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Anirone Guide

I will provide some hints here.

Bat chasing & The key :
After you've picked up the lamp, douse it in the pond?
in the first room and choose to dip the key in the water before picking it up.
After that, lit the lamp at the fire so that the bat wouldn't appear.

Door Password 1 :
Read the answer right away >

If you only need some hints >
Push the boulder in the door with password room to the rightest part of the room with hanging corpse. After you got the vine and the sack, go down and push the boulder to the switch. After that, get the gold dust and pour it down the right hole at the left part of the big room three times. Jump down the hole and get the gold dust on the ground back into the sack. Put the sack on the switch. Go into the door room and read the paper on the iron spines on the two sides. Try flipping the paper (in your head or write it down in real life.).

Bat chasing 2 :
When the lamp is out, go back to the fire and lit the lamp again so that the bat won't show up.

Door Password 2 :

Read the answer right away >
569, or maybe 596...

If you only need some hints > Papers's location.

- Under the bed
- In a jar (dungeon)
- In a jar (house)
- In a black teddy bear (house)
- In a bottle (house)
- In a sack (house)

Try combining each piece of paper and flipping them in a more hellish way.

How to get a good ending :
Logically, it need at least second or third playthrough. You need every items (beside a lever and potions) to get it.

> Go to the right side of the gray room with two plants and use the blue chest key you got in the fire lantern in the first room to obtain the Soulstone (Use the sack to douse the water in the first room.)
> Use the Soulstone to the bat (HP below 50%, try attack 2-3 times without critical) or the bat demon (use it after throwing the fire lamp to it) when fighting
> Use the hammer to open the door in real house
> Use the lamp with fire to attack a man
> Use the sack (the same you used to get gold dust) to get the water in the house
> Pour it to the fireplace in the house to get the second key to the fantasy
> Give one of the key to the man and follow him
> Use the soulstone to the man (HP below 50%, try attack 2-3 times without critical) when fighting
> Survive the battle with the ghost
> Choose to change the character

The concept and story of Anirone : Later
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