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Updates from September 26th

  • Jenbo
  • 11/03/2021 08:59 AM
Hi all,

A small update.
Most of the progress right now has been behind the scenes.
This contains, but not limited to:
Script commissions, as I wanted to change some of the scripts I've been working with.
Script fixes so including those so I can actually port Escalia to RGD So I can use it's widescreen feature (!) and it's lightning system.
Working on commissioning some extra tiles to portray the different civilizations and areas we've written out so far.

We've been writing a lot about the storyline, the important places, people and happenings on our private wiki (yes - we have a wiki, and it's massive! We could write a book with it, not kidding)

I've started mapping one of the next towns, Sorim, which is going to be a lot different from Aldwyn which has been quite secluded in the forest surrounding it. I'll show some screenshots here when most of it is done, as I'm quite fond of the style I'm going for so far.

Here's an older WIP of one of the buildings (yes this one has some stray pixels - was testing the tiles):

This is by no means done yet, the windows will have covers, the balcony has windows, I'm working on different roof colors and wall tiles, this town is going to be a lot bigger with more houses an inn and a separate tavern, a guild hall, separate districts (with it's own distinct style) and so on.

As for widescreen, I was aiming to go for 960x544 as it's both dividable by 32, without having some weird cut off tile or extra space on the map. It'd look like this:

In the meanwhile eDeus has been working on the portraits of some of the new additions to the game.

Say hi to Raelle :D

And on that note, I have another update. I'll be having another retinal surgery tomorrow, so it'll be a while before I can show off updates again, the next thing I hope to show off is Sorim in all its glory. Here's to a speedy (and hopefully well and last) recovery.