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Updates July 2022

  • Jenbo
  • 07/03/2022 07:23 PM
Hey all,
Thought it's time for an update.
Had 5 more surgeries since last post, and even tested positive for COVID on my birthday after dodging it for two years. Which resulted in me having to get a retinal surgery while awake and having to lie absolutely still (wasn't strapped in) so that was... quite something. High as a kite though :D so with last surgery being in May I've gotten the okay from my doc to work on the pc again, so here I am. On that sidenote, my cataract surgery went well (although my pupil looked silver for a few days, that was scary) and with the right glasses I can see about 30%. Which well, is quite hard during daily life, as what people see on 10m, I can't see until I'm at 2-3m away from it. Thankfully I can still work on my game which I'm very happy about.

As for regards to Escalia, I noticed some people have a problem with saving. I also got feedback that there's a problem with the Items not curing negative statusses like poison, and I found out Field Medicine wasn't added to Lumia's toolkit. Shortly before uploading this build eDeus and I rehauled our database so it looked a lot cleaner, but I forgot to link some things together., and it wasn't picked up by my betatesters either Woops. I'll upload a fix for that and a fix for the save issue hopefully this week.

As for updates, I've recently started mapping again and progressed on Sorim, the next city you'll visit. Here's a video of the entrance of Sorim, NPCs are not yet added in this one:


Next I'm started mapping on the city of Sorim itself, and some of the pre-events that'll happen before you reach Sorim.

Now to also make things easier for me (and since I wasn't a huge fan of some of the old stuff) I also replaced some scripts. Here's a look at some of the new ones, all made by Sixth, who's done some wonderful work for me:

Battle Victory and Level Up Screen

This is a huge change. I wasn't a fan of the version that I had in the IGMC 2015 demo. Now the loot screen will show you immediately what you've gained, and you can also see skill descriptions on the fly as you level up.
As comparison, this was the old one:

Battle UI

I've changed it to fit 4 characters, and the command menu is a ring now instead of the old boxed menu as it was before:

On that note, I've also replaced my Codex, as the one I had was quite laggy. I also needed to add everything into the editor, and then check line per line if the text fit and if not, I had to change it word by word. It was quite taxing on my eyes, so I decided to make it a little simpler for me. It's completely lag-free and looks great. More options in the Codex will be unlocked as you progress the game:

Still very much WIP.

Custom Pop-ups
I also had my pop-ups automated. Whenever you gain an item, complete a quest, gain sylvian or a partymembers joins, the pop-ups now show up automatically. I also have the map names popped up with an icon, to reflect the type of location you're in.

As you may have noticed, I also got a script for custom cursors made, so every screen has a customized (animated) cursor now. I found the default cursor too hard to see, and this one pops.

And since I like to customize things, I also got custom balloons made:

Well, that's it for now, there's some more additions I have but I will release those at a later date :D