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Moe Wars Visual Novel: Golden Daisy

Overall Summary: Devil Corp is holding tournaments to test out their brand new nanabots, known as REN. These nanobots can protect users from harm, spawn weapons, and even give them supernatural powers. This visual novel is 1 of 3 short character development episodes that happens before the tournaments. The 4th episode will be the main conflict episode, which will be over 10X bigger.

Summary: Nina runs into a problem when the mines around her town dry up. That's when she gets a job offer from Devil Corp to be a guard while they hold the tournaments. The pay is good, but she’s not sure if she wants to leave her best friend June. What if something happens to her?

+13: Sexual Comedy, Censored Nudity

Word Count: 6,000

Personality: Tsundere
Human Type: Breeder
Rank: Elite (Employee)
About: One of Gold Pix's elite soldiers. After surviving a horrible event, she is now fixated on keeping June safe. She only guards mines around her home so she can keep a close eye on her best friend June.

Personality: Nice
Human Type: Worker
Rank: Tester
About: Calls Nina her “Big Sister” even though they aren’t actually sisters. They have a long history together. She holds a doll of Nina, which Nina gave to her as a gift before leaving to be part of the Gold Pix military.

Personality: Serious, Perverted
Human Type: Dark Demon
Rank: Staff
About: A Devil Corp higher up that is in charge of beta testing REN. Her excuse for not wearing pants is, “Why cover up the best part of the body?”

Personality: Rich, Spoiled, Secretly Masochist
Human Type: Worker
Rank: Elite (Sponsor)
About: She is upset that she wasn’t given staff ranked REN after donated a ton of money towards the testing of REN. She owns her own planet, which she sold/rented to a nation. In exchange she gets a cut of the tax payers money, and was given strong political ties with in the government.

Personality: Silly, Perverted, Sadist
Human Type: Worker
Rank: Staff
About: Decides to go work for Lilith, who is running the tournaments for REN. She may seem silly, but she is a very skilled shooter. If she catches anyone disobeying the rule she makes sure to punish them in her own perverted way.

Personality: Logical, Tomboy
Human Type: Fixer
Rank: Elite (Employee)
About: A mechanic that use to work for Devil Corp. Now she spends most of her time making giant killer robots.

Check out our forum for more info: http://moewars.icyboards.net
Credit to kisekae2, I used the doll maker to help design their body outline.

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Main Conflict: Being worked on...

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When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
She's a breeder, eh?
She's a breeder, eh?

Yea it explains what that means in the Crimson Salmon VN.
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