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First, I'm sorry for my bad English.
Second, for each scene, hints will be shown in order from being partly revealed to fully revealed.
Third, I recommend you to get the bad endings first (2 endings) and then get the true ending, so that you can enjoy the game the most. For how to get these endings, I will tell you below.
Fourth, if you finished the game once and are very confused about the story, how about giving it one more time? If you finished it more than once and still can't get anything out of it, then, well, I'm sorry :-P

Basic: Obtained the flashlight, checked the chess table.

Have you checked the bucket in the corner?

Link the note paper with the chess table. Remember to note down the positions of the pieces on the chess table, and then check them with the note paper.

The password is 06x3.


Like Leon said, you can try guessing it your way and get the right number :-D

You want to make sure to pass this stage? Then this is how:
1/ Here are the key numbers, you have to use them in this order:
250 - 125 - 63 - 32 - 16 - 8 - 4 - 2 - 1
2/ Start with key number 250, I always choose "Greater than" (you can choose "Less than", both options are basically the same)
3/ With each "Yes/No" you receive, add/subtract the next key number from the current number. When you reach the 9th or 10th question, the password will become clear, I'm sure about that :-D

Still can't figure it out? Here is an example:
Start with 250 and always choose "Greater than". We assume you get a "Yes", then you have to add 125 to 250, and we have 375.
Next, we get a "No", subtract 63 from 375, and we get 312.
And so on...
Just do as I say and you will do just fine. Take note of the current number and pay attention at the number at the 9th and 10th question.
...To be honest, for those who hate calculating, just choose a random range and the answer will pop out!


* The trick to solve this puzzle is written in the first part. If you want to see the final result, please advance to the second part.

Since you are looking at a walkthrough, I will show you some tricks to pass the Nonogram puzzle.
You can go with rows or columns, it's up to you. Here I will take the columns first since the limit of squares in a columns is smaller and so they are easier to work with.

Calculate the smallest number of blocks that each column covers, which means adding up all the numbers in one column, then add the numbers of space between the numbers.
For example, in the first column (from left to right), we have two separate blocks, 1 and 2. There is 1 space between them to make sure they are not connected with each other. So, 1 + 1 (space) + 2 = 4. 4 is the smallest number we need to calculate for the first column.

The limit of a column is 5. So if the number we get is 0 or 5, then it's easy: fill in the squares follow the given order with exactly 1 empty square between blocks.

From left to right, those numbers are: 4 - 0 - 5 - 1 - 1 - 0 - 4 - 5 - 1
So we fill in the column with number 0 and 5. (Basically, you do nothing with columns whose numbers are 0.)

To make it easier to spot the red blocks, I made a "x" so that you can mark the empty area.
You can choose to use "x" or not, it's also up to you.

The next part needs a little tricks. Now, let move to the row part.
Look at the 1st row and the last row, there are two 3-square blocks in them. So where will they be?
In the 1st row, you can't put the 3-square block in the 2nd area, because there are two single-square blocks in front of it. So you can only put the 3-square block in the last area.

Same for the last row, but easier. It shows clearly where the only two blocks should be located. (There is a "x" between the temporarily empty area, so the two closest red squares of that "x" must belong to two different blocks.)

Look at the 4th, 5th and 9th column from left. They only contain 1 red square, so we are done with these columns. Mark the other squares as "I'm sure that they are empty squares!".

Can you fill in the rest? If not, the second part will show the final result.

Final result.


* Solution for the light puzzle lies at the second part. The third part is about escaping from the maze.
You can get one of the bad endings here. Choose the first option.
You don't have to solve any puzzles later to get this ending. All you need to do is just go ahead.

Light Puzzle
You will need a little patience to pass this puzzle. To make it easier, before starting solving it, discuss the solution with Aria. Then you can access to the previous Nonogram puzzle to match it with the current puzzle.

Escape from the Maze
Do I need to do this part? :-D If anyone needs it, please tell me and I will add the solution.


* Since I have shown the detailed instruction above for the red Nonogram, I will only post the final result here.

Final result
* If you want to get the other bad ending, don't solve the puzzle yet. Just go straight to the final door.
* Otherwise, solve both blue and green Nonograms, then go talk with Aria. After that, go to the final door and enjoy the ending.


Final result
* If you want to get the other bad ending, don't solve the puzzle yet. Just go straight to the final door.
* Otherwise, solve both blue and green Nonograms, then go talk with Aria. After that, go to the final door and enjoy the ending.