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Progress Report

Uploaded some fixes

So I just launched a new upload of the 14th March version with some fixes.

- Bestiary no longer shows empty states
- Status cure items work
- Added some extra optional conversations in the cave
- Saving now works
- Slightly lowered the volume of some music.

Haven't thoroughly tested it, but it should be all good.


Well, on to working on the newer version now.

Progress Report

Updates July 2022

Hey all,
Thought it's time for an update.
Had 5 more surgeries since last post, and even tested positive for COVID on my birthday after dodging it for two years. Which resulted in me having to get a retinal surgery while awake and having to lie absolutely still (wasn't strapped in) so that was... quite something. High as a kite though :D so with last surgery being in May I've gotten the okay from my doc to work on the pc again, so here I am. On that sidenote, my cataract surgery went well (although my pupil looked silver for a few days, that was scary) and with the right glasses I can see about 30%. Which well, is quite hard during daily life, as what people see on 10m, I can't see until I'm at 2-3m away from it. Thankfully I can still work on my game which I'm very happy about.

As for regards to Escalia, I noticed some people have a problem with saving. I also got feedback that there's a problem with the Items not curing negative statusses like poison, and I found out Field Medicine wasn't added to Lumia's toolkit. Shortly before uploading this build eDeus and I rehauled our database so it looked a lot cleaner, but I forgot to link some things together., and it wasn't picked up by my betatesters either Woops. I'll upload a fix for that and a fix for the save issue hopefully this week.

As for updates, I've recently started mapping again and progressed on Sorim, the next city you'll visit. Here's a video of the entrance of Sorim, NPCs are not yet added in this one:


Next I'm started mapping on the city of Sorim itself, and some of the pre-events that'll happen before you reach Sorim.

Now to also make things easier for me (and since I wasn't a huge fan of some of the old stuff) I also replaced some scripts. Here's a look at some of the new ones, all made by Sixth, who's done some wonderful work for me:

Battle Victory and Level Up Screen

This is a huge change. I wasn't a fan of the version that I had in the IGMC 2015 demo. Now the loot screen will show you immediately what you've gained, and you can also see skill descriptions on the fly as you level up.
As comparison, this was the old one:

Battle UI

I've changed it to fit 4 characters, and the command menu is a ring now instead of the old boxed menu as it was before:

On that note, I've also replaced my Codex, as the one I had was quite laggy. I also needed to add everything into the editor, and then check line per line if the text fit and if not, I had to change it word by word. It was quite taxing on my eyes, so I decided to make it a little simpler for me. It's completely lag-free and looks great. More options in the Codex will be unlocked as you progress the game:

Still very much WIP.

Custom Pop-ups
I also had my pop-ups automated. Whenever you gain an item, complete a quest, gain sylvian or a partymembers joins, the pop-ups now show up automatically. I also have the map names popped up with an icon, to reflect the type of location you're in.

As you may have noticed, I also got a script for custom cursors made, so every screen has a customized (animated) cursor now. I found the default cursor too hard to see, and this one pops.

And since I like to customize things, I also got custom balloons made:

Well, that's it for now, there's some more additions I have but I will release those at a later date :D


Update from November

Hello all,
I just added the blog from september. I had it uploaded on the main forum thread earlier, I just added it here.

As you may have read, in september I had to have another retinal surgery. Sadly, this has not gone as well as we'd hoped for, and in fact, my retina has gotten worse than it was. This means that I'll be undergoing a new surgery at the 8th of November. It's a risky surgery with a fair chance of complications (and spending a week lying flat on my stomach.. fun!), but all goes well, it should save my sight. I'm hoping to be back up and running soon, as I'd like to work on Escalia and finish mapping out Sorim and its inhabitants. I can't wait to tell you guys the rest of the story.

Progress Report

Updates from September 26th

Hi all,

A small update.
Most of the progress right now has been behind the scenes.
This contains, but not limited to:
Script commissions, as I wanted to change some of the scripts I've been working with.
Script fixes so including those so I can actually port Escalia to RGD So I can use it's widescreen feature (!) and it's lightning system.
Working on commissioning some extra tiles to portray the different civilizations and areas we've written out so far.

We've been writing a lot about the storyline, the important places, people and happenings on our private wiki (yes - we have a wiki, and it's massive! We could write a book with it, not kidding)

I've started mapping one of the next towns, Sorim, which is going to be a lot different from Aldwyn which has been quite secluded in the forest surrounding it. I'll show some screenshots here when most of it is done, as I'm quite fond of the style I'm going for so far.

Here's an older WIP of one of the buildings (yes this one has some stray pixels - was testing the tiles):

This is by no means done yet, the windows will have covers, the balcony has windows, I'm working on different roof colors and wall tiles, this town is going to be a lot bigger with more houses an inn and a separate tavern, a guild hall, separate districts (with it's own distinct style) and so on.

As for widescreen, I was aiming to go for 960x544 as it's both dividable by 32, without having some weird cut off tile or extra space on the map. It'd look like this:

In the meanwhile eDeus has been working on the portraits of some of the new additions to the game.

Say hi to Raelle :D

And on that note, I have another update. I'll be having another retinal surgery tomorrow, so it'll be a while before I can show off updates again, the next thing I hope to show off is Sorim in all its glory. Here's to a speedy (and hopefully well and last) recovery.

Progress Report

Updates and Info

Hello all!
Been a crazy busy time with my eye surgery and it's recovery. Nevertheless, I bring (small) updates.

So, update number 1, Escalia's worldmap is in-game and functioning:

You unlock more locations by talking to people, aside from the main places you'll also be able to unlock secret places for items, lore and so on.

And update number 2, I've been tinkering with the battlehud, as I wasn't a fan of the original skill select menu. Yes, there are 4 characters in the battle now, we might go with 3 or with 4 in the future, it depends :) I do like the way it looks now, the battle menu shows you who's turn it is, without messing with the faces. It also looks spiffy.

Now, I also promised a little info about what's to come, today I'll introduce some of the places.

Escalia is the world where the characters live. The world (Escalia) is divided by three continents, Escalon, Nertos and Falenas.

Nertos is the continent to the north of Escalon, and it's mostly desert/dried out. Eresia was born here, Caelmor paid a visit to this continent and several other NPCs mention it in-game.

Falenas is the continent to the east of Escalon, Seyfer was born here, in Alvon. It's flourishing and lush.

Escalon is the main continent in this game, and most of the story will take place here. Now, for the introduction of some of the places you'll visit. Some familiar, some not so ;)

We start off with:
Aldwyn is a small fishing village located at the southeastern end of Escalon, built on the coast of Virwater Creek.

Even though it is quite remote, Aldwyn offers an important stop to travelers coming from the Scar Morass on their way to Silverglen, as well as to anyone willing to brave the land trade route between Silverglen and Cawic. The local Lion's Pride Inn welcomes all kinds of travelers.

Surrounded by Alyne Forest, Aldwyn is naturally protected against unwanted guests. Rumor has it that somewhere hidden in Alyne Forest there resides a Xyndari ruin. So far only few have seen this ruin, and fewer have yet returned from their search.

Sorim is the largest town in southern Escalon and the unofficial capital of Somerfell. It is ruled by Niromir Tychon.

Originally, the site was a cluster of small communities of local tribes of Nawaki people. Being located between the Gloomy Heights mountain range and Alyne Forest, it was home to both mountaineers and forest dwellers.

Niromir Tychon will be the one Fayhe and Lumia visit after attack on Aldwyn. Widely regarded as a trustworthy, kind and dependable person, rumors have making their rounds in Sorim that he might not be as trustworthy as people think...

Mireglen is a town in the Scar Morass that is currently inhabited by a guild of dedicated herbalists and mineralists.

Due to the toxic environment of the Scar Morass, not many visitors come this way, even though the area is rich with various natural resources. Locals have found a way to survive in this toxic environment, and rumors say that the swamp harbors a secret to inherit magical powers...

Nestal, also known as New Estal, is a city build on the foundations of Estal when it was burnt to the ground by Caelmor during the Severing.

Though far from its former glory, most of Estal has been rebuilt. Now led by Viceroy Alyss Bourond, a famous trade lord and an ex-pirate, it is beginning to regain its position among the other cities leading the global economy. It is the center of the international trade on Escalon. Being the oldest of the major cities on the continent, it boasts a rich history.

The Alchemist Guild resides in Nestal. No one clearly knows what kind of research is performed by the guild, but there are many rumors surrounding this topic. Some are convinced that they may actually be experimenting on humans.

Sel Alura
Sel Alura is a mysterious city on the border of the Tribunal lands. It is ruled by the Twin Speakers.
Sel Alura is notorious for its unusual architecture. City history records show that the first settlers found an abandoned town of mysterious beauty and unknown origins. Some believe it to date back to the Age of Xyndar, though there are many key differences from the other Xyndari structures discovered around Escalon.

The most well-known object of interest in the city is its magnificent tower of the Globus Athenium where many scholars, alchemists, and other wisemen studied their craft. It is said to contain almost any book known to man, original or copy, though this might be a slight exaggeration.

That's it for today! Will delve into the rest in the future :)


Demo Launched!

Hi all!
Welcome to the newest demo release for Escalia.
I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed working on it.

Does this include the lightning and reflection system you showed a while back?
No, this requires a seperate game.exe called RGD. While it offers a lot of improvements (more stable fps, less lag/stuttering/ability to use an XBOX Gamepad/widescreen resolution amongst others) I need to rework some of my scripts to get it to work (for example, my status and save screen). I’ll implement it in the future for the full game, but not for the demo.

What’s different from the IGMC version?
Quite a lot actually. Aside from the bugfixes and some other minor issues, I’ve also implemented a lot of features that people asked for. The skills have received an overhaul, the bosses received an overhaul, there’s a little more explanation here and there to help the new player out. I’ve also added flavortexts, more interactions between the characters (sometimes depending on who’s in the party), added a new playable character and rewrote the story slightly. Aside from that, there’s now an order gauge, monsters have health/state bars and you can check in battle what states do.

I found a bug/problem!
Please PM me or post it on this game’s page and I’ll take a look at it asap.

If I press F12, the game resets! Help!
I had a script to fix that, but found out yesterday that it causes the game not to work on every computer. I’ll fix it on the next release. For now, please don’t press F12, unless you want to reset the game.

One of the bosses dodges all my attacks! What do I do?
Seyfer has a skill that’ll dispel almost every beneficial buff from an enemy.

I have an idea/Would like to contribute!
Contact me, and we can work something out. I'm always curious what ideas people come up with.

What’s next for Escalia?
I’ll tell you in an upcoming post. I have some very interesting things to share you about the upcoming storylines, the places you’ll visit, some of the characters and so on!


Demo inc, 13th of March

So, it's been a long, long while.
However, I have some exciting news :)
The newest demo of Escalia is going to be released on the 13th of March!
It'll be an updated version of the IGMC version with a lot of added stuff.

Next week I'd also like to introduce you on what's next to come, as eDeus and I have been working a lot on the lore, storyline, cities and fleshing out characters, amongst other things. Expect a preview of this around next week. Of course, this will be post-demo stuff.

As a small preview, here's a concept art of the world map, Escalon:

Progress Report

Betatesting updates so far

So, betatesting has been underway for quite a bit, and so far there's been quite some changes.

First of all, I've added a way to look up States in battle. This shows both enemy and player states, and it even scrolls if there are many of them. Some of my testers weren't sure what some states did, so I decided to add it.

I also added an arrow to the selected actor in both the battle and the mnu, as some testers found the highlight too hard to see.
I made a nice chapter transition screen to highlight important dates/events:

I added a script that autocolors important things to emphasize them. For now it colors important names, places, continents, organizations and the world ( "Escalia")

eDeus has been really busy drawing some more portraits for the NPCs that had none:

And I modified the Status and Save screen a bit:

Other than that, there's been some fixes here and there.
1. I disabled the F12 button which resetted the game until now.
2. The Questlog wasn't updating properly, also used the wrong icons (main quests and side quests were the same and both used the "fail" icon instead) and one quest portrayed a reward which was different from what you got.
3. One of my skills wasn't showing battle pop-ups when you healed, which I also fixed.
4. I got a memory leak issue in battle fixed which was caused by my GUI script.
5. The 10% chance to revive in battle system is now increased by the LUCK stat.
6. I changed the in game fonts, as some fonts I used weren't allowed for commercial usage or embedding.
7. My menu now also scrolls horizontally. No longer need to scroll all the way back from System to Items!

Also changed a mapping error and some collision issues. The new demo should be out in a few weeks. Can't wait to see what you guys think of it :D


Recruiting Beta Testers for Escalia

In 1630, the continent of Escalia was cast into turmoil when high king Alexis the Third was betrayed by his most trusted advisor Caelmor. Eventually the Caelmor's reign of terror was put to an end by Olivia Corin and her fellow heroes.
The story of Escalia starts 21 years after Caelmor's defeat and follows Fayhe Corin, Olivia's magically gifted daughter, and her friends Lumia and Seyfer as they find themselves in a series of unfortunate events that could spiral out of control quickly and will decide the fate of the whole world.

Hi all,
As I'm nearing completion of the new demo, I am looking for betatesters.
I'd prefer people who has also played the IGMC version, but this is not required.
I am especially looking for feedback regarding the storyline, the newest added features and the battle system.

Changes in this version:
  • A new playable character.
    Monsters finally respawn after 5 minutes of in-game time.
    Added System category in the Menu.
    Hover Alerts, if you get close to something that you can interact with, an icon will pop-up. This can be disabled in the Menu, under System.
    Lootable sparkles removed.
    Backtracking enabled.
    Added tutorials (Accessible in the menu via the Codex).
    Added optional Battle tutorial.
    Items gained from lootable objects are no longer random.
    Changed prices of droppable items and added some new rare ones which are worth more.

  • Added HP bars for enemies.
    Added State Icons for enemies.
    Added Order Gauge.
    Gave several skills and healing items priority.
    Fixed the Scan screen.
    Overhauled most abilities.
    Added a 10% chance to not get knocked out once HP reaches 0. In the future this might be expanded with a Morale System, giving you (de)buffs.
    Added graphics for Ambush/Pre-emptive strike.
    Holder Entry Pose now works.

  • Seyfer has a home!
    Some maps revisioned slightly.
    Maps added to exit Aldwyn (though one currently cannot exit to the worldmap in this build).

  • New Logo by Julianastorybored and eDeus.
    New ​GUI for the Menu and the Battle.
    Changed portraits of Seyfer and Lumia slightly.
    Several Named NPCs now have portraits.
    New Icons made by Avery.
    Battle Result screen has gotten a little overhaul, same for the Level-Up screen.
    Changed the menu slightly.
    Custom Magic font made by Unity.
    Changed Game Over screen.
    Minor modifications to some sprites.

  • More flavortext.
    Changed several dialogues and added new ones.
    Changed the intro to clarify the situation a bit more.
    New descriptions for playable characters and enemies.
    New descriptions for Weapons/Armor.
    Bad guys have names now. And backstories!
    Several BGMs now loop.
    New Game Over BGM.
    Removed several scripts and added some new ones.

    And probably more things that I've failed to document.

Is your dynamic lightning script added to this version?
No, while I have a projectfile where I have it (And it works very good) I am adding it at a later date since there's a minor bug with one of my fog scripts.

Can I use my old savegame from the IGMC version?
I highly doubt that it will work. I've changed nearly every event and added new scripts.

Is a widescreen version added in this version?
No, that runs on the same system as the lightning script. While it'd look better for my portrait system (and battle, where I'm still debating whether to have 3 or 4 members) it's not added at the moment.

​If you are interested please send me a PM or reply here. Expect a demo to be coming your way in about a week's time. I do expect you to give in-depth feedback!

Game Design

Update28 may 2020

Hello all! It has been a while, but have finally been able to start working on Escalia again. Despite the eye still being wonky, especially when I get tired :p
Thank god for zoom functions on the pc!

So what have I been up to? First of all, I finally finished implementing the portrait system for all the dialogues I had. I've been rewriting some parts of the story. Now everything is pretty much done, except that I need to implement the dialogue for when the events in Aldwyn Cave end. The demo will stop after that, as the player can't leave Aldwyn. The worldmap isn't implemented in the upcoming demo.

eDeus and I have also started world building. Several storylines have been thought up, more information regarding new (and old) places. Some samples of what is to come:

And yes, our dear Innkeeper finally has a face :) the plan is to eventually have all named NPCs to have a face, but there might be a running gag here and there. Who knew all weapon shopkeepers were related, right?

Yes, you will meet her more often.

I have also finally added a codex, and got rid of the evented tutorial book. It was way too much work to get it to look right, and hard to edit if things needed to change, as the tutorials were all images.

Aside from that I've been cleaning up a lot of events, back when I started to work on this game for IGMC I prety much had no clue what variables were used for and used sooo many switches to get everything done. E.g. Caelmor laughing = on, Caelmor casting = on, Caelmor hunched over = on, Caelmor dead = on. I think I got rid of 30 switches already. I also started cleaning up the databases, although I still have states and skills left to clean up. eDeus also worked some more on the new skills for me, which also still need to be implemented (they're in a seperate project).

I also added a few soundeffects, so when you get close to a waterfall, you actually hear one. The same goes for fireplaces and clocks.Turns out I literally had no background sound effects in my IGMC version. Woops.

And as you probably have noticed, I have a new GUI! Here it is in action:

Now, this is future stuff, but seeing as sadly, the tilesets I'm using at the moment won't be expanded by the creator, I'm going to see if I can combine at least the exterior tiles with a different interior tileset.

This is a very rough edit, and I might have to go with 3 tile walls, seeing as the tileset is slightly larger, or edit the tileset to be a bit smaller. Either way, I'll map with placeholders and swap things along the way.

For now I'll finish writing the dialogues, get some sprite edits in, add the skills and everything should be ready to betatest. Finally. After that I'll start work on building the worldmap, Mireglen, the royal library (where Fayhe wants to head first to look up data about magical inheritance) and so on :D
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