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Updates and Info

  • Jenbo
  • 07/29/2021 08:26 PM
Hello all!
Been a crazy busy time with my eye surgery and it's recovery. Nevertheless, I bring (small) updates.

So, update number 1, Escalia's worldmap is in-game and functioning:

You unlock more locations by talking to people, aside from the main places you'll also be able to unlock secret places for items, lore and so on.

And update number 2, I've been tinkering with the battlehud, as I wasn't a fan of the original skill select menu. Yes, there are 4 characters in the battle now, we might go with 3 or with 4 in the future, it depends :) I do like the way it looks now, the battle menu shows you who's turn it is, without messing with the faces. It also looks spiffy.

Now, I also promised a little info about what's to come, today I'll introduce some of the places.

Escalia is the world where the characters live. The world (Escalia) is divided by three continents, Escalon, Nertos and Falenas.

Nertos is the continent to the north of Escalon, and it's mostly desert/dried out. Eresia was born here, Caelmor paid a visit to this continent and several other NPCs mention it in-game.

Falenas is the continent to the east of Escalon, Seyfer was born here, in Alvon. It's flourishing and lush.

Escalon is the main continent in this game, and most of the story will take place here. Now, for the introduction of some of the places you'll visit. Some familiar, some not so ;)

We start off with:
Aldwyn is a small fishing village located at the southeastern end of Escalon, built on the coast of Virwater Creek.

Even though it is quite remote, Aldwyn offers an important stop to travelers coming from the Scar Morass on their way to Silverglen, as well as to anyone willing to brave the land trade route between Silverglen and Cawic. The local Lion's Pride Inn welcomes all kinds of travelers.

Surrounded by Alyne Forest, Aldwyn is naturally protected against unwanted guests. Rumor has it that somewhere hidden in Alyne Forest there resides a Xyndari ruin. So far only few have seen this ruin, and fewer have yet returned from their search.

Sorim is the largest town in southern Escalon and the unofficial capital of Somerfell. It is ruled by Niromir Tychon.

Originally, the site was a cluster of small communities of local tribes of Nawaki people. Being located between the Gloomy Heights mountain range and Alyne Forest, it was home to both mountaineers and forest dwellers.

Niromir Tychon will be the one Fayhe and Lumia visit after attack on Aldwyn. Widely regarded as a trustworthy, kind and dependable person, rumors have making their rounds in Sorim that he might not be as trustworthy as people think...

Mireglen is a town in the Scar Morass that is currently inhabited by a guild of dedicated herbalists and mineralists.

Due to the toxic environment of the Scar Morass, not many visitors come this way, even though the area is rich with various natural resources. Locals have found a way to survive in this toxic environment, and rumors say that the swamp harbors a secret to inherit magical powers...

Nestal, also known as New Estal, is a city build on the foundations of Estal when it was burnt to the ground by Caelmor during the Severing.

Though far from its former glory, most of Estal has been rebuilt. Now led by Viceroy Alyss Bourond, a famous trade lord and an ex-pirate, it is beginning to regain its position among the other cities leading the global economy. It is the center of the international trade on Escalon. Being the oldest of the major cities on the continent, it boasts a rich history.

The Alchemist Guild resides in Nestal. No one clearly knows what kind of research is performed by the guild, but there are many rumors surrounding this topic. Some are convinced that they may actually be experimenting on humans.

Sel Alura
Sel Alura is a mysterious city on the border of the Tribunal lands. It is ruled by the Twin Speakers.
Sel Alura is notorious for its unusual architecture. City history records show that the first settlers found an abandoned town of mysterious beauty and unknown origins. Some believe it to date back to the Age of Xyndar, though there are many key differences from the other Xyndari structures discovered around Escalon.

The most well-known object of interest in the city is its magnificent tower of the Globus Athenium where many scholars, alchemists, and other wisemen studied their craft. It is said to contain almost any book known to man, original or copy, though this might be a slight exaggeration.

That's it for today! Will delve into the rest in the future :)