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On the day of his execution, a prisoner named Eagleheart recounts his side of the events that lead him to this sad fate to the Commanding Officer. He shares a tale of intrigue, loss, betrayal and adversity all surrounding his role in the Arkadian Revolution.

King Phillip III of Arkaden was a wise and noble ruler, but his death three years ago at the supposed hand of his only son Henry allowed his younger and more ambitious brother Edward to take the crown. Edward’s Militaristic rule makes him many enemies in Arkaden, who seek to end his reign. Eagleheart, then a farmer in a quiet farming town, quickly finds himself thrust into the center of the conflict. In a land of lords and kings, the future will be shaped not by them, but by him.

-Press-turn Sideview Battle System that includes a stealing skill and custom victory screen. Battlers take turns one at a time to attack. Battlers with higher agility will be able to take more turns then the slower ones.

-Stealth Sections based around sneaking past enemies to mix up the gameplay.

-Branching Storylines that change depending on the choices the player makes. You can’t win everybody over so tough decisions will have to be made. Your decisions will even affect who joins your party and who declares you an enemy.

-Non-Random Battles (Enemys wander the map and will chase you if they spot you)

-Journal System to keep track of your different objectives in case you get lost or confused.

-Morale System for Party Members: The choices you make affect what the rest of your party think about you and who decides to join you on your quest. Four of the Female Party Members will be romanceable if their morale is high enough.

-90% custom music

-Lots of Sidequests and Puzzles, including special Party Member side quests later in the game that boost their morale.

-Open Dungeons, Hideouts and Battlegrounds to explore and uncover secrets

-Customize your loadouts! Characters have multiple different types of weapons they can equip which affect their stats in different ways or give them different passive bonuses.

Modern Algebra

Kevin Macleod
Freeplay Music
Flavio Simone
Pac Santiago
Fillipo Vicarelli

Americo Galli

Latest Blog

Sorry, I've been bad at updates guys! Looking for Beta Testers.

Wow It's kind of crazy to think it has been over a year since posting this project on RPG Maker.net. In the time since then, my job got really crazy and I lost a lot of the freetime that I had spent working on this game. Then RPG Maker MV came out and I've been trying to figure out if it would be worth it to convert the game to MV or keep it on RPG Maker Ace. So the project was kind of in purgatory for the last year. But I have already spent a lot of time on it so I want to get back to it and finish the project!

The good news: I have a decent chunk of the game complete (About 30%ish) and I am looking for beta testers. Let me know if you are interested in being a tester and I will have a private link for you guys to download. Due to the choice system, I may give a request on how to do a certain part of the game so I can make sure none of the branches have glitches. Thanks for your patience everyone!


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I really like Bloodsphere - the first RPG Maker game I ever played, the game that showed me RPG Maker games can be enjoyable. Your new project "The Phantom of Liberty" looks very promising. Hoping that you're still working on it, I wish you all the best in regard to this game's completion.
I'm glad you enjoyed Bloodsphere! I'm still working on Phantom of Liberty in my free time, but with work lately I haven't had a lot of free time. I do want to complete this game eventually though, it just might take a while!
This looks pretty good!
Can't wait to try it.
I might not have time, but if I do, I'd love to try being a beta tester.
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