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Crimson Light Youtube Review

Know what's better than a free game? A free game that doesn't suck! And that is exactly what you get with Crimson Light.

If you read the store description, it's pretty to the point: You wake up, find your village has been attacked, and are one of the only survivors. From here you need to continue to survive and find your missing sister. Without spoiling too much, it's a pretty basic story that opens up to a lot more intrigue and mystery, and sets the stage nicely as a prequel to the next game: Crimson Shift.

The game itself can be beaten in about 1.5-2 hours, and has multiple endings (be sure to look for everything for the bonus ending scene). There wasn't much about the story that felt convoluted or a stretch, but one thing that was slightly confusing was after a certain reveal, the reason for certain things doesn't make sense. I was told by the dev it's explained in the next game...but it really should have been touched on here.

+Great Mystery, left me guessing in some parts
+Pacing is excellent. Just as it starts to feel like it is losing steam, a new mechanic or story element is dropped, re-invigorating the game.
+Didn't feel cheap, and if I got caught by enemies, there were multiple ways to survive
+Love the use of the fog and color overlays in the game
+Made me want to purchase and play the next game

=Most maps are maze-like, and it's easy to go in circles as multiple paths can lead to the same exit
=After a certain point, some items are completely useless

-See above about story element that made no sense, until next game. I can understand why such a thing is there, but it still was confusing and a bit of a hang up for me.
-When you hit panic mode and are needing to run, sometimes (rarely) the chaser can cause you to get stuck and instant kill you.
-You can save just about anywhere, which sort of negates the 'Survival Horror' aspect.

TLDR: It's free. It's got a good story. I enjoyed playing it. It made me want to play the next one. 'Nuff said.