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Update28 may 2020

  • Jenbo
  • 05/28/2020 06:35 PM
Hello all! It has been a while, but have finally been able to start working on Escalia again. Despite the eye still being wonky, especially when I get tired :p
Thank god for zoom functions on the pc!

So what have I been up to? First of all, I finally finished implementing the portrait system for all the dialogues I had. I've been rewriting some parts of the story. Now everything is pretty much done, except that I need to implement the dialogue for when the events in Aldwyn Cave end. The demo will stop after that, as the player can't leave Aldwyn. The worldmap isn't implemented in the upcoming demo.

eDeus and I have also started world building. Several storylines have been thought up, more information regarding new (and old) places. Some samples of what is to come:

And yes, our dear Innkeeper finally has a face :) the plan is to eventually have all named NPCs to have a face, but there might be a running gag here and there. Who knew all weapon shopkeepers were related, right?

Yes, you will meet her more often.

I have also finally added a codex, and got rid of the evented tutorial book. It was way too much work to get it to look right, and hard to edit if things needed to change, as the tutorials were all images.

Aside from that I've been cleaning up a lot of events, back when I started to work on this game for IGMC I prety much had no clue what variables were used for and used sooo many switches to get everything done. E.g. Caelmor laughing = on, Caelmor casting = on, Caelmor hunched over = on, Caelmor dead = on. I think I got rid of 30 switches already. I also started cleaning up the databases, although I still have states and skills left to clean up. eDeus also worked some more on the new skills for me, which also still need to be implemented (they're in a seperate project).

I also added a few soundeffects, so when you get close to a waterfall, you actually hear one. The same goes for fireplaces and clocks.Turns out I literally had no background sound effects in my IGMC version. Woops.

And as you probably have noticed, I have a new GUI! Here it is in action:

Now, this is future stuff, but seeing as sadly, the tilesets I'm using at the moment won't be expanded by the creator, I'm going to see if I can combine at least the exterior tiles with a different interior tileset.

This is a very rough edit, and I might have to go with 3 tile walls, seeing as the tileset is slightly larger, or edit the tileset to be a bit smaller. Either way, I'll map with placeholders and swap things along the way.

For now I'll finish writing the dialogues, get some sprite edits in, add the skills and everything should be ready to betatest. Finally. After that I'll start work on building the worldmap, Mireglen, the royal library (where Fayhe wants to head first to look up data about magical inheritance) and so on :D