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Basic Info:
The sequel to Fable of Heroes II. This is a very basic RPG with not many fancy systems, just solid balance and gameplay. If you like oldskool rpgs and are looking for a solid play through, this is that game. I am just one man, doing what I can on my free time to make the best product I can.

Taking place shortly after the events of Fable of Heroes II, we meet our protagonist, Angela. It's the anniversary of her relationship with her boyfriend, Toma. On her way to looking for flowers to find as a gift for Toma, she comes across a strange rock that has seemingly crashed from the sky. Angela's body reacts in a strange way, but everything seems to be fine.

When Angela returns to her village she finds that nobody seems to remember her, it's as if she has been erased from every person she has ever known. As troubling this is, she witness another girl being captured by a ruthless mercenary group known as the Vipers. However she quickly learns that that girl has also been "forgotten" in a similar fashion Angela has. Feeling alone and confused as to what happen to Angela, she makes her way to search for the mysterious girl, looking for an answer as to what is happening to her.


- Multiple paths! Your choice matters, and the game will un-fold in a new way based on what choices you make!

- Zelda-esque tools, explore new areas with new tools.

- Classic NES-era and SNES-era RPG gameplay.

- 10+ hours of gameplay.

- Optional bosses.

- Optional dungeons.

- Numerous secrets and side quests to discover.

- Challenging game balance.

If you'd like to play the first Fable of Heroes game, follow this link:

If you'd like to play the second Fable of Heroes game, follow this link:

Latest Blog

Foh 3 News

So this game is changing. I got the opportunity to watch somebody live play my game. Guys this was so helpful, I discovered many areas where I can improve. So the new plan is to finish this game quickly. It was going to be 3 chapters buy now I'm going to change it to just 1 chapter, so i can finish this game and move on to working on a project in MV. I'd like to start something from the ground up.

I've learned a lot of things I can improved thanks to this demo I released.

Summery, Fable of Heroes III: The Starcrystal will now be know as, Fable of Heroes: A Side Story. I want to finish this one, but it's going to be shorten so I can finish and polish it faster.

Fable of Heroes III is going to be made using the MV engine. I've learned so much and gotten pretty good at making good games, and now, I have a skilled programmer and writer working with me, so my writing is going to get much better. Probably gonna be awhile before it comes out.

Thanks for sticking around.
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Pages: 1
Im looking forward to this.
And fun to see you have changed to VX Ace.
Good luck with the game.
Im looking forward to this.
And fun to see you have changed to VX Ace.
Good luck with the game.

FoH 1 I used RPGmaker 2000
FoH 2 I used VX
FoH 3 I used VX ace... moving on up!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Ver 0.2
Random thoughts
Red what i consider important

i love when there are descriptions in the status menu! adds...depth to the experience!
but most people won't know what a personality type means with abbreviations.

unless the saves are not compatible that meta blade would be ownable if they kept backup XD
it gives no encounters!? sniff...i wish the previous game had something to negate random encounters. sniff
i hope we get to keep something that negates encounters for when the player gets tired of them. early in the game for that matter

colored text with gear :D

:D! the items are separated now! (thank you!)

cant rest in my bed again :( (got to go next door and pay 40 gold.)

when you click on save game it should not ask you if you want to save you game before going to the save slot screen.

preloaded maps FTL!

Angela is stupid :( why would you ask someone who does not remember you why they don't remember? do you really expect a answer?

...why...why....would angelea say what are the vipers doing when its was EXTREMELY CLEAR!? ...she even again asks what they want with "just a girl" what the hell is this!?
the characters are really stupid and its unbearable :/

when you decline darians "date" if you talk to him again it repeats every thing when it should only be one sentence. (basically "did you change your mind?")
(same with lexi i assume)

Lexi path
more illogical nonsense. viper maner is too far away for your starting town well to be connected to it.

polaris has a Dispel skill. its description is...odd. it "dispels any protective buff on allies"
why...would you want to do that?
it makes since if protective>negative
or if allies>enemies

you can skip going to vael where the mage lexi knows and go to other areas
this could be a major issue if dialog is not carefully written and even then its supposed to be part of the plot.
at least make death valley non-accessable until you do something there.

the naga at death mountain says "you have been messing up all my work" what is she talking about? it is random and confusing that she said this

AGI is always a stat that should be explained. as its not clear for each game what its for.does it only decide the order your party attacks? as it seems you pretty much always attack first anyway.if that's all then equipment that raises that stat has no point.

there should of been some dialog in vael with lexi commenting on how dasten is not there and where they should go next

a green baret has more defense then a iron helm! something is wrong here!

its weird how this takes place in the same timeline as the previous game yet the world looks so different.
the starting town name is the same as the previous game yet its different.
and the castle location and town are different

WTF!? how they were able to kill the previous main characters!? they defeated a god! (and endless enemies) i call bullshit!
tho i was wondering if we would get to see them.in fact why would they bother? the daughter and dad were just going around the world helping people. this doesn't make sense.why were they there?

that choice to kill mason was so satisfying! :D
Damien path
you can skip going to viper maner go go through death valley instead

when you steal it says it has no effect. this leads me to believe that steal does not work on the enemy when it does.
you should change this

how does darien know that a prison sentry is in the bath house? as far as we are aware this is his first time here.
and we just got out of dinner.

lexi was captured and put in jail! a shame we cant save her :(
i find it interesting tho polaris should of been in that cell as she was captured first her cell should not have changed

I am surprised Dasten did not request we break lexi out of prison. that's normally how a plot goes.

if you save lexi 2 guys take the star crystal and go to the meeting room. it does not make sense that we cannot take it from them (unless i misunderstood and they don't have it)

maybe i missed it but...on this path and if you do not save lexi why are we going to the castle? we are supposed to find star crystal and we don't have a reason to come here to find it.

you get such amazing things with darious you should pick him at the start! his lock pick gives you amazing stuff!
sadly theres no benefit to lexi and you can still obtain her if you wanted too.
its a shame she doesn't have a special feature that applies to her.

aww the path to your home town is blocked off :O

General 3H+
Maybe because of the encounter negate in the demo i enjoyed this ALOT more then the previous game.
tho i admit the characters while still lacking any depth were somehow more interesting then the previous cast.

the plot has holes here and there but its fairly interesting.

the battles are average

while there is less places to take advantage of special ability's like moving boulders or opening locks.
this is made up for with the choices you get.how ever the overall path you take does feel similar in the end which is a shame.you do get access to some different areas depending on your choices.

the world mapping felt improved a bit being less absurdly spacious.
the dungeons and towns were fine tho i noticed many maps were pre generated so i have seen them in other games.give or take minor changes

many design improvements have been made from the previous game while keeping its core game play.

when this is finished and completely polished.i would actually recommend this.
Im looking forward to this.
And fun to see you have changed to VX Ace.
Good luck with the game.
FoH 1 I used RPGmaker 2000
FoH 2 I used VX
FoH 3 I used VX ace... moving on up!

FoH 4 to be made in MV? :)
I didnt get the debug blade so I can see how the game is meant to be played, and apparently I wasnt meant to get far in this game. Random encounters can easily kill you if you dont heal fully, but they dont drop enough money to cover inn costs. The game also seems to be inspired by the chrono trigger/cross games.
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