engine such as VXAce, I made the decision to fine-tune the existing project base to a much higher standard. Every line of dialogue in the game has been rewritten, all maps and dungeons reworked, etc.

This has been a tedious process, so I've been pretty quiet about the whole thing lol. But it's not just rehash. We're also looking into hiring a new artist for the game, to finish the portraits for all twelve characters (as well as promotional art.) In wanting to keep with the scope of my original vision, yet cut down on development time, the structure of the game has also been considerably changed.

The project is now divided more distinctly into "chapters" - segments of storytelling that gradually introduce the entire cast of characters. These last anywhere from 20-50 minutes each. The gameplay structure and plot tonality varies hugely depending on which party you're currently playing as. As you can guess, John (and friends) are the "main" party, but there are others variations that are emphasized just as heavily as the game continues on.

*I have not yet decided whether I will be releasing each chapter individually, or hold out for the entire game.

Likewise, the chronology of the storytelling now freely jumps around in time as one chapter proceeds to the next. This could be weeks, months, or years of the characters' lifetimes.

As such, the characters visibly age, stats change, and battle dynamics evolve. Maps are also occasionally revisited during different time periods or seasons. I think this creates a greater sense of immersion and reliability of the game world.

Many would stay I'm fighting an uphill battle in staying with Rm2k3 versus abandoning the game for a new engine, but there's something endearing for me about seeing this through to the end.

I've put together a "revamped" beta demo containing the first 3 hours of the game, more or less in its final form. If anyone on here would like to either bug-test or would be interested in writing a review, let me know! :D I can send it to you privately.

This version has come to a point I am truly happy with and is much more representative of the game's current state than the old demos floating around. Hopefully come September, I can release something with 5-7 hours of content or more.

Here are a few miscellaneous screenshots! ~^-^~

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