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This is a Competition entry for the IGMC
If you like it vote for the game at
Voting is over. but your welcome to check out IGMC submission.

Another world is a new series written by MJM not related to the currently in development Future helper series. This is also a competition entry made for fun.

In the world of Vitania promises can be easily fulfilled by the Tree of Promises as it grows every 1500 years. The tree will grant a promise to anyone who asks. Join Adrian a human being from a different world and his new friend Sandra,as on his quest into discovering why he was sent to Vitania and find the truth about the growing power of the Country and the Tree of Promises.

A human from a different world sent to Vitania without his knowledge.

A Witch in training who believes she brought Adrian to her world. A very funny and clumsy girl who always seems to be carried away with everything.

- An all new story. An all new adventure into the world of Vitania
- An Original Soundtrack series created by various Composers

Special thanks to nhubi for the proofreading works on the description.

Latest Blog

Extended Preview version is in the Works

Based on the inputs gather from active let's players and Also from Beta tester. And because it also lets some question unanswered. We have decided to extend the Preview version. This will extend the current Preview version (Version PRV 1.0) from halfway to chapter 1 to Until Chapter 2.

We are not blaming any of our Development staff in this project and we hope that we can fix any problem that was surfaced after the Preview version release.

Thank you very much.
Head Game Designer
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  • jomarcentermjm
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  • 07/28/2015 02:58 AM
  • 07/24/2016 02:33 AM
  • 08/07/2015
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saw the video. Hilarious intro 10/10. Would have downloaded if it didnt freeze.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Random thoughts
interesting start

and instant fail when it switches to male character.so its gonna be another generic plot?
this is a bigger problem then cod

Adrian says "i should have come" while he is in the place that he just said he did not go to...

Ray (new mcs friend) is a dick! i hate him...he asks if your character wants to do something...
and you sayno...and he says...."why".... dude...respect my fucking decision! i don't need a dam reason for everything!

and anyway/s is used so much at the star its annoying! it's only supposed to be used when changing the topic when its a bit difficult to and its used to often.

...Ray tells him "i would like to give you a surprise"... (walks away for a bit to rage) anyone else understand why this is wrong???

the grammar is to awkward...its good enough to understand it....but...it really annoys me...even indie was wrong!

ok im done dropping this

I could not bear to play this game. the main reason is the grammar is just too bad for me to handle. It needs a heavy rewrite.
It's enough to understand whats going on. But its annoyingly awkward to the point where a discussion with a elementary schooler would probably be more fluent.
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